4/16/03 2:42:41 AM Pacific Daylight Time

What in God's name is wrong with you.  He's leading us down the path to hell.  What church do you belong to, the church of Lucifer.  Are you blind?  He's destroying our economy and does not care how many people he hurts right here.  He and Cheney were in bed with the folks from WorldCom as well as the electric crisis in California. Now him and his buddies are getting ready to make a mint from the defense contracts while the average person ends up in the unemployment line.  He's lied about the weapons that the U.N. could not find.  He said he would show them to us.  Where are they?  Granted, you can hide drums of chemicals, but you can't hide the facilities he said they knew of with their "intelligence".  They never said a word about human rights and freeing the Iraq people until after the war started and they knew they would have to come up with another excuse.  He has no interest with the people.  If he did, they would have planned on the police efforts involved in keeping order for the humanitarian relief to come in.  Only England has made the efforts to secure Basra,  If they could do it, why can't we?  Because he doesn't care. The people are not his agenda.  There is no humanitarian relief and he's already lacing his media plan for Syria.

He hasn't finished one mess and he's starting another.  Mark my words, if we stay in Iraq and finish what we started, then things will remain stabile and maybe, just maybe, he might start taking care of our country.  If he makes one move towards Syria and Lebanon, then the Arab/Moslem nations will unite and most likely ally with Asia. Guess what then, instant WW III, just add Bush.  Now don't forget, even with the Anthrax scare and the possibility of the reintroduction of smallpox, nothing is being done to produce vaccines for the public.  They have enough for the "essential" government and the military, but not plan one for us.

We are part of the expectable loss scenario.  15 years as a military contractor working in the D.C. area, I know this as fact.

Wake up and smell the rotting flesh.


Date: 4/16/03 5:33:19 AM Pacific Daylight Time

i just want to add.... that I think the president, GEORGE BUSH, is doing a SWELL job as well.