7/21/02 3:12:46 AM Pacific Daylight Time

See the attached reprint of a translation of a Latin American news article, translated by Latin American UFO buff Scott Corrales, a frequent contributor to Jeff Rense's web site.  Scott recently has been following the recent, enormous explosion in livestock and wild animal mutilation cases in Argentina.  While there may be a mix of causes for this phenomenon, a great many of them have left veterinarians and ranchers scratching their heads, as the cattle and other animals appear to have dropped from the sky, with precisely cut incisions which are heat-cauterized, with almost all of the animal's blood removed, pieces of the animals' body missing . . . the same sort of thing that has been reported elsewhere, most notably Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.

But the attached article is remarkable for the special circumstances of the latest find:  a number of cattle, some mutilated, some not, some alive, some not, all found stuffed into a covered, steel water tank.  To say that this incident is bizarre is something of an understatement.  Needless to say, those who believe that the mutilation wave down there is caused by ETs/UFOs and so on, are freaking over this one.  Those of us who believe that the perpetrators are more Earth-bound are still at something of a loss to explain this one.  It is not an easy matter to dump a dozen live or dead cattle into a covered water tank without leaving any trace of how it was done.  More to the point, why would anyone bother to do it?  The same questions are raised by the mutilation wave generally.  The sheer scope and scale of what is happening right now in Argentina excludes the possibility that it is just being done by hoaxers.  The level of effort required to accomplish what is being seen down there is simply too high to be done for the hell of it.  This is purposeful activity; the question is:  what in the hell is the purpose?

Investigations of the American mutilation cases by the National Institute for Discovery Science ("NIDS"), based in Las Vegas, NV, and financed by billionaire developer Bob Bigelow, appear to point tentatively to the American mutilations not being caused by aliens, but by humans, as attested to by laboratory results showing the presence of sedative residues and detergent compounds of earthly origins in the mutilated carcasses.  The absence of tracks around the carcasses indicate that they were left where they were found by someone with airlift capability.  All of this seems to point to some government agency doing the deeds, but for what purpose is unclear, to say the least.  Obviously, the cows in a tank incident in Argentina begs the question even further.  NIDS has not sent its investigators and scientists down to Argentina, although they were invited by local authorities.  They are in contact with local Argentinean investigators and scientists who are working on the problem, however.

At the moment, the Argentinean mutilation wave is comparable to the periods when the phenomenon was at its height in Colorado and elsewhere.  This is way strange, by any measure.  No one has worked out a plausible, rational explanation for what is going on with this kind of thing.  The folks at NIDS, who have probably taken the most scientifically rigorous approach to investigating it that has been seen so far, have nothing more than guesses to offer by way of explaining what is going on, and even their guesses leave a lot of obvious questions unanswered.  When you think about it, even if the explanation is human activity, it's still pretty weird.

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Incredible - 19 Cows Found Stuffed In Enormous Argentine Water Tank