Date: 7/25/01 4:18:09 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I've just discovered something that has some interesting implications. First read this: I'm familiar with Bedini's work, but I haven't forwarded anything about it to you for a variety of reasons. I wasn't aware of any biological effects from scalar waves, however. The same day that I ran into this article, I also found something from Europe that confirms Bedini's findings about biological effects of scalar waves. I want to keep that article to myself for now. I may send the link later after I conduct more research.

Here's my theory. Whatever the UFOs and underwater objects are, I'm sure they operate using some sort of scalar wave propulsion system. Why all the secrecy? Because scalar waves are harmful and perhaps deadly! A very select few have access to this technology because of this danger, and they want to keep using it. Another thought. What if our minds work by using scalar waves? If scalar waves are the protocol used by our brains to interpret data, what would happen if we were bombarded by stray scalar waves from a ufo propulsion system? Could scalar waves be modulated to implant thoughts? Could all this talk of the Quickening have something to do with this? What about your time slip in Berkeley? I had severe time slips like this in 1974 at a friends house. Just recently I found that a ufo was seen in the field across the street from this house in 1974! Scary stuff!

Here's an unrelated observation. You've probably seen submarine movies like Hunt for Red October, Das Boot, etc. In light of this, can you see any reason why the navy would need this new super powerful ACTIVE sonar system? Our passive sonar systems are so sensitive that they can hear a pin drop inside an enemy submarine miles away under water. So why do we need this powerful new system to send out a super ping to detect submarines? Doesn't make sense. During war, anyone for miles around would instantly know where the super sonar system was and destroy it immediately. The only thing that makes sense to me is that they plan to use it to look for something underwater. What could be down there that is so important?