Subj: Re: U.S. Military Transport Crashes in Antarctica
Date: 2/28/01 11:14:17 PM Pacific Standard Time

Trying to figure out your presentation. Fact, fiction, which is which?

Fact is there seems to really be a magnetic anomaly up there:

MAGNETIC ANOMALY CONFIRMED See: Deep-ice X-ray The anomaly was big in another way, encompassing the entire Southeast corner of the lake, about (65 b 46 miles) 105 km by 75 km. The size and extremity of the magnetic anomaly indicated the geological structure changes beneath the lake, and Studinger guessed it might be a region where the earth's crust is thinner. The Antarctic Sun is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Now what exactly is Atlantis TV doing with their news announcements, etc.?


Subj: Antarctic Sun & @lantis.TV
Date: 3/1/01 12:10:04 AM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Kent,

Fact is, our site is fictional and for entertainment only.

But a funny thing happened on the way to Atlantis, and we discovered that quite a few folks seriously believe we're reporting a real event and, furthermore, are offering evidence!

We kind of feel like Robert Redford in "Three Days of the Condor" or Mel Gibson in "Conspiracy Theory" where life seems to imitate art.

To that end we are working to bring our subscribers even more "real" news about Antarctica, archeology and environment from the Antarctic Sun, AP Science and other sources through technology on a daily basis. Hopefully by April.

Meanwhile, we'll continue to break ground on the secret U.S. dig in Antarctica.

Thanks for your support and fell free to contact us anytime.

The Tech Team
@lantis Interactive, Inc.

U.S. Military Transport Crashes in Antarctica