3/16/2005 4:24:51 PM Pacific Standard Time

I just went to a demonstration of a bio feedback machine.  OH MY GAWD! every modality known to spiritual healers, Asian modalities, Indian energy centers, down to sacred geometry can be overlaid onto a person to correct imbalances.  This thing could image a damaged disk! and name obscure blood disease.  Unbelievable.  http://www.quantum-life.com/technology.php
The lady giving the lecture said that she was watching CBS news one night, not her normal thing but it was on and in the middle Dan Rather said "The US military has been doing experiments that should allow them to beam troops into the area soon".  "WHAT!!!!"  I made her repeat it 3 times.  Another lady said she heard the same thing,   So her conclusion was that the US government must have this capacity also.  Sure they stole it from Royal Rife.  I'd like Scotty to beam me to another reality please.
On the biofeedback deal - once the practitioner has your "signature" i.e., hair, handprint dna in whatever mode they can beam you a healing...........black box healing always claimed so but, ..........now the government wants to bioidentify each person on their drivers license.  What if I don't want them to have this information?  What if they decide I'm too much trouble and need to beam me somewhere or just send me a little present in the form of disease or something else.
Tom Bearden talks of this stuff and that the gov has it, but I guess when I saw the demonstration it just hit home how available this stuff really is.  this program was very expensive, around $20,000 but there seems to be lots of people that had it already.  (One really weird guy, I think they should screen the buyers) Think I better get one to protect myself and family.  Wonderful and frightening at the same time.
Best Wishes