ONLINE FRIEND:  Have you heard the news about Rep. McKinney?
BARDSQUILL:  yup, unless it's brand-spankin new news, hope she ain't dead, for instance.
ONLINE FRIEND:  We need to all write to McKinney and support her... if we show some of those morons in Congress and elsewhere that there is public support for an open inquiry then maybe they might yield just a bit.  
BARDSQUILL:  She has been "designated to lead the rebellion it seems
ONLINE FRIEND:  She can't do it alone... neither can Ron Paul, who also speaks out at times.  While most of the Congress is prostituted, there are a few who want to speak out but can't--unless there was massive public support for them.
BARDSQUILL:  Sheesh, even FOX playing her (probably to save their own hides),2933,50164,00.html
ONLINE FRIEND:  "Even Fox?"  Don't you mean especially Fox?
BARDSQUILL:  Dunno, seems to me that FOX been butt-licking the Bush-mob since election-night returns.
ONLINE FRIEND:  The prostitutes sneer at even the word "conspiracy."  They always treat conspiracies as if they are entertainment... and the stupid public takes it, not knowing even the dictionary definition for conspiracy.  "Oh you're just a conspiracy theorist!"
BARDSQUILL:  Meanwhile the whole world pretty much thinks 9-11 had inside elements. Sheesh the CIA was brazen in their short-selling stock routines.
BARDSQUILL:  the CIA is suing themselves for abuse of power.
ONLINE FRIEND:  Well, if it's a conclusion based on facts, then it's probably a theory, and if it's about secrecy for evil purposes, then it's a conspiracy theory.  What's entertainment about that?
ONLINE FRIEND:  Yea, and the anthrax issue seems to be an inside job as well, very clearly an inside job.
BARDSQUILL:  How about a hundred megs of reports leading to facts, got that here.  I started just after the first tower went down
BARDSQUILL:  thot it would be hysterical, er, historical
ONLINE FRIEND:  Of course... people don't realize that "conspiracy theories" are often based on tons of facts (literally tons because of documents, etc).
BARDSQUILL:  yea and a wave of the hand and whisper-cornspiracy, whooshes it all away, freakin mind-control
BARDSQUILL:  yowsah, yowsah
ONLINE FRIEND:  Mind control--exactly!  It's indoctrination, years of it, thru public education, entertainment, media, etc.  My history prof mentioned mildly that Saddam Hussein seems to be on the payroll of the US gov't.  But then she had to say "Don't worry, I'm not a conspiracy theorist."  She had to defend herself against a brainless student class body, so she said that.
ONLINE FRIEND:  Lemme tell you, people are ignorant.  In my history class, nobody even cares about history--they only take the course 'cause they have to.
ONLINE FRIEND:  Stupid robots only interested in THEIR major.  But love of general learning is so important--not just for-work training!
ONLINE FRIEND:  They've purposely made "conspiracy" into a forbidden word.  
ONLINE FRIEND:  But if those robots can open a dictionary for once, they might learn something!
BARDSQUILL:  man, i was in academia for 23 years, as a rebel, almost killed me.
ONLINE FRIEND:  It sucks, and I am only in a community college.  
ONLINE FRIEND:  I'm a rebel too.
BARDSQUILL:  i taught at fresno city college
ONLINE FRIEND:  Oh, you were a professor, cool.
ONLINE FRIEND:  What did you teach?
ONLINE FRIEND:  I'm interested in general knowledge as well as my chosen vocation... not just my vocation alone.  Many people just care about their own little world.
ONLINE FRIEND:  One needs broad knowledge to be truly educated.
BARDSQUILL:  showed up in the admin office in 88 with my fishin pole and a bottle of irish whiskey, said, screw you bastards,.  They deemed me crazy and put me on disability, thank god.
ONLINE FRIEND:  You literally did this?
BARDSQUILL:  I left, my students rioted, that was that.
ONLINE FRIEND:  Did you talk to your students about this stuff?
