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Howdy Kent
It sounds like you have been having a hard time lately. I wish I had enough money to give to you to keep your site running indefinatly but Im running on empty myself. Just pittiling away on the internet trying to find some balance in these crazy times. I try and make a point of clicking your ad banners though. Ohh and congrats for kicking the cig habit. I hope you can kick it permanetly, as though cigs are nasty at least the way the cig companies make them these days.
Anyways I came across some info thought you might find it worthy of your site.
The message is from a group of Meta-Scientists(spiritually oriented scientists) who have very keen insights into the reality we are experiencing here on Earth. Now more than ever it is important to stand for what you believe in and help to awaken your brothers and sisters lost in the dream. With love!!
A friend up in Canada
Rob C

15 March 2001 EV
With all the events going on in March 2001 and in view of the approaching Spring Equinox, the 1st of the New Aeon of Aquarius and the New Kalpa of KALI YUGA, the last precession of Terra on its pres­ent axis ,in its present vibration or “energy density, we of CRGA could not remain silent about the current events. By strong urgings of our Research Associates and the Regents of an Asian Hermetic-Gnostic Order, we have been asked to submit this missive for publication in LEIRG Journal and Web site, since this eminent research group is in favour of and supports Planetary Evolution on Terra..
In addition to the escalating global skirmishes amongst tribal enemies in the Middle East, Asia, Europa & South America, there have been some seemingly “strange” events going on behind the scenes, as it were, in the aethers, inner earth, infrastructure of Earth Grid Network, EGN, the polar regions, the moon, Mars, and in the sun and the galactic Space Time Continuum, GSTC, which has only been not­iced, much less acknowledged, only by very clever researchers, psychics and, of course, the milit­ary/intelligence scientists of the One World Order Powers, OWOP. As always, these events have been highly confidential & classified above Top Secret. For instance, our Binary Sun System, Big RA 2. Little Horus, has recently undergone a PI ROTATION (180 degrees) in its HELIOMAGNETIC FIELD, and the Earth itself has shifted a couple of degrees from its tilted rotational axis. Furthermore, the solar activity in the heliosphere has
increased substantially, and will be attaining epic proportions later on this year with attending corona mass ejecta, CME, neutrino and proton fluxes, NPF, and a host of other par­ticle showers, including highly energetic UV and X-Ray Photon Radiations impacting all over the globe. The obvious global havoc in the weather patterns & meteorological disasters are beginning to show earth’s reaction to these solar and planetary influences due to electromagnetic, gravitational and takyonic/scalar wave factors. The various floods, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions and, in particular earthquakes, have been a result of these solar factors triggering geophysical phenomena here on earth.
Of particular interest is the 6.8 RS Seattle earthquake on Weds. 28 Mar 01 @10:5SAM PST, because some of our research associates were in WA doing geophysical research at the time. Coincidentally, for the past few days, Fort Lewis had been conducting heavy artillery manouvers using their big howitzers & 156 mm cannons with a fury, up to and including early morning on the day of the quake. Detailed analyses of the various seismographic signatures from various seismic recording centres revealed most interesting phenomena. While the Epicentre was very close, if not in Ft. Lewis it­self, about 16 miles NE of Olympia, the Hypocentre was 36 miles below the surface,
which accounts for the “mildness” of the damage to property or humans,
considering the magnitude of 6.8 RS. Is it possible that the tremendous artillery blasts, temblors and recoils could have aggravated or triggered conditions necessary and sufficient to trigger the earthquake? Only God Knows, right?
