BARDSQUILL:  U.S. Takes 260 Prisoners in Iraq Raid AD-DAWR, Iraq (AP)--Heavily armed U.S. Army forces stormed into a village near the northern city of Tikrit before  dawn Thursday, seizing more than 260 prisoners, including one man on the United States´ most-wanted list of former Iraqi officials........Commanders for the 1st Brigade had been planning the raid, dubbed  ``Operation Planet X,´´ for a week after receiving a tip the men were living in the area.

FRIEND:  link
FRIEND:  theory... on planet x thing
FRIEND:  its away to make the internet search go to news sites about recent activities and not the the planet x sites
FRIEND:  controlled media
FRIEND:  recent papers showing deep interest in X 
FRIEND:  back pages of UK pages small articles
FRIEND:  bbiab dinner\
BARDSQUILL:  Russia to Deliver Attack Against the USA: A Training One During the exercises, the newspaper says, Russian strategic bombers and submarine missile-carriers will simulate nuclear attacks against several military targets on the territory of the USA and Great Britain.
FRIEND:  major!
FRIEND:  how many alarms will be set off by that




FRIEND:  live lunar eclipse broadcasts

FRIEND:  got my cam and telescope ready but its a little cloudy 
FRIEND:  and its only 7 degrees above horizon
BARDSQUILL:  Earth Station Nibir
FRIEND:  what's this>
BARDSQUILL:  iraq, uruk, 2500 bc
FRIEND:  ???
FRIEND:  how so
BARDSQUILL:  when it was built
FRIEND:  computer graphics?
BARDSQUILL:  aerial photo
zoom again

BARDSQUILL:  huge complex, eh?
FRIEND:  for what though
FRIEND:  buried beneath the sands?
BARDSQUILL:  mating with earth wenches i guess
FRIEND:  so what's the us army got to do with this area / planet x 
BARDSQUILL:  beginning to think the whole freakin war is to grab something buried there
FRIEND:  quickly before today
BARDSQUILL:  see, while the coalition has been blowing stuff up, the krauts haven't stopped digging, found the tomb of gilgamesh recently
FRIEND:  the last big raid
FRIEND:  names PX
FRIEND:  stargate
FRIEND:  the last 270 were guarding the stargate
BARDSQUILL:  where's tikrit?
FRIEND:  lunar eclipse marks transcending of the stargate portal
FRIEND:  Tikrit, Iraq. Latitude / Longitude: 34 N 36 / 43 E 42.

FRIEND:  200 Km NW of Baghdad
BARDSQUILL:  Assur, aha, the stargate
FRIEND:  more...
FRIEND:  need info 
BARDSQUILL:   Assur Thumbnail Image Index 
BARDSQUILL:   Archaeological Site Photography: Mesopotamia 
FRIEND:  its in that area
BARDSQUILL:  Sumerian Ark up there
FRIEND:  its a small village compared to the rest of the locations
BARDSQUILL:  Big German dig
BARDSQUILL:  More ancient
FRIEND:  that's why its not mentioned maybe important in today's standards but was a poor and still is a poor village 
BARDSQUILL:   Translated version of 
BARDSQUILL:   Translated version of 
FRIEND:  yup seen these when i was in the states
FRIEND:  i sent you these sites 
FRIEND:  in english 
BARDSQUILL:  . A ruse of the wisdom God I/O following, to which Utnapischtim had revealed the secret of the forthcoming tide, the babylonische Noah had its fellow man the strange intention of leaving possession and wealth in order to away-drive with an enormous ship, with the fact explained that it had pulled the Unwillen Enlils, the God, which had instructed the destroying tide in truth on itself.

BARDSQUILL:  oh yea, forgot
FRIEND:  In morning redness [ it becomes cake ],
FRIEND:  moon( cheese ) Cake
FRIEND:  48 Hardly that the Mor[genroete begins to shine ],
49 [ the country meets ] in gates ";over documents of identification"; (= Atar hasis).
50 The Carpenter holds ready [ his hatchet ].
51 The Rohrflechter holds ready [ its stone ].