BARDSQUILL:  yup, after 23 years I was fried.
ONLINE FRIEND:  Once in a while, you'd get a thoughtful student... but more times than not you get brainwashed fools who don't want to learn anything new.
BARDSQUILL:  You bet.  My Art Appreciation class became Weird-shit 101.  Students mobbed the class.  I broke all the enrollment records for the District, heh.
ONLINE FRIEND:  Even some of the intelligent ones sneer at anything that is even remotely unconventional--a symptom of mind control.
BARDSQUILL:  Lived on my farm which became a commune.
ONLINE FRIEND:  Were your students supportive of what you talked about?
BARDSQUILL:  It was vastly different in the 60s.  Students were awesome!
BARDSQUILL:  and 70s
ONLINE FRIEND:  Yea, I'm sure they were... students are the ones who revolted against the Vietnam War a lot too.   That was great.
BARDSQUILL:  then came the 80s and the students turned into frogs.
ONLINE FRIEND:  But the media wasn't as bad as they are now.
BARDSQUILL:  but they still mobbed my class looking for something.
ONLINE FRIEND:  It was the Viet War, coming to an end before they wanted... the spooks realized they must control people's minds even more.
BARDSQUILL:  man, I could tell you some tales
ONLINE FRIEND:  Tell me one tale now.
BARDSQUILL:  let's see, some of my studio artists and myself started messing around with visualization-stuff, spontaneously...
BARDSQUILL:  we were trying to make paintings without paint
BARDSQUILL:  we would go on "group expeditions"
BARDSQUILL:  So had to try this stuff in my lecture hall classes...
ONLINE FRIEND:  You serious man?  Physically or astrally?
BARDSQUILL:  scared the poop outta me so I quit doin it.
BARDSQUILL:  everybody would close their eyes and we'd go up...up...through the ceiling, out over the town, up into space and in exploration of other worlds, for starters...heh
ONLINE FRIEND:  Astrally or physically?  
ONLINE FRIEND:  I'm assuming the former...
BARDSQUILL:  weird stuff happened, time dilation, physical side-effects
ONLINE FRIEND:  I wanna travel in space like that!
BARDSQUILL:  200 people locking in
BARDSQUILL:  started in the studio with a dozen creatives, we worked out the details of the experience.
BARDSQUILL:  made it work.
BARDSQUILL:  as far as I know we were the first to try, mil remote viewing came later.
ONLINE FRIEND:  Could you see each other as you went up?
BARDSQUILL:  yea, moreover our minds would weave together
BARDSQUILL:  telepathy, mannnnnn
ONLINE FRIEND:  I want to explore space like that, serious.  Upon restoring my health, I'm gonna try astral projection.
BARDSQUILL:  like a single being with many eyes
BARDSQUILL:  but the deal is, we would lock in, no conflict of imagery.
BARDSQUILL:  and we'd take turns as captain o the starship, so to speak.
ONLINE FRIEND:  I wish I was in your class.  
BARDSQUILL:  see at first one is designated as captain
ONLINE FRIEND:  You're one interesting professor!
BARDSQUILL:  but as we got better at it didn't matter 
ONLINE FRIEND:  All I have to say is, I want to travel in space like that.
BARDSQUILL:  of course there was really abrasive resistance in the academic at large, my poor Dean.  He'd call me in and say, "You gotta knock that crap off!"  I'd say, "Dean you are absolutely correct. I have been very very unacademic. I promise to change forever!"
BARDSQUILL:  Then we'd go off a-winging with even more fervor.
ONLINE FRIEND:  Did you say once that Willian Shatner was at your lectures?
ONLINE FRIEND:  Or some Star Trek dude?
BARDSQUILL:  Then the Dean would say, "DAMMIT, YOU ARE FIRED!" I'd say, no Dean, I quit!"  He'd say waittaminute, you can't just QUIT!" Was all insane.
BARDSQUILL:  went on like that for 23 years and four Deans.