Inasmuch as the above events are of great interest to astute and clever researchers, we are more concerned at this time with what is happening in Europa, specifically, in England, namely, the Mouth and Foot Disease, MFD, plaguing cows, sheep and pigs, thus far. It is also England the country where the previous epidemic of Mad Cow Disease, MCD, was centred. Is it coincidence that it is in England that the MCD and MED have started? We wonder why and what conditions, factors or circumstances al­low for these  animal plagues to proliferate in England, which now other European countries
are fear­ing it may spread and likewise devastate their animals as well. As the case maybe, what is happening as a result of this mass slaughtering of infected and non-infected animals is that since the numbers of animals killed to prevent further proliferation of MED has reached hundreds of thousands, it is now a fact that “critical mass” has been reached in the Morphogenetic Field of these species, namely cows, sheep and pigs livestock.
Unbeknownst to orthodox biological scientists, and even theolo­gians and religious leaders, animals are also sentient and conscious beings that are endowed with a Sprit, Soul and Subtle Bodies as well, similar but, not the same substructures as human beings. Do animals have emotions and feelings? Absolutely! Do they think? Absolutely! Not like humans, and thank God for that! But think, emote and feel, they most certainly do. Do they feel emotional and physical pain? Absolutely, they do, which may horrify those scientists that perform cruel experim­ents on animals. And, finally, do animals reincarnate? Absolutely, they do, and they also carry with them Soul Memory, same as humans, and they remember how and why they died, in their
souls. The materialists and religionists may deny this fact, but those wise entities and sages of all ages do know that all creatures created by the Creator are endowed with divinity and similar emotional & physical infrastructures, for they all, indeed, are sentient beings. We are not here to engage in academ­ic or polemic disputations, but to inform and appeal to the common sense, love and compassion of those that regard animals as creatures of God as well, to be loved and respected, and not to see or perceive animals only as a food source, a beefsteak, a pork chop or just simply dollar signs.
For over 50 years, we of CRGA have engaged in multi-scientific disciplines, including the formal study of the “C” word, CONSCIOUSNESS, and its correlate VITAL ENERGY, and the BIOFIELD and the LIFE FORCE, still un­known, unexplored and unacknowledged by orthodox sciences of all disciplines, religions included. We have been collaborating with Asian, African and South American Shamans, Psychics, Elders and Wise Women/Men that know, understand
and experience the various emotional states that animals go thru in their own evolution as well, for they, being part of Gaia, a most sophisticated Organic Holistic Consciously Aware Entity, are presently in a state of great turmoil.
From dolphins, whales, and elephants to cows, sheep, pigs, dogs, and frogs, the Animal Kingdom on earth is experiencing great stress and burdens in their emotional bodies due to the ignorance, stupidity, and cruelty of most unconscious human beings that treat animals only as a food source, beasts of burden or simply entertainment. The Animal Kingdom, and the Trees in the Plant Kingdom, are suffering from emotional and environmental pollution, and they are clamoring for HELP and RELIEF from their PAIN & SORROW. Yes, beloved brothers and sisters from earth, fellow Terrans, our animals are also our brothers & sisters and they are in trouble, for they are also
undergoing great ordeals, and FEAR, PAIN & DISEASE has become their lot now. Why do you think that so many species are in danger of extinction, and now our domestic animals that give us food are getting sick and dying by the thousands? Wake up, Terrans! Planet Earth is in trouble, for it is in gross disharmony with NATURAL LAW. In the past few weeks, many people have felt strong feelings of oppression, depression and heaviness in their emotions and many report physical symptoms of “pressure in their chests”, the locus
of the Human Soul. Those sensitive human beings are picking up the pain and sorrow of the Animal Kingdom and of Mother Earth, for her children are being destroyed by disease, and the Human Kingdom, they are being destroyed by wars and acts of violence and terrorism. Does the Mother Earth, Gaia, feel the pain of humans? Absolutely, and these noxious energies are now being released as miasmas from the EGN on various parts of the globe, including our own USA. We are all part of the same Whole Earth, and neither humans, animals or plants are SEPARATE from each other. It may be difficult for 3rd density human beings to embrace this concept, but it is the simple and pure
truth. We are all sentient beings undergoing our own individual ordeals and tribulations in the Evolution of Consciousness, but at this time, it is the Animal Kingdom that needs our help, our 1ove our compassion and our prayers.
