Date: 5/19/02 12:59:58 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Buenos dias Oso,

I'm sending you an e-mail that I saved back when the anthrax attacks began, about hydrogen cyanide being dumped into the water system in Boca Raton, Florida.

I'm pretty sure that I copied it from your site, but I may be wrong. Do you recall it?

I read it again last night and did some research on cyanide in its different forms, as well as tabun.

Tabun is a nerve agent while cyanide is a blood agent, blocks cell respiration. The blue tone of the victims skin in Yonkers definitely points towards cyanide poisoning, as well as the complaint about the taste of the food (would have been bitter almond). Not easy to get wary people to eat something with sodium cyanide, so would be good for people to be informed about it.

Check out under what conditions sodium cyanide transfroms to hydrogen cyanide (a la Zyclone-B). Mix it with acid (fast transformation), water (slower transformation). If anyone is planning on using this substance for an attack, I would definitely watch out for enclosed areas with large groups of people. This is frightening, but can definitely be avoided if people are informed. The theft of the truck and the missing drums point towards something overt and spectacular underway. An operation for covert poisoning, as in Boca Raton, would have been carried out differently, no need for theft, no need for this funny smelling "don't say anything but do" publicity. Or perhaps this is like the anthrax, just to keep the public frightened and towing the line. Fits in with the tide of public opinion raising its eyebrows regarding foreknowledge of 911, give us a good whack.

In addition, because it seems that Iraq used this against Iran and the Kurds, it might be nifty to blame it on them and facilitate the Maquina's drive to bomb Iraq to bloody hell too. Sigh, who knows. So many twisted minds. Getting tired of putting discernment into overdrive all the live long day when all I want to do is go inward.

Also might be good to check movement of the antidotes (or their ingredients) to cyanide in the recent past, for clues as to who might be behind this.

BTW, my boss has a publisher in Boca Raton who has become very ill over the last several years with a neuropathy that has his doctors mystified. Actually fits in with long term exposure to cyanide. The publisher's teenage daughter also has a mystery disease that has completely disabled her with pain. Would be interesting to do an epidemiological study of the population there.

But I think that instead I'll go inward and change this story line. This tangent seems to lead to a dead end.