Date: 10/25/01 3:51:46 AM Pacific Daylight Time


Hi - my gut reaction on the reported assassinations (internal) of Osama and Omar (Oct 16th) are untrue, and possibly the beginnings of yet anothet mis/dis info campaign. While the deaths would obviously prevent US from continuing bombing and therefore would want to keep it quiet, if it were an inside job, (to stop the "war" against the taliban) one would have thought they would have made this public some time ago...instead the bombing (of what I don't know) is maintained.

I had a feeling some weeks ago that Osama and co were not even in Afghanistan!! As you know this scenario to the talibans and others is not just a "war" it a holy Jihad, and one that has histories going back aeons. We in the western world must think laterally and widely, not just with blinkred vision, and look at it from their eyes to see and understand how and why this war started in the first place. The people in the western world have only been given one view, and that is distorted as you know.... I will not go into details as you have much of it up on your on-going info files, suffice to say the terrble tragedy of September 11th took an organisational scenario of cosmic proportions, where one HAD to have access to a number of military and civilian "cosmic secret" access codes...I say no more.

And as for the Anthrax "alert", well someone is making a packet out of it...I see now they are mass marketing and supplying the anti-biotics...some "foxy" guy is minting it The worst act of terrorism is the act of FEAR....spreads ten fold more than the plague....!! and the media is the best carrying agent of that...instant, worldwide and nobody has to be in contact with it..yooha.

We shall wait and see, as the proverbial three well known monkeys represent....see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil......It is Israel I am more concerned with...hmmm

Date: 10/25/01 10:36:13 PM Pacific Daylight Time

This is a Dys-information campaign developed by our Gov to have a way to abruptly disengage from Afganistan and save face. We never intended to occupy and now the Israelis are trying to divide us while they lay waste to Palestine. In the end, there are sources who link them after all to the spread of World Terrorism:

If we can say that our intent is carried out, the Saudis will take the Arab support from the coalition, our post-taliban gov't becomes impossible and we can get out and save face. In truth, we have lost 3 teams of 3-4 special operatives to the Taliban and the other 12 teams are pinpointed. We need to get them out. If Bin Laden is Dead along with Mulla Omar, we no longer need to be there. The UN can have it. They will decline and we are out. I fear Sharron and his terrorist army of special assasins are after all our worst problem and we are in fact supporting them and still letting them run wild. If we pull back from Afganistan, we MAY be able to get our arab friends back and get control before Sharron tries to take the Dome of the Rock, erect a 3rd temple, toss out free access by Palestinians, and start WWIII. The plan will probably not work, but Bush and the boys gotta try something or they may lose everything. As always, you may print at your call, I must remain

Anony Mous