Subj: (no subject)
Date: 5/16/01 7:20:25 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Council,

Last year Alex had shared that there was a new Andromedan Council Member.  I
am not sure if Alex knew who they were at the time, but he did share with me
that they had a great affiliation with Israel and Alex commented that if
Israel were to come under attack and be in a position of losing, that this
new Council race would come to their assistance.

Alex has now shared with me that the new Council race is the NIBIRU.  That's
right my friends, you are reading right, the NIBIRU.  Of course I told him
that how can they be trusted, and he agrees but then the Council excepted
them and we can only assume that they have taken some type of responsibility
for their past actions regarding us.

Today I learned that Enki is alive and well born into another NIBIRU family
as well as Ra (Marduk, Enki's past son) and also Quezacoatal (Osirius, Ra's
past son).  The one known as Enlil (Jehovah) to the best of our knowledge is
not a part of this, or so I hope.

As we speak, large Armada of NIBIRU Motherships are making their way to our
solar system to join the rest of the Andromedan Council forces.  Alex said
that there are some motherships coming that are like 4,000 miles in diameter.
These ships will not be missed in the sky when they get here and come by our

I asked about the other planets in our system that supports life.  And I was
told that they have all been contacted and apprised of the current situation
as it stands in our system at large.  I confirmed that the Draconian Armada
is still parked just outside our system and the soldiers are in suspended
animation.  The object coming out of the constellation of Cancer many years
back is still not hear and we are not quite sure as to where it is.

Today Richard showed me information about an Asteroid that is passing within
30,000 miles of our moon.  That folks is very close.  Alex is concerned about
another that is due to pass by or circle the moon and come our way in
September of this year.  Keep your eyes open to information on that one!

I am also excited to announce that Alex is working on a project regarding an
article based on Galactic History of our world and such.  It will be based on
the Andromedan perspective and analysis of our Earth history.  What is most
exciting about this is, the Andromedans have no real past history with our
planet so the telling of the history should be not tainted in any way for
they have no past history with us to protect.  It will be interesting to see,
how the Andromedan history stacks up to history given to us by other sources.
It should be known that the Andromedans use a device that takes a picture of
our world and can then be used to access the entire history of the planet, as
if you were watching TV, seeing the events as they went down.  Remember, the
past, present, and future are all going all at the same time.

Any comments my fellow Council Members?  What are your feelings about the
NIBIRU getting involved with us on our side?  Can they be trusted?  Oh yes,
one more thing...the NIBIRU motherships coming in soon should not be confused
with the 12th planet.  That is not due anytime soon, according to
Andromedan's.  As they say, the keepers of the secrets might know a lot of
things, but they do not know everything.  Things have a way of changing too.