Subj: Vostock and another dead researcher
Date: 7/3/01 1:31:23 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent,R.E. Vostock, in Arthur C.Clarck's book "The Hammer Of God" he makes tribute to a certain Nobel Laureate Mr. Luis Alverez. On pg. 216 he states "who else invented vital radar systems, HUNTED FOR MAGNETIC MONOPOLES AT THE SOUTH POLE (CAPS MINE), shot down UFOs and Kennedy assassination nuts,watched the first two atomic explosions from the air...".

Clarck says on pg. 215 that Alverez was head of MIT's Radiation Lab in 1941, further says that Mr. Alverez "flew over Hiroshima on that fateful  August day in 1945 to observe the operation of the bomb he had helped design..."(pg. 216 again).So here we see tribute to a man whom worked for the Gov. to fight the Germans and the Japanese (WWII), SHOT DOWN UFOs?!?!, (I for one certainly hope that was not in reference to interspecies  warfare), and "hunted" monopoles. Mr. Clarck says that on Sept. 1 1988 Mr. Alverez died though not whether it was perhaps from a cancerous condition?

A request for SLEUTHING may pan out... after all, this guy was using his scientific prowess to kill the GOV's enemies for many years and might just have been involved in the Vostock affair, think atomic, ufo, monopole hunting  and suppose that all those have serious security ratings,EH?              

signed, do not trust that the GOV. is here to help YOU.     em-tee

Date: 7/5/01 9:34:15 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent, After rereading the attached letter on your page I think the author misread the sentence "and shot down UFO and Kennedy assassination nuts." Rather than Dr. Alvarez shooting down UFO's, I believe it should read: shot down UFO nuts and Kennedy assassination nuts. ---Larry---

Subj: Dr. Luis Alvarez
Date: 7/5/01 9:27:12 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Larry Porter)

Hi Kent,
Dr. Walter Alvarez and his father Luis lead a team that developed the
impact theory of mass extinction in 1980.  Dr. Luis Alvarez is
responsible for a scientific measuring technique used to determine
element abundance by bombarding sample material with accelerated
neutrons and measuring the gamma rays of each energy that arises from
the bombardment. From this each type of nucleus contained in even a tiny
sample can be determined.  In this case they found a higher level of
iridium than usually found on the earth's surface. 

EXTINCTION by Donald Goldsmith for an examination of how the impact
theory was conceived and how "the possible existence of a small, dim
star, 'Nemesis,'
  that causes comet showers in our solar system every 26
million years" is one of several competing theories with the "galactic
oscillation" hypothesis and "the concept of 'Planet X --- an
undiscovered member of our solar system that may lurk beyond Pluto.'"

One of the most famous pyramidologists was Adam Rutherford who published a monumental 4 volume set on the subject. In our archives, we have a signed mpresentation copy from Dr. Rutherford to Dr. Louis Alvarez. Dr. Alvarez was awarded a Nobel Prize in physics, and developed the use of cosmic ray probes to find hidden chambers in the pyramids.