AUGUST 14, 8;04 PDT [KENT]

The data including NeoDys objects list is confusing the hell out of me!;main

Today, 8/14, they say:

a (AU) 2.0394 0.0004726 [what is this? Yesterday 8/13, was at .0006509 AU]

If you click on minimum earth distance;statpts;gif

you get:

315.209 224.297 0.00316467 MINIMUM

43.5086 41.2896 0.00615356 MINIMUM

Meanwhile we have the java at astro arts

[NeoDys sux, what kinda turpentine are they drinking? Figures merely at odds by a multiple of ten!] They are now on my poop-list along with preachers, politicians and lawyers.


OVER AT TimeBomb 2000 we have:

08-13-2002 06:49 PM

**Minimum distance is now .0006509 AU or about 1/4 the distance to the moon, based upon 515 observations and 7 discards.;main

This has changed from a minimum of approximately lunar distance a week or so ago and there only five more days for revisions.

Break out the tin hats ... This could get interesting**.

08-14-2002 12:27 PM

Reset Panic Mode ... Everyone can go back to sleep. :-)

0.0035223 Nominal

0.0035213 Minimum

Both about 330,000 miles or ~ 1.3 x lunar distance;main

( Look 2/3 of way down for 2002/08/18 )

602 Observations

7 discarded

It looks to me like they may have made a mistake yesterday on the calculations. I think they owe us a big ´Ooops ... Sorry´**