Subj: September 11th: Signpost of Time of Transition
Date: 9/29/01 11:33:37 AM Pacific Daylight Time

WTC Attack: Signpost of the Transition Time Foreshown by the
Star Visitors
Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.
(September, 2001)

    Further reflection on the terrible events of the September
11th terrorist attacks reveals deeper implications about the
time period we have entered.. It is striking how the ghastly
scene of burning high-rise buildings sending a smoke pall
enveloping  Manhattan was so similar to scenes of the
near-future shown by Star Visitors to various experiencers
of ET contact I have worked with. Along with other scenes
shown by the Star People over the past decade have been
just  such  recurring views of New York under massive
attack. The devastation shown was so great that I can now
understand why some experiencers misinterpreted what they
saw as a tactical nuclear strike on New York City. Just this
past week, I heard through a friend of another experiencer,
a young Native American man, who was foreshown by the Star
People the Trade Center attack.
    The attack on America is certainly not the first of the End
Times events foreshown by the Star People. The increasing
tempo of environmental damage: extinction of entire species,
the massive melting and shrinking of the Antarctic icecap,
as well as Arctic "permanent" icepack, and glacier fields
around the world, climate changes and superstorms, all are
hauntingly reminiscent of some of the Earth Changes that
experiencers were cautioned would occur as humans mistreat
our natural world.
    Nor are the Star Visitors the only ones sharing
foreknowledge of these troubling times. Native American
shamans and those of other indigenous peoples around the
world have seen in vision, and handed down ancient
prophecies concerning, these catastrophic times. (1)
    Enough of these predicted events about the onset of the End
Times have occurred now that it is clear that we have
entered this Time of Transition from "Fourth World" (era of
early- 21st Century techno-materialistic civilization) to
"Fifth World (an eventual period of increased psychicness,
social equality, more open, trusting, and
ecologically-sensitive culture, and more
mutually-responsible, regionally-fraternal society with
global consciousness.)
    A prominent part of this Time of Transition will be the
emergence into public view of the Star Visitors. After, of
course, governments do finally concede that they are here.
    Part of what is obstructing this Time of Transition from
proceeding smoothly is the violent opposition of what
National Security Consultant Dr. Michael Wolf has labeled
"the Cabal".
    This shadowy group of power-drunk geoplutocrats, operating
through networks of operatives infiltrated into otherwise
legitimate units of military, intelligence, financial and
business organizations, are dead set against the emergence
of Fifth World society, and against the open appearance of
Star Visitors in our midst. They see such a transition as
inimical to the Cabal's currently-enjoyed power, profits and
prestige. For instance, the emergence of the starfolk's
clean, silent, zero-point energy devices, a unit of which
could fit in a small closet and power a large neighborhood,
is feared by Cabalistas as diminishing the profits they make
by controlling the world's petroleum, natural gas, coal and
nuclear supplies.
    Their murderous hatred of any who get in their way has led
to their rogue units shooting down certain Star Visitor
craft which strayed within range of their Star Wars weapons.
Recently it has become evident that they would go to yet
more-ignominious lengths to preserve their position on top.
    The cabal are financially powerful enough, and have
sophisticated-enough controls over international affairs, to
manipulate others to do their dirty work by proxy.
    The timing of the World Trade Center-Pentagon attacks was
not random. Terrorist sleeper-agents had been in the U.S.
for years. The timing context in which this massive horrific
event took place is illuminating. But before examining the
time-context of the September 11th attacks, let us go back a
couple of years to examine a parallel.
    At that earlier time a civilian UFO-disclosure project
group, CSETI, was poised to make a dramatic presentation of
expert government witnesses to the reality of UFOs and ET
contact. A full-page ad had been prepared for the Washington
Post, citing scores of internationally- prominent government
officials testifying to UFO reality. A press conference was
timed to coincide with the Washington Post ad, demanding
that Congress hold hearings on this UFO- witness testimony.
Several days before the ad was to run, it was scuttled by
CSETI. Why? Certain intelligence assets had helped leak
information that was then erupting as the Monica Lewinsky
scandal, and would devour press coverage for over the next
half-year. The Lewinsky affair was known by these
intelligence assets for many months. The timing of its
"leak" was not random.
    Fast-forward now to May 9, this year (2001). An augmented
international coalition of expert governmental witnesses to
UFO-reality, organized by CSETI as the Disclosure Project,
holds a press conference on UFO reality which is carried by
CNN and various major newspapers. Follow-up presentations in
major cities across America follow over the ensuing four
months. A Republican official goes on national television to
recount how President George W. Bush promised him that he
would reveal what the government knew about UFOs. A social
activist begins a hunger-strike to the death to compel the
President to make good on his promise. As the series of
