Alchemike:  hey bardo
BARDSQUILL:  heyyyy, boy am I scratchin my head over the looting of the museums
Alchemike:  americans proly took the stuff...
BARDSQUILL:  I am seeing CNN reports that the looting of hundreds of thousands of artifacts from the Baghdad Museum  in a matter of HOURS.  Doesn´t make sense!
BARDSQUILL:  including works secreted in vaults prior to the invasion.  Anybody have photos of immense hordes doing this? All of which could have been prevented, as requested by a single tank positioned at the main entrance...
Alchemike:  agree
BARDSQUILL:  Mosul now too
BARDSQUILL:  Wonder what's going on at Uruk and Ur?
Alchemike:  do you remember what area of the country was being rebuilt by saddam???  
Alchemike:  the ishtar gate...
Alchemike:  the hanging gardens...
Alchemike:  wonder what the status of that is...
BARDSQUILL:  We have a trickling of information about the "Babylonian Ark" and more
Translated version of 
BARDSQUILL:  Mostly German archaeologists
BARDSQUILL:  Can you reach William Henry?

Alchemike:  what should i ask will if i get him?
BARDSQUILL:  dunno just copy-paste some of the stuff above and ask him who's got the artifacts.
Alchemike:  i'll do it...
BARDSQUILL:  Don't understand how 200,000 artifacts, much vaulted away,  can go zap in two hours
BARDSQUILL:  Here's a reference:
Independent Media Center - webcast news 
Alchemike: it
Alchemike:  whole thing reminjds of tolkien
Alchemike:  wrent the orks also called uruk???
Alchemike:  or something like that???
BARDSQUILL:  Museum had more than art, had thousands of cuneiform tablets, even anunnaki tech like the infamous Baghdad battery, more
BARDSQUILL:  lost that huge queen's helmet
BARDSQUILL:  all this stuff gone:
Alchemike:  i is a total disaster
Alchemike:  but ya never know...maybe some of the good guys got some
Alchemike:  whole situation is fubar
BARDSQUILL:  some of that stuff would require cranes and forklifts
Alchemike:  agree
Alchemike:  bigtime
BARDSQUILL:  The Temple of Nimrud sculptures, Assyrian

SIDE NOTE: Exhibit on Nazi Art Looting Canceled January 29 2003

The Art Institute of Chicago has canceled an exhibit on the history of Nazi art looting, the museum announced