8/29/2005 8:10:14 AM Pacific Standard Time


(Kent, this is a Canadian Version of an answer to your question.
However, in the long-run, some of us could wind up in the same NWO
detention camp.)

August 11, 2005


Subject: New Project: We need an anti-Deep Integration Campaign

Stephen, since you are suffering from blogging fatigue, you should
find what I have to say stimulating.

I am an independent conservative who is functioning as an unpaid
one-man think tank. On the political spectrum scale, I range from 35
on the left over to 100 on the right, depending on what the issue is.
For the past two elections and for the upcoming one, I have provided
the conservative leadership some constructive suggestions on how to
burst the "hidden agenda" balloon. As all conservative bloggers know,
this balloon is still intact.

It seems that our conservative leaders have a problem taking advice
from anyone - in or outside the party.

In the past few months, I have been emailing Stephen Harper and
Associates a variety of constructive suggestions on policy items that
I would implement if I were to become the new Prime Minister of
Canada. I have also included some suggestions that I got from other
bloggers. To date, they have not used any of these policy items.

I was working on a couple of new submissions when I heard that there
was going to be a caucus meeting last week, so I sent off my two
submissions to them in an unfinished format. So my submissions should
have been a topic of discussion even if only unofficially.

I have been trying to light a fire under someone in the CPC.

I have decided to send you one of these submissions for your
consideration. I am hoping that the Blogging Tories could get
involved in pursuing this anti-Deep Integration campaign. Up to now
the only people who have done anything publicly have been the folks
over at (www.vivelecanada.ca/). They started up a ribbon campaign,
but I do not think they are having much success.

I am aware that a number of Blogging Tories (including your
co-founder) are supporters of Bush and/or the Republican Party.
However, how many of these members are willing to surrender the
sovereignty of Canada over to George W. Bush and the American
Multinational Corporations?

I am also aware that a number of your members are currently drifting
and could use something important to focus on. Read this over and let
me know what you think. Depending on what your point of view is, I
might also send you some policy submissions.

If you find it hard to believe some of what I have said in this
submission, do your own Google search. You could start with the
Bilderberg Group and the Canadian connection.


August 2, 2005

Stephen Harper and Members of the Conservative Movement in Canada

Say No to Deep Integration, Say No to Globalism
(How to Stop the Surrender of Canadian Sovereignty and Independence
to the American Empire)

NAFTA + CAFTA + Deep Integration = SHAFTA-2 for the Canadian and
American public

NAFTA + FTAA = SHAFTA-1 for the Canadian and American public


Deep Integration could be a very important election issue, especially
if the CPC comes out against it. Members of all political parties do
not support this concept. A majority of the Canadian public have a
negative opinion of the American Government. If the CPC joins the
Liberal Government to implement this agreement, then you will be
committing suicide. When Brian Mulroney implemented NAFTA and the
GST, I considered that to be a betrayal of my personal trust in the
Conservative Party. If the CPC does not campaign against this
concept, then many more Conservative supporters will consider this to
be a treasonous act.

Since the CPC caucus is holding a meeting this week, I have finished
this submission a little early, so there may still be a few rough  edges left.

Since some of the subject matter contained in this submission is very
SENSITIVE, I have put it in the form of a FAIRY TALE.

Everyone in the Conservative Movement has to begin talking about this
important subject that would affect most Canadians.




Once upon a time, there was a large group of extended families who
came to be known as the Illuminati. This is somewhat similar to the
Gypsy Family groupings, except that the Illuminati have some powerful
friends who are out of this world.

These powerful friends are an intelligent species of Extraterrestrial
Biological Entity (EBE) who have been living on Planet Earth for many
years. On behalf of these EBEs, the Illuminati control most of the
political leaders on Earth and most of the business leaders on Earth.

The Illuminati control the International Banking Cartel led by the
Rothschild Family. The Cartel controls most of the major banks on
Earth and thus, they control the world monetary system.

Anyone who wants to become rich and powerful requires a friendly
banker to help them. Anyone who wants to become famous requires a
powerful person to help them. This is how The Powers That Be (TPTB)
recruits new people to serve the common cause. Favours given to these
new recruits will eventually have to be repaid in some way.

A primary goal of the Illuminati Agenda is to decrease the population
on Earth down to around five hundred million humans. This move is
necessary due to the rapid depletion of natural resources on this
planet that is not sustainable. They are using many methods in order
to accomplish this task. In the near future, they may have some help
from Mother Nature.

