Subj: Earth Changes TV/Breaking News - As Predicted, Asteroid Heads Our Way
Date: 12/14/01 2:05:17 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Mitch Battros)
To: (Breaking News)

As Predicted, Asteroid Heads Our Way...12/14/01
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

Its name is asteroid '1998 WT24'. It will reach its closet trajectory to Earth on December 16th coming within 0.0124855 AU's (astronomical units). 1 AU = distance between sun and earth, or 149,597,871 kilometers. This means this asteroid will come 12 times closer to earth than the distance to the sun. Asteroid '1998 WT24' will be within 5 Earth-Moon distances.;main . This certainly classifies as a NEO (Near Earth Orbit).

I expect to see more like this one, and perhaps closer. I will also suggest there will be little notice (hours) between finding, announcement, and passing. This asteroid will be at its brightest, about magnitude 9.5. Asteroid '1998WT24' unlike the last few NEO's was first discovered three years ago. Its size is approximately one kilometer or .6 miles across and completes an orbit
around the Sun in only about seven months. That puts it in the elite Aten class of asteroids.

As with any astral body, along with today's solar eclipse, watch for large earthquakes, volcanic activity, and sudden storms bringing wind, rain or snow.