Subj: Alternative Energy Developers
Date: 9/29/01 12:20:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time


You are dead right about alternative energy developments leaping ahead when everyone's attention is distracted by all this NWO macho posturing.... I am absolutely convinced that several people working on different aspects of free energy are a hair's breadth away from replicating self-running overunity electromagnetic motor/generators, individuals who are not going to allow themselves to get caught in the corporate funding/patent/DOE suppression trap, but will dispense the information immediately as it evolves, so that people can build these devices and find out the truth for themselves... the next five years will see revolutionary developments, it is really a question of _how long_ it takes to alert a badly misinformed public and reverse the media blackout, to the fact that we are being seriously CONNED on a massive
scale by vested interests and the political structure which supports those interests.

Meanwhile, emerging evidence on the world oil resource situation is conveniantly squished. Resources are liable to peak in 2004-8 then spiral ever downwards until we rid ourselves of this damaging, uneccesary addiction to petroleum...

Watergate is nothing compared to what's coming. I predict a real BIG ONE is going to come busting out one of these days, and no-one will be able to stop it, period.

Notice how the Russian plasma story and the two guys from Australia with their OU generatotor disappeared down a black hole - and while we're on the subject of black holes, whatever happened to that amazing discovery of Atlantis off Cuba?

Watching the situation, as usual...