Yes, we emphatically repeat, our love, compassion and prayers. Why? We all know that there is no biomedical/veterinarian technology that can arrest, heal or cure the plagues of MFD in England, and if there were, would governments wish to spend billions of dollars to save lives of animals instead of spending it in stealth or war technology to kill more “enemies”? The answer is clear. Therefore, we are not asking for monetary donations or charitable acts, but merely making our fel­low brothers/sisters AWARE of this insidious phenomenon going on today, right under our noses. We as multidisciplinary, non-materialistic scientists are concerned that this disastrous plague afflicting our livestock animals will cause a very powerful ripple effect in the World Soul and Collective Consciousness of planet earth, Terra. So, we humbly and respectfully ask those loving human
beings to take a moment of their busy lives to Meditate, Contemplate and Project Love, Compassion and Gratitude to the animals that have died, are dying and will die in the next few weeks/months. This is the least we can do to honour the Animal Kingdom that has served us for aeons as continuous source of food and nourishment. It is time for us to return the favours given us with True and Pure Intent of Love, Compassion and Gratitude. Who knows, maybe that way we may change the pres­ent chaotic Main Trunk Reality Field & Time Spiral that awaits Terra, as it is seen now, for our actions and thoughts have created a most dire reflexion/conjugate reality that may
place Terrans in a hard-pressed reality in the years to come, till the final Grand Shift of the PSTC occurs in the year 2012.
There has been a lot of talk and speculation about the Final Grand Shift, FGS, forthcoming in 2012 EV, both by the explorations of the OWO Technocrats a la Montauk Project, the Mayan Researchers. Psychic theologians, Astral Explorers, researchers, etc., and no one has been able to ascertain what it is or what lies beyond that Space-Time Veil. There are many theories and wishful thinking expectations but what most people researching this event don’t realise is that you cannot understand, explore, see or make excursions into a very high energy-- Nouminous Energy, at that--locus or loci, for there are several Reality Fields, from a low energy place such as 3rd density consciousness of most Terrans.
Frankly, we don’t fully understand or know the exact nature or scope of the FGS, but we do know some wise men/women that do know what this is all about, for they have been “shown”, as it were, a pre­view of the FGS by a group of a preeminently advanced civilisation from the 12th Dodecan Harmonic or “density”, to use common parlance. Not even the Andromedans from M-31 know what this FGS is all about, for they themselves are only in the 4th and 5th Energy Harmonic/Density. All we can say at this time is that all present theories, speculations, predictions, astral explorations and wishful ex­pectations are all incorrect, for this new and unique event in the history of our Galaxy is truly unprecedented in the past 4 billion years of existence of our known universe.
Our research has rev­ealed already that our notions of space, time, reality, and life as we know it, have been totally incorrect to explain the actual transcendent phenomenon observed in the multi-universes we dwell in and explore in our Alternative Consciousness Timelines. Neither Quantum Theory nor Special or General Relativity can presently come even close to the concepts of even Linear Space Time Reality Fields or Chrono-Matrix Fields, much less Non-Linear Space-Time Reality Fields or “Kayros” Matrix Fields. We are not at liberty to discuss these concepts at this time in a missive of
this nature, but suf­fice it to say that all of us Terrans have a rude awakening awaiting for us when the FGS does in­deed finally occur, because we have been deceived by our own limited perspectives of Truth and Reality. As our Asian friends state, it will be the True, &Real and Final INITIATION FOR ALL TERRANS, and, yes , even for TERRA/GAlA herself. The very singularities and anomalies that Quantum-Physi­cists and String Theory theoreticians have arduously endeavoured to extirpate from their equations and limited concepts of reality will finally reveal themselves as the only True Reality and non— normalizable Vertex Operator of Zero Dimension. We would love to see their faces when that happens! In Superstring Theory, the practice of “normalisation” of Vertex Operators involves getting rid of
equations that predict “singularities” or existence of Takyons. Omegons, Deltons or Theons, which are “imaginary” particles that “don’t exist” and they travel at superluminal. speeds, and also break and violate all known laws of physics! No causality, no conservation of sanity! Goodbye physics.
