Subj: Antigravity Device article
Date: 11/24/01 10:45:09 AM Pacific Standard Time
Kent, just wondering if you had seen this before.  I don't know if it's a hoax or not, but looking at the pictures reminded me of that big secret invention that everybody was trying to find out about earlier this year, the one that would "revolutionize transportation"  If I remember, the drawing from the patent application looked a lot like this, just a platform with a handle.  unfortunately, I can't find anything about that other "invention" or I'd paste that URL here also.  Maybe there's something in your archives.  I just thought of that.
Found it.  gingbnx.htm
Hmmm.  Maybe not the same thing, but maybe leaked as hydrogen powered to throw everybody off. (Govt, Big Oil, etc)
Let me know what you think.