Subj: american revolution...version 2.0
Date: 2/2/02 10:25:31 PM Pacific Standard Time

the worlds greatest civilizations have had an average lifespan of about 200 years...

they have inevitably followed a pattern...

from bondage to spiritual faith...
from spiritual faith to great courage...
from courage to liberty...
from liberty to abundance...
from abundance to selfishness...
from selfishness to complacency...
from complacency to apathy...
from apathy to dependency...
from dependency back into bondage...

where do you figure we are on this curve???



government has separated from the people
By Dorothy Anne Seese: 02.01.02

   They're fighting mad and they have a right to be. For anyone who isn't mentally incapacitated by
   ABC-CBS-NBC news, or CNN, you should know that Americans are not a free people and we do not live in a free
   nation. Government has separated from the people and become Planet Washington D.C.
   You should also know who is at fault besides the government ... YOU.

   American willingness to believe major media, to want government"protection" that violates a citizen's privacy or
   other freedoms under the Bill of Rights, and the increasing reliance on government to protect individual security
   has given us everything short of martial law, which appears to be on its way soon. The Pentagon wishes to
   appoint a four-star general in charge of "homeland defense" and that means farewell and good-bye to the
   Posse Comitatus act.

   Many of us, but perhaps not enough of us, can see that we are no longer a free nation.
   If the liberal, or even "impartial" media told the truth about what has been going on in this nation, there would
   have been an uprising after the Waco conflagration. There has been much evidence presented (but not on the
   six o'clock news) about why Timothy McVeigh alone could not have brought down the Murrah Building in
   Oklahoma City, there had to be additional explosives involved that he did not possess. Yet when he was
   executed, Americans went back to sleep, content that the government had seen to it that "justice" was


   The cover-up of the bombing of TWA Flight 800, the confusion being generated over Flight 587 that crashed in
   New York, the land grabs out west, the rural cleansing that is occurring by government backing of
   hyper-environmentalism and land-use restrictions, withholding of water or other essentials to farmers, and
   other violations of rights of citizens are each and every one sufficient for us to recall most of the members in
   Congress (both houses) and the present administration, as well as prosecuting the leadership of the immediate
   past administration.

   We're a sold-out nation and most Americans do not realize it, but enough do that they are willing to fight
   unless this tyranny is stopped.

   Some folks consider me a radical or right-wing fanatic. Actually, all I do is work as an analyst of times, trends
   and events and write down what to me is obvious. Also, I get feedback emails from the columns that are
   published, and many of these tell me just how far our patriotic backbone of America is willing to take this war
   against government tyranny.

   This nation has been the target of globalism for decades and the globalists are now closing in with the last and
   final attack against America ... that is the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and along with it, the Christian church
   (which is sitting in the corner worried about its IRS status rather than sounding out the cry of Paul Revere from
   the pulpits).

   Most Americans now seem to be waking up to the fact that the "war against terrorism" in Afghanistan was a
   military exercise to unseat the Taliban not because they were terrorists or radicals, but because they were
   uncooperative with the global agenda and the interests of multinational big oil. How many folks now are really
   concerned with Osama bin Laden? The interest has waned in government (because they needed a face of evil)
   and in the public.

   The next step toward complete abrogation of all American freedom will be preceded by another "terrorist
   attack" of some sort, enough to frighten the public into surrendering the remainder of its freedom without so
   much as a whimper. All Americans, except those who understand how the agenda works and what to expect,
   will panic and surrender. It will apparently not affect those whose focus is on the restoration of a
   constitutional America. At least, they are saying it will not.
   Most of America's citizens are more concerned about how Enron's collapse will affect our economy and their

   What's destroying our economy is the stranglehold of the large multinational corporations and government
   treaties that are taking American jobs away and sending them overseas, and at the same time driving the
   farmers and independent American landowners off their land so they cannot produce food and provide for the
   nation. It's a matter of TOTAL government control. Ask the Klamath Farmers and dozens of others who know
   what the term "rural cleansing" means. They know first hand.

   Try to start a profitable entrepreneurial business today and you have a very slight chance of success with all
   the government red-tape.

   The next in line, after the economy (and we cannot believe that our leadership wants the economy to recoup
   without total global interdependence) is the last of the Christian churches that will never "register" to have
   their message dictated and controlled by government political correctness. They and their congregations will be
   in grave personal danger for their faith.

   From what I can observe, the wheat has mostly been harvested and the tares are taking over the fields.
   That means, to me, that this world is not far from the promised Final Judgment. Look at the Enron record of
   debauchery ... it was all greed, lust, immorality through and through, a Roman circus of depraved human
   behavior. That isn't true capitalism, that's the mark of imperialism or oligarchy. Something went wrong, they
   failed, and now they can either go to jail or kill themselves. What happens to the little people? I don't know. If
   I had been working in a mess like that (and I don't think they would have tolerated me ten minutes nor I them)
   then running away would have been my answer. No job is worth compromising your character ... if you have
   any you won't compromise it or rationalize it away.

   We've lived it up in America, at the cost of our freedom, our self-respect and the virtues espoused by our
   founders, and the time has come to pay the piper.

   All those nice toys didn't come without a hidden price tag in addition to what you paid the cashier at the store.
   If our enemies don't nuke us, then we will probably become a banana republic because there are so many laws
   against private citizens trying to rebuild the America that was, it will be impossible to rebuild it without first
   returning to our constitutional base and the tenets of biblical morality. Maybe the people won't have it. If they
   won't, they will get the banana republic they deserve, and America, as it was, will be history ... rewritten
   history at that, because the revisionists are already at work.

   However, if my analysis of times, trends and events is correct, this nation will not go down without a second
   American Revolution.

   It's brewing now ... the question is, where will the Tea Party take place?

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