Who's driving this bus? 

6/24/04 10:47:38 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I think that there is a huge power struggle again within the Annunaki.  Marduk seized control through his efforts and contrivances.  The world struggled as it was "nuked" by the "seven deadly weapons" in an attempt to stop the usurper.  This failed.  But a large portion of humanity was destroyed.  Ancient Sumer was never again.
Those who were not in the blast zone (the Sinai) and  instantly turned to "ash", were laid waste by the tremendous cloud of radiation that spread over the earth.  Many gods were frightened and left, leaving all their "children" to certain death.  Enki's heir, Marduk escaped the trap and survived to take the helm over Enlil, much to Enlil's chagrin, as the supreme god on earth.  (this area is still polluted with radiation)
Today, their is another power struggle within the group,  it is my bet that Enlil and his heirs are forcing the hand of Marduk and do not care (as exemplified by the attitude when they knew of the impending flood) what happens to humanity--"...they are but a loud nuisance anyway".  So it is with no remorse that the "Wars of Gods and Men" repeat again.  Let us hope that Enki is still as caring for his "children" as he was throughout the earlier ages. 
As the gods proceed with their plans, mankind plays out their roles as dictated by these ancient gods through the intercession of the designated "priesthood", who, as intermediaries, pass the instructions down to the "kings" who manage the lowly "primitive workers".  What these (us) primitive workers see is simply the actions of a few "governments" making poor decisions, while other oppressive governments (Israel), carry out mandated "genocide" upon the "children" of "out of grace" gods, who stand in the way of this power struggle.
It seems most likely, that the "New Lands" of America were developed by Enlil, as was most likely parts of Europe.  This is where he utilized the resources of the "displaced" many who sought refuge from the tyranny of Europe.  The strengths of Europe immigrated to American and which began the climb to developing the "new" deadly weapons of both enormous increases and enormous decreases--the latter to be used as "conventional" weapons that "struck ammo depots", or, to push reluctant governments (Bali/Australia) into submission and then agreement to follow the dictates they had been reluctant to do.  (Much can be accomplished in one 'sar', or cycle of Marduk's celestial counterpart-Marduk/Nibiru--3,600 earth years--all the while, 100 or more generations of "primitive workers" come and go)
And on, and on...
We "primitive workers" will welcome an intervention to the continuance of the Annunaki destructiveness--it is no wonder that massive construction to our "50th Space Wing" of the US Air Force  and the facilities at Cheyenne Mountain are in an accelerated "building program".  The "new" command center from the displaced one at Balbeck is in frantic anticipation of intervening star visitors who do not wish humanity to be continually destroyed and "restarted".  The "old ones" simply do not care for the idea of this intervention. 
The final sands of the hour-glass of these "elite" controllers is about to pass through the small hole.