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Have you seen


I believe this is the most amazing event. The usual complainers are  effectively gagged, because the water was given to the Indian tribes. Politically  incorrect to whine.

Is this part of a plan to empty out the countryside, moving rural folks to  the cities? Create racial warfare? Farmers who have lived on their land for generations are having to sell for pennies on the dollar. I wonder who is buying their land?

Obviously, the Indians themselves won't allocate this water (which, as I understand it, includes all groundwater and rivers). A few lawyers will have that control. What a neat privatization move!

There's not been much discussion of this astounding and historical event.

NOTE: May not hurt to take another hard look at the Wildlands Project. It`s all seems to fit. More and more 'concern' about rural drinking, especially the kind that is free and not under control.

Yes, i do believe there is much more to this than just money. There seems to be a continued pattern used by Hitler and Stalin to cut the people off from the land.

Have you noticed how road maps show less and less of alternative country roads. I sure have.