FRIEND:  genroete begins to shine
FRIEND:  the country meets in gates ";over documents of identification
FRIEND:  The moon Turns Red tonight 
FRIEND:  in gates ";over documents of identification (the stargates are found the information gathered)
FRIEND:  The Carpenter holds ready ( slowly chopping thru the country of iraq )
FRIEND:  not knocking down trees but statues
FRIEND:  The Rohrflechter holds ready [ its stone ].( unknown ??? )
FRIEND: FRIEND:  Rohrflechter think it means some sort of Baskets, mats, chair network and tuerfuellungen, whole doors can be made of it. 
FRIEND:  (door Network)
BARDSQUILL:  keep going
FRIEND:  Its axe ? [ ( that holds ? ... ].
FRIEND:  The old men [ bring cord here ].
FRIEND:  AXE's of Evil???
FRIEND:  backwards ( Axe-Its ( sounds like Axis)
BARDSQUILL:  hmm--getting close to something
FRIEND:  The old men [ bring cord here ].
53 The young men ei[len here and ? ].

FRIEND:  ei[len ( alien)
FRIEND:  That realms holds [ ready pitch ].( stargate opens and connects )
FRIEND:  the arms brought, (...) which otherwise still necessary is 
FRIEND:  The military stand-by ( because its necessary )
FRIEND:  Comment on 55: 55  The parallel place in the altbabylonischen   The parallel ( the joining of babylon 
FRIEND: is this telling us about the next days
BARDSQUILL:  gates of babylon
FRIEND:  i want to know what it means
FRIEND:  there's 2 dates this year when the moon turns red
FRIEND:  today and nov 9th
FRIEND:  up north iraq
FRIEND:  is the forum down ?
BARDSQUILL:   Archaeological Site Photography: Mesopotamia
SW of Baghdad
BARDSQUILL:   Babylon Thumbnail Image Index, Page 1 
FRIEND:  sorta gives it away a bit Ishtar (sthar)-Star gate
FRIEND:  don't forget

BARDSQUILL:  Signs and Symbols, Ishtar 
FRIEND:  redmoon?

BARDSQUILL:  See a reconstruction of the Ishtargate in Babylon.

FRIEND:  I'm just chucking ideas out here
FRIEND:  yes
FRIEND:  what are the horses???
Ishtar bestows the King Zimrilim. 
FRIEND:  what's the length of the ";runway with the 8 towers";
BARDSQUILL:  The origin of this babylonian-assyrian main goddess was a semitian vegetation- and moon goddess with lower influence
FRIEND:  would like us then ...
FRIEND:  killers of all animals
BARDSQUILL:   Ishtar was daughter of the moon goddess Ningal and her consort Nanna 
FRIEND:  who was Ningal...
BARDSQUILL:  Nanna (akk. Sin), who were the Citygods of Uruk
BARDSQUILL:  She   was also the sister of the sun god Utu/Marduk
BARDSQUILL:  Ningal was the moon

Bigger than the mountains am I,

The Empress of the gods am I

The Queen of heaven am I

The earth's mistress am I.

(translation of an old Babylonian text)
BARDSQUILL:  Other spelling: Ishara, Istar, Istaru, Aschtar, Aschtart, 
FRIEND:  more info coming in 
FRIEND:  A very important lunar eclipse will take place the evening of May 15/16. Let's watch carefully to see if there is any discrepancy in the times. This may be an early SMOKING GUN that a poleshift is right around the corner. It is recommend you begin observation approximately 20 minutes prior to penumbral eclipse. The powers-that-be can do NOTHING to stop this.

FRIEND:  wanna do a test??? on time across the world

FRIEND:  you seen this!!!!

FRIEND:  Stargates joining

FRIEND:  theres a cropcircle ( commented as Circle with ring and other circles ) no pics as yet 
FRIEND:  may 14th