Public Disclosure press conferences and the hunger strike
build momentum, it seems that now nothing can stop the
pressure on the government to come clean about Star Visitor
contact. Until September 11th.
    Does this mean to suggest that Osama bin Laden is on the
payroll of the Cabal? No. Geopolitical manipulators like the
Cabal do not need, or want, direct ties to those whose
actions serve their purposes. The Cabal are more
sophisticated and subtle. It would be sufficient to indicate
through multiple cut-outs a signal, facilitate some funding
or transfer of weapons, or otherwise make sure that dramatic
events take place which would assure that world attention is
diverted on a long-term basis from UFO disclosure to
life-and-death survival issues.
    Recently, a prominent experiencer, Los Angles Times retired
editor Phillip Krapf, got indication during a Star Visitor
contact that the above scenario is in fact the case.  Krapf
was taken aboard a starship operated by an extraterrestrial
race he calls the Verdants (for their lush green homeworld).
One of the Verdants told Krapf that powerful forces are at
work to thwart the Verdants' plan to publicly manifest
themselves over the next couple years. Quoting Krapf:
    "Ominously, he suggested that a grand conspiracy may have
been concocted by forces that oppose the contact, and that
there appeared to be a deliberate campaign to stir up as
much trouble as possible to discourage the Verdants from
following through on their plans." (2)
    The above dark news is not intended to, nor should it
dissuade the vast majority of humans of good will from
retaining hope for the future. There is reason for hope.
    Last week I heard from a young Mayan shaman friend, Taskara
(3), who contacts me every so many months when he gets
important news from visioning. He phoned me quite urgently
after the World Trade Center bombings. He reminded me that
last year he had called me to announce that there had been a
great war in the heavens between the forces of the Light and
of Darkness. At that time he enthusiastically announced that
the forces of Light had prevailed. During the most recent
phone conversation he said that now it remained for the
struggle between Light and Darkness to be played out in the
three-dimensional solid "real" world we flesh-and-blood
humans live in. "But," he reminded, "Light has already won."
It just remains for the struggle here to work itself
    That struggle is not only to protect ourselves from
terrorist threats. The struggle includes coming together as
an Earth people to address and remedy the root causes of
violence, war and upheaval, through humanitarian action to
increase social equality and economic justice. It includes
reinventing power systems that have allowed a selfish few to
misdirect the lives and resources of the many. The struggle
includes taking back our responsibility to be caring
stewards of Earth and her ecosystems, as is a part of intact
indigenous cultures, and declared in the Bible's Book of
Genesis. And the struggle includes developing a shared
awareness of, and ethic of welcome towards those
interstellar Peace Corps who have come to meet with us and
help us join the larger cosmic family.
    One of America's Founding Fathers said of the then-struggle
for independence: "These are the times that try men's
souls." This current tumultuous Time of Transition and Earth
Changes again is a time that tries our souls. The knowledge
that the Light will win out in the end can animate those of
us of good will not to give up but to forge forward. But it
does not diminish the intensity of the struggle, the
suffering and losses we are going to sustain, nor the
protracted period of disequilibrium during which we must
keep faith.
    The other side is playing hardball, and they are playing
for keeps. As their hold on power is weakening, they
palpably become more desperate and ruthless. If there is any
saving grace to this time of struggle, it is that in the
crucible of conflict, the hearts and minds of those engaged
become quite revealed. And, in the end, those of the Light
will become blindingly revealed for all to take heart from. 
    This is our time of challenge, as it is our time of
opportunity. Let us pray that as many as possible find
within themselves that they are truly sons and daughters of
the Light.

End Notes:
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    (2) See further details at Phillip Krapf's website: ,
or read his new book, The Challenge of Contact, (2001),
Novato, CA: Origin Press.
    (3) Mayan teacher Taskara currently is living in Los
Angeles, but addresses conferences and gatherings around the
U.S. and beyond on Mayan teachings and cosmology.


Author information:
    Dr. Richard J. Boylan is a Ph.D. behavioral scientist,
university lecturer (emeritus), certified clinical
hypnotherapist, consultant, and researcher. His career has
included 28 years in practice as a psychotherapist or
clinical hypnotherapist. He has served as Lecturer at
California State University, Sacramento, University of
California, Davis, National University, Chapman College,
and Sierra College. Since 1989 Dr. Boylan has conducted
research into extraterrestrial-human encounters. He has
presented papers on his research at, among other
conferences, the 1992 M.I.T. Abduction Study Conference and
at the 1995 Cosmic Cultures International Conference at
Washington, DC. He is author of three books, Close
Extraterrestrial Encounters (1994), Labored Journey To the
Stars (1996), and Project Epiphany (1997). He has over 50
articles published.
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