It is unfortunate that our intrinsic propensities towards Natural Physical & Spiritual Evolution as Terrans has been thwarted and “genetically modified” by a very nasty draconian control—oriented civilization, and the concept of “evolution” itself has been purposely altered to prevent as many Terrans as possible to go thru the FGS Portals into the New Paradigm or God-Age of Enlightenment. Therein lies a great danger, for those entities not passing
thru the FGS Spatio-Temporal “filters” will be destined to continue living the “same old’ lives that they lived previously, in another reality and planetary setting this time, unless they decide and CHOOSE TO WAKE UP NOW! Sad but true. At any given moment, it is entirely up to us to CHOOSE and DECIDE whether we wish to be MASTERS or VICTIMS/PEONS. At this point, we need to insert a pertinent quote from the Handbook for the New Paradigm #32,and we urge our readers to carefully study also Message .#33. It is unfolding in great scale this year. One needs to learn how to protect oneself from the most insidious and intruding EMC Multi-Frequencies.
From #32: “It is important to note here that the meaning of the word "evolution" has been purposely distorted by implanting the idea that
evolution and adaptation are synonymous. Animal life and even human life at one level adapts. Evolution refers to the spiral of spiritual experience through (think holographically) its return trip to the source. Here you can see correlation of spiral to spirit and holographic to holy.”
From #33: “When the appropriate moments arrive, you will have the discernment to bring forward into your conscious awareness that prickly feeling that causes you to move to a more appropriate place and it will be available. Planning ahead does not work; it is necessary to be flexible and move in the moment. It is spontaneity that provides the atmosphere in which creation moves without restriction. Since creation is what you are about, then it is important to move within the framework of purpose as
spontaneously as possible.”
To close, we were informed by our Asian Research Associates of the HOD that the Chinese Secret Pyramids will be activated in 2001 , and that contact with a certain Terran group has been established Dy entities of the 12th Density, most likely the Pa’thall and Imman Nulians, and they have been told that in the Winter Solstice of 2000 the PSTC underwent another adjustment and the Time Spinors were accelerated some more, and that by the Summer Solstice, another adjustment will be made in the Time Field Spinors & Twistors, for we enter the final Dodecan Harmonic(12 years) of this final Kalpa (26,000 year cycle) that will culminate in the year 2012 EV (Era
Vulgaris/Common Era). The adjustment will be felt universally by everyone, without exception, and then the synchronistic events will begin to unfold systematically, one by one, for everyone to see and know, if they have the eyes to see, ears to hear and mind to know. We will know more details after the Spring Equinox meeting.
Meanwhile, we thank the courageous members of LEIRG & Associates, their readers of their books and Website, and all our friends that are taking time to contribute in Consciousness, Love, Compa­ssion and Gratitude their vital Energy that will help Mother Earth & Humankind thru these turmoil times ahead of us and the “bumpy ride” that we’ll have to endure till the FGS in 2012 unless we become truly aware of what TRUE NATURAL LAW is all about. Otherwise, the apocalyptic scenarios predicted by the revisionist bible fanatics may come to pass, after all, and, yes, the scenarios predicted by the Andromedans of M-31 Zenetae System may also come to pass, and people – especially men - may be falling down and dropping like flies unless they open themselves to their own emotions, to love, and to compassion. It is entirely up. to all of us- and each one of us- to determine our own course and destiny. We salute LEIRG for their continual endeavours to educate and inform the public via their publications and website. May others follow their great example.
Namaste, Godspeed and Blessings to All Sentient Beings on Terra!
Dr. DD., Dr. XX., Dr. YY., Dr. ZZ and SRI Dr. SS
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