To me the "sound" of "Baal" sounds much like "Ball" or perhaps planet. But I thought that our "God" was a  different one then that of "Baal" and the worship of that religion..basically one of fertility rights. Maybe you can enlighten me more on it. I welcome all information. Cause your is a "mystery" at times. Where fact and fallacy end and separate is many times hard to define with more knowledge coming in all the time.


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The word Baal means "master" or "owner". In ancient religions the name denoted sun, lord or god...In the Bible Baal is also called Beelzebub, or Baalzebub, one of the fallen angels of Satan.

Father, El the Bull, Mother, Mother, Athirat (Asherah, Ashtartian - 'the Lady of the Sea', Elat - 'the goddess')

Relief of Baal. a horned God:

Like Michelangelo's Moses, horns, perhaps "rays", ie,

Rays of light were called horns. Hence in Habakkuk (iii. 4) we read of God, “His brightness was as the light, and He had horns [rays of light] coming out of His hand.” Michelangelo depicted Moses with horns.


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The four consonants of the hebrew stem "YHWH" (which became an eventual acronym for the "one god") represented the four members ot the heavenly family: Y represented El the Father; H was Ashtoreth the Mother; W corresponded to the Son Baal, and H was the Daughter Anath.

BAAL is the Son...could be the SUN

BAAL is same as SHAMASH which is Sun God...Enlil's Grandson..TWIN of Inanna..

Kento mindstorming here: heyyyyy, think I get it, now if I was a Semite and I saw the sun with rays and then look around for a counterpart earth critter, what would I see, a shepherd was me, and I'd look around and I'd see a freakin goat, then I'd say, goat ol' buddy, what's your name and what would ol goat say, eh, EH?

BAAAAAAAAAAAA! son of El, BAA-EL Seriously!

Ptah, Ra, Ka, Ba

Ptah is the creator-god of Memphis, the city that served as the capital of the ancient Egypt for most of its history and which was known, during that history, as Het-ka-Ptah or "House of the Soul of Ptah". Ptah is one of several Egyptian deities attributed with a myth about fashioning creation.

ICQ message PTAH = ENKI


Description: Ra was the almost universally-worshipped king of the gods and all-father of

creation. A sun god, he was said to command the chariot that rode across the sky during the day. A king, he was the patron of the pharaoh. Ra is the most central god of the Egyptian pantheon.


The Ka, represented by two raised arms, is one of the many spiritual components of gods and humans. The word "Ka" has regularly been translated as "life-force" for lack of a better translation. In ancient times it may have referred to the "male potency", but it soon must have come to mean intellectual and spiritual power.


The Ba, often represented as a bird or a human-headed bird, symbolised the vital principles of human beings. The word "Ba" is usually translated as "soul", but this translation is not entirely correct. An exact translation can not be given, but the word may be related to another word "Ba", that means "power" or "force". The Ba appears at the moment of union between the body of a person and his Ka, leaving behind the mortal remains at death with the Ka.

The Mystery of the Stones at Baalbek

Temporary theory, the Ba or Baaa-El is the soul, symbolized by Shepherd Kings as the horned god, Ram, Bull or Goat, reminiscent of the rays of the sun (Son)

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The Western Lands

A Book of the Dead for the nuclear age.

by Willaim S. Burroughs

"The Ba, the Heart, made in Hollywood..."

"Can any soul survive the searing fireball of an atomic blast? If human and animal souls are seen as electromagnetic force fields, such fields could be totally disrupted by a nuclear explosion. The mummy's nightmare: disintegration of souls, and this is precisely the ultrasecret and supersensitive function of the atom bomb: a Soul Killer, to alleviate an escalating soul glut."

"Scientists always said there is no such thing as a soul. Now they are in a position to prove it. Total Death. Soul Death. It's what the Egyptians called the Second and Final Death. This awesome power to destroy souls forever is now vested in farsighted and responsible men in the State Department, the CIA, and the Pentagon."