BARDSQUILL:  howwwdy, we having a problem, AOL browsers won't allow log in to the Forum. Any ideas what that might be?
WEBTECH:  working on it - figure it out yet?
BARDSQUILL:  Don't know where to begin, script-challenged here.
BARDSQUILL:  Do you have AOL account?
WEBTECH:  yes - I am trying to get in as well - trying different cookie settings
BARDSQUILL:  I use cable and TCP/IP connect to AOL.
WEBTECH:  give me a sec to try everything

BARDSQUILL:  wondering if it's their browser or their deeper software.

You might try opening a non-AOL browser, a complete IE or Netscape and see if they allow sign in
BARDSQUILL:  New Forum at:
WEBTECH:  oh i CAN get in on other browsers
WEBTECH:  you asked me about the aol browser thing so I am testing
BARDSQUILL:  Oh good well that answers one of my questions.
WEBTECH:  I am not getting a cookie when i use aol browser and my settings in aol are set to allow everything (cookiewise)
WEBTECH:  I am going to reboot aol - brb
WEBTECH:  ok i am gettng a cookie when i log on now but somehow the forum login program isn't able to read the cookie
WEBTECH:  i just tried netscape6 outside of aol and it works and gets in with no problems so it is just in the aol browser that the problem exists
BARDSQUILL:  okay, well that is an answer then