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Note from Bearden

This might be an interesting fact: I have the blueprints to "Tesla's Thermo Acoustic Engine. --Andy McQuerry [Contact by Kent's email as liason PLEASE PUT "TESLA" in subject line]

Challenge to Andy from Kent: Can you somehow discriminantly demonstrate this, I know it is risky...

Kent, What if I floated a metal ball at room temperature? I can do that. Would that wake them up. Just Kill the First Principal of Magnetism! I can do that. (you can post this) --Andy McQuerry

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Behind the scenes: Tesla device that once turned on broadcasts an increasing energy, sends out bizarre timewaves. Tech-wizards now in powwow.

High-Tech Glass: Pure Material Made in Levitation Lab

Subj: Re: Tesla's thermo acoustic engine

Date: 4/3/04 7:51:27 AM Pacific Standard Time

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Kent, The core mathematics IS all the same, Thomas Bearden, Nikola Tesla, Cold Fusion, Searal flying disk, Lifter Jnaudin, DeAquino, Bendini, Vasanti Corp Spinwave, Bose, Wooten, Linderman,Perralt, Podenski this is all from memory so if I spell some one wrong please forgive me. Tesla's black box 1932 Buffalo and many forgotten others at this second. The Tesla's "Thermo" Acoustic "Wave Engines" Re-find by me, Andy McQuerry. All is relevant and the same equation Later Andy "please post"

Date: 4/3/04 6:33:05 AM Pacific Standard Time

From: Available on request

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Kent, Here is some thing interesting you can post, Tesla did two quite significant and odd things with sound waves. This is what I remember reading so if the details are exact don't slam me for it I read this in 1998. "The Action of the Wave IS Correct". One was: Tesla was across from the Effile Tower with a "Little Brass Hammer" and ever few seconds Tesla would tap on the Granite wall on the bank across from the tower. Tesla would wait a few seconds and tap, a few mins. went by and the tower began to sway back and forth and the more he taped his little brass hammer the further it would sway. This was getting scary finally a couple of officers made him stop! Then there is the one in his flat in Buffalo NY. about Tesla's Earth Quake Machine. With 2. 5 cycles and the Police Department or Tesla actually destroyed it with a sledge hammer. Because of the Violence of the Wave. The wave shook some buildings and cracked some structures. In circa 1997-1999 some idiot scientist said the ("Had a amazing discovery which wasn't news to me that the cycle of a earthquake was 2. 5hz"). It was obvious they hadn't read any of Teslas work. I read his patient book like a novel, picked out me some unique toys and played with them for Several Years. All of this is relevant to the "Tesla Acoustic Engine" Later, Andy

REPLY, KENT: Andy, tell us about the Time Wave you saw. Be as specific and visual as possible because I'd like to try illustrating it.

Date: 4/4/04 11:55:18 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, In 1998 I had posted on keelynet that I was getting some odd reactions from a coil I was working on. One coil which was a small coil I was working with. I had it hooked to a light switch. I had flipped it on and off several times and one time I cut the light off, the light bulb kept burning. I thought something was wrong with the switch it had shorted out or something . In stead of investigating and I should have . I tried the switch some more filpping back up and down. The light was still burning. I didn't want to burn the house down so I ran down stairs to cut off the breaker, this was a two story Victorian House, my wife wasn't pleased with this stuff in the bed room anyway. It was a Long way to the garage had to go down the hall pass two bed rooms then down the stairs I'm hot footin' it . When I got to the garage the breaker was off. I felt safe went back up stairs and the light was still burning. I simply thought I still had a short some where. I started flipping the switch again. The darn light was still on so I unplugged it. I still believed it was a short. These coils are really neat to play with. There was a guy from Australia had the same thing happen with this same arrangement except he was using a battery and a Inverter and( pulled the leads off the battery and the light kept burning) he was using the same coil. Two guys friends of keelynet came over to my house we went up stairs and I hooked up one coil. This time I had a magnet marked north and south. I put the magnet on the coil on the north side turned on the coil and kicked the magnet off About 3-4 feet away. Then I put the magnet on the south side and it did the same it kicked it 3-4 feet away. Well the guys left more baffled than they were when they got there. Later that after noon my wife was gone shopping YEA!!!!!!!!! time to play again. I had this big coil I had been working with I hooked it up and I was playing with it. I had played with this coil for about 15-20 minutes and a wild wave came out of it this wave was visible it was approximately 4-5 foot long and about 2 foot in diameter it went to the left of the coil went through my chandelier, odd thing the chandelier looked like it was melting. When I saw it melting I knew I was dead meat cos I knew my wife was going to kill me when (SHE GOT HOME) (LUCKY DOG) THE chandelier went back together again. I thought I had a smudge on my glasses so I pulled my glasses off and they were clean. My breakers went off again went down stairs and both breakers were off THE CHANDELIER AND THE OTHER LIGHT SWITCH if both breakers went off at the same time then the electromagnetic wave made contact with both circuits at the same time . NO SMUDGE ON THE GLASSES. When you play with Tesla's toys be ready for ANYTHING

Later Guys Andy

P. S.  Kent here is what you ask for L. O. L. . .

The GENESIS Project

Date: 4/12/04 12:05:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, I ask these quality questions: "Where is the common Mathematics in these systems and applications: Laser, Maser, Saser, Radio Tube, Marx Generator, Amplifier Tube, Philadelphia Experiment, Bearden's M.E.G., The Lifter Project JNAUDIN LABS, The Mobius coil, Cadusas Coil and the Bifilar coil, Swift's Thermo Acoustic Generator LOS ALAMOS, Thermo Acoustic Laser, Super Hydrodine, Antigravity, And Free Energy, Not leaving out Time Waves. If  I didn't know the Answer to this Question I could not ask the question. Plus the Star War Project. Food for thought: "This has 2 parts"( Equation=the phase angle and application of each system is the same)."

Later Andy McQuerry (Sorry I cant think of them all at this second)  (please post) Thanks