Reporter:  hey kent I have a sighting to report
Reporter:  I was riding with two friends just outside of atlanta on I-20 east and we saw a quickly moving green flare head downward starting at about 15 degrees up and ending at 10
Reporter:  it left an orange trail
Reporter:  all of this happened within 1 second
Reporter:  the object was moving very fast
Reporter:  and everything lit up green for a large area
Reporter:  I don't know how high up it was because I couldn't tell how far away it was
Reporter:  I couldn't see it contact the ground
Reporter:  I was thinking that it may have been a plasma burst?
Reporter:  I couldn't figure any reason for a green light but an orange trail
BARDSQUILL:  When? Time/date?
Reporter:  friday night 12/6/02 at 10:58 pm
Reporter:  it was just outside the eastern perimeter of atl
BARDSQUILL:  which direction was it moving?
Reporter:  it appeared to be moving either down with a slight tilt southward, or it was moving southeast
Reporter:  the perspective was pretty hard to get
Reporter:  it was a clear night
Reporter:  no clouds
Reporter:  my friend whom we were going to see reported seeing a flash, he said he thought it was lightning
Reporter:  but he saw that there were no clouds around
BARDSQUILL:  size?  Say compared to a quarter held at arm's length
Reporter:  a nickel
BARDSQUILL:  any details about the shape of the core and the length of the tail?
Reporter:  circular or barely oblong
Reporter:  not to the point of cigar shape or anything
Reporter:  the tail stayed for about 3/4 of a second covering the entire distance that it was visible
BARDSQUILL:  have you heard of any power failure or electrical disturbance around below? 
Reporter:  no
Reporter:  nothing around where I was
Reporter:  but it appeared to be far east of my location
BARDSQUILL:  cool, well I think I ought to report this anonymously, find out if anybody else saw it or what it might have been.