The Illuminati and TPTB have formed many special working groups for
their members to join, in order to get together on a regular basis
for a discussion of important matters. These groups have names such
as: Royal Institute for International Affairs, Council on Foreign
Relations, Canadian Institute of Foreign Affairs, Bilderberg Group,
Trilateral Commission, World Bank, IMF, Club of Rome, American
Enterprise Institute, United Nations and many other similar type
think tanks and study groups.

Some of these groups are working for a One World Government (New
World Order) which will benefit the Illuminati Agenda. Some of these
people have recently been called Globalists. However, Globalism is
confused with Globalization, an error that globalists deliberately
encourage. Globalism is an ideology that advocates the liquidation of
nations. Its opposite is nationalism. Ultimately, globalization is
just the growth of communications and trade that has been happening since 1492.

Globalism is a deliberate political choice, no more inevitable than
socialism. Globalization can exist without globalism. The problem
with globalism is not free markets, but free market extremism that is
shown by the increased level of Robber Baron mentality that has been
exhibited by so many Corporate executives.

The Illuminati control most of the media outlets - directly or
indirectly. The Gay Rights movement that eventually led to Same-Sex
Marriage is just ONE of the tactics that are being used to break down
traditional family values.

In most cases the people that the Illuminati control do not know that
they are working on behalf of the Illuminati Agenda. Most members of
TPTB have only joined together in order to generate personal wealth
and power for themselves and for their families. Consequently, not
all groups of TPTB are following the same game plan at the same time.
However, the Illuminati have their own people in all of these groups
who forward pertinent information back to the appropriate controller.

This means that occasionally some member of TPTB needs to be
punished. Canadian Conrad Black, a Bilderberg Group regular, is
having his business empire taken away from him, while a number of
American business executives are on the way to jail. These persons
must have offended their NWO masters in some way.

At this time in history, it seems to be the Bilderberg Group who is
mainly responsible for setting the political and economic agendas for
the key countries of the world. The Bilderbergers were responsible
for the formation of the European Union. They are now looking at the
Americas and Asia.

During their meeting in 2001, they must have given the go ahead to
begin the formation of the North American Union because, in 2002, a
Canadian by the name of Wendy Dobson came out with her plan for
developing a closer relationship with the United States. Her plan was
called the Big Idea. After some other academics jumped onto this
idea, some business men led by Thomas d'Aquino came out with their
version of a plan.

Ms.Dobson's plan was so outrageous that you could compare it to the
dialogue that Mae West might have used in one of her movies; "Hey Big
Boy, I'm free, do you want to come over?"

The d'Aquino business group later changed their name to the Canadian
Council of Chief Executives (CCCE).

The CCCE managed to get a task force set up with Liberal John Manley
as a co-chair. The Task Force for the Future of North America
produced a report which was made public on May 17, 2005.

On June 27, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Safety and
Emergency Preparedness Anne McLellan announced that Canada would be
participating in the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America.

This agreement was supposedly an expansion of NAFTA, but the keywords
being used by everyone is security and prosperity. This is meant to
make everyone feel safe and prosperous.

Why is this agreement a problem for the Canadian public?

The main problem is that Wendy Dobson and everyone else who worked on
this open border proposal freely offered everything that Canada as a
country has to offer the Americans. In return, there is very little
promised for the Canadian public. In fact there would be a lot of
negatives coming their way.

However, the businesses operating in Canada would benefit very much
by having an open border and few or no regulations to worry about.
They would also be able to bring in cheaper labour from Mexico and
Central America.

In Fort McMurray, Alberta, one of the oil companies was recently
discussing the possibility of bringing in tar sand oil workers from Venezuela.

In the wake of 9/11, the Americans were primarily interested in
discussing security matters. No matter, whatever the Americans
wanted, the Canadian elites were willing to deliver in due time. They
just had to find a way to sneak it past the Canadian Public.

What are some of the key items on President George W. Bush's current agenda?

1: A signed FTAA treaty that can be implemented immediately
2: Reinstatement of the military draft
3: A good reason to implement martial law
4: A good reason to implement a cashless society
5: A good reason to begin injecting all citizens with microchip implants
     (To be used for medical records, security purposes and
electronic financial system)

All of the above could begin to happen in the next 6 to 18 months.
This would also apply to Canadians.

The American Empire and American Multinational Corporations would
have control of all of Canada's resources, in particular our energy
and water resources. Whatever is left of the Canadian Military would
be integrated into the American Military. There would no longer be a
need for a national form of government.

The only major problem, as usual, is what to do with Quebec?

Canadians would become second or third class citizens in their own
country. If they are lucky, they might be given the same status as
Puerto Rico. If the Americans are feeling generous, they might make
Canada the 51st State.

