Subj: The Nature of the Beast
Date: 9/21/01 10:55:24 AM Pacific Daylight Time

The Nature of the Beast

Consider this.   Anyone who has paid attention to the headlines, and has
made some effort to really educate themselves regarding the current world
situation and how we arrived here are usually struck by the fact that
several elements of the world's current "terrorist" dilemma just simply
don't add up.  For instance, we have just deployed an arsenal of aircraft
carriers, jet fighters, bombers, spy satellites, cruise missiles, nukes and
several divisions of hi-tech solders against a SUSPECT (and a flimsy one at
that) on a horse.   Thankfully, several of the more intelligent folks
amongst us, have not blindly accepted the spewage emanating from the
mass-media and have investigated more deeply into the nature of the beast
which is our true enemy.   At this point, many are beginning to suspect
that our enemy lurks, not in a cave in Afghanistan, but within the
intelligence communities which exist throughout the world.   Have they in
fact colluded to become a single, independent and autonomic global entity?
An unseen parasite that lives off the blood of nations?   There is damning
evidence that 9-11, Oklahoma City, TWA-800 and possibly other recent
"terrorist" attacks have had assistance, training and funding from many of
our own tax-paid government agencies.  For instance, check out the U.S.
State Department's involvement with training known international terrorists
in the art of explosive demolition at the Redstone facility in Arkansas and
their frantic efforts to shred all evidence of their complicity over the
past week.  George Bush said that we were at war against all those who
collaborate with known terrorists.   Unfortunately most Americans have
missed the true irony and hypocrisy of his call to arms, which in truth
qualifies most of his administration and even his own father George Sr. as
terrorist sympathizers.

But wait... if you think removing these traitors from office will help us
one little bit, there is unfortunately another twist to this extremely
complex drama.   It is becoming obvious to many that both the problem and
the solution, poison and antidote for the free world have been carefully
prepared in advance (like the AIDS virus) for what some suspect may be a
coup d'etat against the free world in order to usher in the NWO.  In fact,
who's father was it that was the first public proponent of the coming NWO
about a decade ago?   It's time to face the facts, 90% of our historic
"enemies" have been created, funded, trained and armed by the same people
who are pushing us toward their final goal of globalization and the NWO.
Who are these people?  Do yourself a favor and check out past and present
members of the  CFR, Trilateral Commission, U.N. Senior Councils, and
Bilderburg group.  You will find a who's-who of deceit, treachery, scandal
and war over the past century.  You will have in your hand a partial list
of the master-architects of modern terrorism.  You will also have in your
hand a list of many of our true enemies within.....   BUT NOT ALL and
that's the catch-22!

Horribly the treachery goes even deeper.  The tentacles of the beast have
infiltrated and now control many of the world's so called democratic
governments such as Britain, The Commonwealth, Soviet Union, Israel, Europe
and others.   If we turn our attack on our own internal terrorists, we will
simply be attacked and invaded by their compatriots operating within the
government's of other countries of the world, (backup false enemies).   So
you see, we are pretty much in a "CHECK-MATE" situation here PEOPLE.  The
only hope for our freedom to survive would be to sever all the tentacles of
the beast in a coordinated effort, (which is practically impossible given
cultural differences and beliefs)    Or.... cut off the head of the beast.

Problem is, what or who is the beast?   That I wish I could provide that
answer here, even though it would probably result in my demise before
end-of-day.  But I believe if we don't identify and destroy it....... we
are doomed to live in a world of death, oppression and slavery, which will
make Hitler's third reich, (the previous anti-christ) look like an
inconvenience by comparison.  I may not be a very religious person, by
modern definitions, but you have to admit, it certainly appears we have now
entered into the final chapter of the Bible and of our civilization.  It
all adds up.  It foretells that the beast will bring war and then
miraculously stop it (not too difficult when you command the "ememy") to
create a false peace at a terrible cost.  He will provide the poison and
the antidote.  Even now they are floating the idea of a new id system, in
addition to all the ids we already have to carry.  Want to bet that they
use the difficulty experienced identifying the WTC victims to push DNA
sampling as part and parcel of this new id system?  Even now the "Guardian
Angel" technology is beings dusted off and suggested as a solution.  Just
in the past few weeks, the first biologically based microchip has been
created.   WAKE UP!   It's all coming incredibly true right before our very
eyes, we cannot deny it any longer if we wish to continue to live as free
people.   The events of Sept. 11th were only 666's opening kick-off, and
it's just the beginning of our intended suffering.   We have precious
little time left to wake up and ACT before the ball lands!   I'm afraid we
cannot simply wish or pray ourselves out of this situation folks, (though
prayer always helps) for we've left things to stagnate and rot too long.
And going off after falsely created enemies to seek revenge and vent our
hatred, will only lead us to our own spiritual slaughter.  JUST AS PLANNED.
We must CORRECTLY identify the HEAD of the beast, (the CFR's, Trilateral
Commission's, U.N's, Bilderburg's ultimate boss) hiding within our midst
and destroy it!  And I believe the identity of his False Prophet is easily
enough discernible at this point.... the mass-media and the National Press
Secretary's Office.

Make no mistake.  THE "BEAST" IS UPON US!!!