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Here you go, Kent.  I compiled a few more links about Adam's Bridge,
that I added to the bottom of the first message I sent.  I hope we can
all learn something about Sri Lanka's ancient history.

Recently Adam's Bridge was mentioned at rense.com.  It's a shoal between
Sri Lanka and India, and the photo came from NASA's STS059 mission
(here's a link):

After seeing this, I found out Adam's Bridge is quite close to the
Becker-Hagens earth grid, between node 24 and 12.  It's about one-third
of a degree away, which is quite close!

I compiled this list of links of nearby places, because I hadn't looked
at Sri Lanka much, and found more places along the 24-12 grid line.  I
hope I'm gaining wisdom here.

Yet ANOTHER spot on the earth called "mysterious" is along the
Becker-Hagens grid!
It's also called RAMA'S BRIDGE.
It's location is (Lat. 9.0666667; Long. 79.6166667).
Adam's Bridge is only 0.34153 degrees away from the 24-12 grid line!
The 24-12 grid line is also called a "WATER" line.
(The shortest grid line in the Becker-Hagens grid is called a "LIFE"
(And, the longest grid line is called an "AIR" line.)
Note: 24-12 means that the spot is closer to node 24 than node 12.
Note: For the geeks out there, Adam's Bridge is about 638 nautical miles
from node 24.

Extremely geeky note:
The nodes in the Becker-Hagens grid have these phrases attached to them.
Node 24 is labelled "BALANCED".
Node 12 is labelled "YIN-COOL".
So the 24-12 line would be called a BALANCED-YIN line.
What does that mean?  Well YIN refers to negative energy or female.
YANG is positive energy, or male.

Remember, throughout this message:
   POSITIVE latitudes  are NORTH.
   POSITIVE longitudes are EAST.

The closest PLACES to Adam's Bridge are located at
(Lat: 9.1; Long: 79.7166666), & is about 6.253223 naut. miles away.
This spot is about 0.89260 degrees away from the 24-12 grid line!
   PLACE NAMES for this point:
   Talaimannar Pier  [also designated as PIER.]
   Talaimannar Port  [noted as ESTX, a "section of an estate".]

The second closest CITY to Adam's Bridge is located at
(Lat: 9.0833333; Long: 79.7333333), & is about 6.98433 naut. miles away.
This spot is about 0.92210 degrees away from the 24-12 grid line!
   PLACE NAMES for this point:

The ISLAND nearest to Adam's Bridge is located at
(Lat: 9.383333; Long: 79.5166667), & is about 19.901626 naut. miles
This spot is about 0.77873 degrees away from the 24-12 grid line!
   Catche tivu
(as a side joke, you could remember this location this way:
"eenie, meenie, miney, moe, CATCHE TIVU by his toe, if he hollers...")

Other places along the 24-12 grid line:
   PALK BAY (Lat. 9.5; Long. 79.25).  It's only 0.06424 degrees away
from the line!
   (This spot is also about 33.873 naut. miles from Adam's Bridge.)

   CHEVAL BANK (Lat. 8.6666666; Long. 79.7666666).  It's only 0.13671
degrees away!
   (This spot is also about 25.594 naut. miles from Adam's Bridge.)

UNDERSEA feature in the neighborhood of Adam's Bridge and the 24-12 grid
   Trincomalee Canyon (Lat. 8.5; Long. 81.25), about 102 naut. miles
   North Trinco Canyon (Lat. 8.8666666667; Long. 81.4166666667), 107 nm
   South Trinco Canyon (Lat. 8.6666666667; Long. 81.6333333333), 121.9
nm away.

All right: if you're aiming for a spot that is a multiple of 144
nautical miles away
from the Eltanin Antenna's location of (Lat. -59.1549954470528; Long.
Then check out VANKALAI REEF (Lat. 8.8833333; Long. 79.7833333) in this
This spot also happens to be about 0.58157 degrees away from the 24-12
grid line.
AND: The spot given for Vankalai is 144*53.998988112 nautical miles away
from Adam's Bridge,
which is extremely close to 144*54 nautical miles away.
(By the way: Vankalai Reef is about 14.78398 naut. miles away from
Adam's Bridge.)

If you're trying to get Adam's Bridge to be a multiple of 144 naut.
miles away from
Eltanin, it's actually pretty close: it's about 144*54.079 naut. miles

If you were trying to factor in the Eltanin Antenna any other way with
Adam's Bridge,
then uh... YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN!

EXTRA LINKS section:

Info about the minor port of RAMESWARAM, India:

Around Nov. 7th, the Hindu festival of Diwali is about Rama's victory
over the
demon king Ravanna:

Quite a bit of info and links about Sri Lanka:

Remember: Rama is an incantation of the Hindu god, Vishnu.
Remember: Rama rescued his wife, SITA, from Ravanna.

In the Thai version of the story, Ravanna is called: TOSAKANTH.

Keep in mind, Google shows over 3000 links using "sri-lanka UFO"
(These UFOs seem to be spotted near some Becker-Hagens grid lines.)

Other names for Sri Lanka:
Taprobane (Taprobana)
Palaesimundum (by early Greeks)

Adam's Bridge near Sri Lanka, latest view from NASA:

Map of Taprobane, former name of Sri Lanka (late 15th century?)

Old map of Sri Lanka - "Insula Ceilon olim Taprobana"

LOTS of old maps of the world are here:

PLEASE see Dave's Mythical Creatures and Places:

Read about Taprobana, Ceylon, or Sri Lanka:
"But Marco Polo states: 'It has a circumference of some 2400 miles.  And
I assure you that it used to be bigger than this.  For it was once as
much as 3500 miles, as appears in the mariners' charts of this sea.  But
the north wind blows so strongly in these parts that is has submerged a
great part of this island under the sea.'"

Notice how BIG Taprobana is on this old map from 1574:
(same map, but in color) http://www.carto.com/maps/9912126.jpg

Analysis of Marco's writing of Seilan (Ceylon):

Gems from Ratnapura: read about Marco Polo and this large ruby that
belonged to the King of Seilan:

Notice how, even this spiritual place of Kataragama is along the 24-12
grid line as well.

Dionysus and Kataragama: Parallel Mystery Cults
   Quote from link: "For years, I dismissed as pure fantasy such stories
claiming that beneath Kataragama there exists a 'sunken kingdom', an
'underground university', or vast subterranean chambers full of
priceless gems guarded by nagas or dragon-spirits"

Read more about Kataragama at this link:

Location of - Kataragama Sanctuary (RESORT):
06:24N 081:22E
Also about 0.91614 degrees away from the 24-12 grid line.

Location of - Kataragama Peak (MOUNTAIN)
06:23N 081:20E
Also about 0.63129 degrees away from the 24-12 grid line.

Location of - Adam's Peak (MOUNTAIN)
06:48:30N 080:29:53E
It's about 2.76121 degrees away from the 24-12 grid line.
That means this peak is further away from the grid line,
but this place is quite popular.  Marco Polo wrote about it.