In most nations, the actions of these private persons could be
classed as treason. In this case, Liberal PM Paul Martin has given
his approval for these negotiations with the Americans, who were led
by the Council on Foreign Relations. Regardless of the party in
power, CFR members fill most of the key cabinet positions in any
White House Cabinet.

Unfortunately, there is a possibility that Conservative Leader
Stephen Harper would also support this proposal for Deep Integration.
Harper was an early supporter of NAFTA and currently believes that
George W. Bush can do no wrong.

Any Canadian citizen who has read all of the published material about
this Deep Integration proposal could easily conclude that Canadians
are being sold down the river by the Canadian Plutocracy to the
American Robber Barons. The final conclusion to this agreement could
happen as soon as six months. The Americans could have a lot of
problems to deal with in 2006, so they would want to have this
agreement concluded ASAP.

George Bush must be expecting a speedy implementation of this
agreement. This would explain why he has been allowing so many
illegals to cross the Mexican border into the USA. Bush says that he
wants tighter security on the Canadian border while he allows the
Mexican border to be wide open.

This could be because the negotiating tactics for Mexico and Canada
are different.

Canada is "The Big Prize" for TPTB in this hemisphere. Canada has
something that America wants and needs - energy (oil, natural gas and
electricity) and fresh water. Instead of voluntarily giving
everything thing Canada owns to the Americans, Canada should be
demanding some respect and attention in order to resolve some of the
important trade issues that have been allowed to fester for so long
under NAFTA.

In fact now that CAFTA has been approved by the American Congress
along with the other problems that NAFTA presents Canada, Canada
should immediately terminate its participation in NAFTA or any other
form of North American Union or Community. Canada should also
reconsider our membership in the WTO, since it is the WTO that is
causing all of these international laws to be put into trade
agreements. These international laws supersede many domestic laws,
including domestic laws that are meant to protect the health and
safety of Canadian citizens.

The Robber Baron mentality of the Multinational Corporations is to be
allowed free rein wherever they wish to operate in the world.

The hierarchical structure for the Illuminati membership and for most
of its subsidiary groups resembles a pyramid - small at the top, many
on the bottom.

A mini-listing of the Illuminati hierarchy for countries is as follows:

1: France, Germany, Great Britain
2: Russia
3: China
4: United States

The US is on level 4 because, in the near future, the United States
of America is going to be torn asunder - physically and socially.
Where would Canada be in relationship to these countries? Does Canada
want to be involved with the problems that is going to beset the
United States and its citizens?

This may also explain why so much American technology has been sent
over to China in the last ten years.

There are many things that can be done now to make Canada a stronger
independent country. At the same time Canadians should be able to
maintain a good working relationship with our neighbour without the
need for getting into the same bed with them. Canadians are also
capable of meeting most of their security requirements without all of
the extreme measures that the Americans have been implementing, but
without surrendering our sovereignty.

Canada could also demand that the oil sold to American buyers be paid
in part with gold bullion - 5% or less. Canada also has the advantage
of owning its own Central Bank whereas the Federal Reserve is
privately owned. Canada could easily restructure its monetary system,
whereas the Americans would have to abrogate the Federal Reserve
System and start from scratch as a Government controlled monetary
system. Canada also has the option of controlling the marketing of
all gold and silver mined in Canadian territory.

If it were to become necessary to reduce the National Debt, Canada
has an untried option that could reduce our National Debt by a sizable amount.

Terminating our participation in restrictive trade agreements would
allow Canada to return to a system of domestic pricing for some
products. For example, the world price for construction materials has
gone up greatly. However, a Canadian internal economy would require
domestic prices for cement, steel rebar and copper wiring.

Canada is also one of the few countries that could offer a selective
immigration program for certain types of skilled foreign workers who
could immediately fill some of Canada's current labour shortage of
experienced licensed trade workers.

Canada could also easily take control of the key media assets in
Canada that are controlled by Globalists.

Canada could also start-up a Canadian Foreign Legion by recruiting
experienced foreign military personnel. This move would give an
immediate boost to the current military structure.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the BUSH.

Canadians who believe in a sovereign and independent Canada should
join together in a revolution against the Canadian Plutocracy that is
trying to implement this surrender of Canada without a single shot being fired.

There are two types of political leaders in the world today:
Globalists and Nationalists. This is a time for all Canadians to
become raging Nationalists.


The rest of this Canadian Fairy Tale is still to be written.

I sure hope that this is only a Fairy Tale. Something like this could
never happen in a free and democratic country like Canada.

Or Could it?