3/9/2006 5:46:08 P.M. Pacific Standard Time

Kent, a single engine jet plane crashed at Ketchikan a little over a
month ago.  The pilot after steering the plane away from a more
populated area ejected.  But it was too late.  He died.  The plane hit a
house trailer but killed no one on the ground.  Investigators found
rocket launcher parts at the crash site.  It has been reported that a
military pilot training company, Security Aviation, in Anchorage was
checking out the plane for possible purchase.  The pilot was returning
the plane to Washington State after the check out up here.  Federal
investigators searched the two physical locations used by Security
Aviation, one in Anchorage and one in Palmer.  The Feds confiscated 8
jet aircraft and 9 Chech-built rocket launchers left over from the cold
war.  The principals at Security Aviation have been arrested and will go
to trail in May for federal weapons violations, the news papers and TV
are reporting.

NOTE:  I have heard NO national coverage on this story.


Kent, the plane was not armed. It had a non functioning rocket launcher attached for "looks." No rockets were found. The owners claim they have not violated any federal laws, which I suspect may be the case...but they will be persecuted...oops...prosecuted any way. Funny, prosecutors up here, especially state prosecutors, seem to lose an awful lot of cases.

Wasilla, AK