FRIEND:  Getting Ready for Impact with 1998 OX4?
I found this. Thought you might be interested.
BARDSQUILL: Thanks! Just woke up. OX4 was the inspiration for a British report.
FRIEND: yes some time ago.
Who knows, maybe london is the target hehe
BARDSQUILL: don't understand though, somewhere have a report that the asteroid flew by last September
FRIEND: Yeah and its supposed to be a 2 year cycle, confusing me also
BARDSQUILL: wonder if earth has a new moon
FRIEND: would be interesting if it turned out to be a mothership :)
BARDSQUILL: thought creased my mind too
BARDSQUILL: the term, Virtual Impactor almost seems like some kind of weird science mumbo jumbo
BARDSQUILL: comes so close we might as well call it an impactor, or someday it might impact, even if it does not???? Weird.
FRIEND: sorry had my sounds turned off. I guess we might get something from the debris field that follows the asteroid. I wonder, do they ever figure out if our moon is going to get hit. If the moon was hit by a big one it might cause us trouble to0
BARDSQUILL: I sometimes think of the moon as a perpetual near miss.  Moon is durned strange too.
FRIEND: yes it has some odd things about it doesn't it :) hehe
BARDSQUILL: who parked ol Luna about an inch away?
FRIEND: and why is it apparently hollow hehe
BARDSQUILL: get these asteroid reports, "asteroid X just flew by twice the distance of the moon, whew that was CLOSE!"  Well what about the freakin moon, now THAT is close.
FRIEND: at least its predictable :)
I think they should do something about the ones we don't see until its too late
BARDSQUILL: say they have about a three-day waning on uncharted rocks.
BARDSQUILL: gives us time to pay our taxes, heh.
BARDSQUILL: Comet Linear blew up right in our faces, near earth, parallel to earth's orbit.  How come nobody says anything about THAT!  Sheesh, chunks everywhere!
FRIEND: I personally think that shoemaker levy 9 was intentionally blown up. I remember back in 1987 they knew it was coming, although at the time it had no name, then mysteriously it became 9 or more pieces and flew into jupiter. How convenient :)
FRIEND: It wasn't officially discovered or named for a few years after we started hearing about it though. For all I know it was originally on a course with earth.
BARDSQUILL: yep, all those lil duckies in a row, didn't look right for sure
BARDSQUILL: Then Shoemaker died mysteriously driving around near Pine Gap in Oz
FRIEND: My father knew him.
BARDSQUILL: Then the French team, comet and near earth watchers all bit the dust
FRIEND: yeah that one was weird
BARDSQUILL: They discovered that Hale Bopp was more than ice.
FRIEND: heh I wonder if there are any cult members hitching a ride
BARDSQUILL: must be some kinda awful astro-heresy to flaunt against the ice theory
BARDSQUILL: the way the astrophysicists, science in general, protect their theories, almost like a Vatican armed guard around a statue of St. Peter.
FRIEND: hahaha
FRIEND: I find it odd that the vatican has an observatory on contract
FRIEND: vatican
BARDSQUILL: Found an article awhile back, the Mt. Graham Jesuit astronomers. Jeez, they were still arguing over whether Galileo was correct in his theories.
FRIEND: I think they are looking for the return of the great mother ship :)
BARDSQUILL: The Great Speckled bird