Date: 1/11/01 1:26:55 PM Pacific Standard Time
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Hi Kent,

I have been an avid reader on cosmology and astronomy for over 2 decades.  I have watched the space race with enthusiasm since I can remember.  By the time I finished high school, I was familiar with the many astronomical observatories around the world.  It is my sincere hope that we will eventually come to understand a "unified field theory" and I am positive that such a discovery will rock the foundations of science to its very core.
There is just one thing I wish to say in that regard, have you considered the possibility that magnetic lines of force are more powerful than previously thought?  After all one would think that our planet would have magnetic north aligned with our Sun, but instead our earth is aligned with a very distant star called Polaris.  It is my understanding that gravity (composed of particles called gravitons) is simply a sub-set of Electromagnetic radiation, but the wavelengths of the particles are too long to efficiently measure.
It is possible that gravity is a sufficiently long wavelength that it interacts with sub-atomic particles, which could also be used through a polarization technique.  Perhaps muons (having wavelengths even longer than gravity) couple with gravitons in space-dimensions where the Zero point energy is strongest. (for example, in areas surrounding the event horizon of a black hole)  Thus it is possible that muon particles can be looked at more closely to devise a workable "frame of reference" for a theoretical gravity formula.
What if a resonance wave form of magnetic field lines (possibly in parallel phase) could be set up in such a way to function as a fractal harmonic of the wavelength of gravity?  Then by focusing a beam of energy through the field lines, instant propulsion can be determined relative to the force of the focused beam strength. 
But if I could illustrate this concept, I would draw gravity as a near strait line, with two circles representing our point of departure and point of arrival at either end.  Another line would be drawn that would "loop" around the line representing the linkage between muons, (polarized sub-atomic particles) and magnetic lines of force in parallel phase.  Thus the diagram serves to show how a linkage already exists between EM light fields, spiraling gravity fields and magnetized particles and the zeroth dimension.  The key to understanding this linkage might be in understanding the as yet undiscovered super-electron.  This theoretical super-electron is composed of many, many particles of what our scientists call the electron.  The existence of such a particle can account for why the electron never looses any mass or charge despite its constant motion and quantum effect.  That quantum quality of the electron demonstrates how "wormholes" can exist as sub-atomic openings revealing meta probabilities of the space-time continuum.
Thus the ability to ride gravity like a surfer on the water would allow for almost instantaneous travel from one point to another.  Rotational circumversion would be a necessary design of such a propulsion system.  Interstellar space contains many spiraling lines of force.  These can be gravitational and magnetic and others having wavelengths beyond that of high frequency cosmic rays.  Now because of the extreme tensor forces, any conventional star-ship mankind could ever hope to construct would normally be ripped apart.  Only concentric atoms are able to withstand these extreme magnetic and gravitational fields which must be crossed.  The metallurgy required cannot truly be found on our planet. Materials with concentric atoms are found on large planets, like say the size of Jupiter or Saturn, but without magnetic fields.  I think the cost associated with artificially creating enough metal for the ships hull would be enormously high.
The science of "rotational circumversion" was shown to me over the course of contacts I had with a super advanced civilization.  It is essentially two conic sections that come together at the right angles and right "moment" to allow for a quantum singularity to be opened up, and movements forwards and reverse through space-time to take place.  Whereby the essential component of such a star-ship requires an inner and outer rotating wheel-form. The outer wheel forms one conic section while the event horizon being crossed forms the other conic section.  If we were able to construct a ship which could move at faster than light speed, the magnetic tensor forces which must be crossed would disintegrate the ship.  But concentric atoms (without magnetic fields) can withstand those forces.
Thus remote sensing technology which could take a reading of the multiple magnetic field lines is also a necessary component for celestial circumnavigation.  The ability to move forwards and reverse in space-time allows for these parameters to be crossed and is essential because the ship must be slowed down to the correct speed and phase-match with the magnetic and gravitational vibration of the field being navigated.  And thus the star-ship is able to move forwards through the quantum singularity which is opened up.  That remote sensing capability requires a combination of both a radio wavelength and an optical wavelength filter.
Sincerely Yours,
Brian Sterling

Hi Kent,

Please accept that this image was drawn up very quickly and I would have preferred to do a better image, and another one showing the concept of parallel phase, but this will have to do for now.

Also take note in the image that the Magnetic (dark blue) field lines are vertical (corresponding with the 4th dimension of Time) while Gravity (Green) is a Parallelogram (shown also in reverse/ if the line angles were completely to cover the entire image, it would appear to be crisscrossing lines.....and because gravity is such a long wavelength.....its almost a strait line.....that "crisscrossing" would be almost the only way to show how gravity spirals).  The Muon waves (shown in Red) are much longer than gravity waves, and I choose to depict that as having a slightly more pronounced angle of momentum, and thus spiral; that is if you again crisscross the entire grid area.  The starship (shown as a triangle form in Orange) forms the "conic section", while the event horizon being crossed (the entire EM spectrum forms the other conic section) forms the other conic section.

I would have preferred to show how most of the wavelengths described are curved, but time does not permit. If you like, please by all means "tweek up" the entire diagram at your convenience.

Take Care and I hope you like,



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  But if I could illustrate this concept, I would draw gravity as a near
        strait line, with two circles representing our point of departure and point
        of arrival at either end.  Another line would be drawn that would "loop"
        around the line representing the linkage between muons, (polarized
        sub-atomic particles) and magnetic lines of force in parallel phase. 

        Brian Sterling
    Howdy, Brian. Could you scrawl me a line drawing of this schematic?  If so
    maybe I can plunge into it with my 3D aps, transparency, move everything up a
    dimension, etc.






This GIF image above taken from your web site offers some insight into how there are many spiraling parallel lines of force within both the magnetic and gravitational spectrum that exist between the Sun and the Earth.  As you can see hot plasma is ejected from the sun and forms quickly into the multiple energy bands or gradients that correspond to particular frequencies of the atomic particles.  Our understanding is that the wavelength of gravity is so long as to almost be a strait line.  Sub-atomic Muon waves (of which Neutrinos are the most widely known) are longer than gravity waves and show the special area of physics where our 3rd dimensional universe interacts with the realities of the 5th dimension.  Interesting that if you look at mathematical infinity, at one end of the spectrum you have the very large, earths, solar systems and galaxies etc.  This is positive infinity (+ infinity); while at the other end you get into the extremely small, such as cells, DNA, molecules, atoms, sub-atomic particles (- infinity).  What is both interesting and ironic is that gravity is considered to be the science of the very large structures in the universe (+ infinity).  Muon waves currently being studied by quantum physicists is the science of the extremely small (- infinity).  But gravity and sub-atomic particles actually interact in a such a way to allow for our reality to be and likewise for a separation of sorts to exist between our 3rd dimension and the 5th if it were simply a "screen of light" acting like a "wall to perception."  Thus coming to understand the nature of the graviton spectrum, we could actually look closer at the muon waves as a "frame of reference."  The current investigations into the Zero point phenomena actually fits quite well into our quest to understand infinity.  It may come as a surprise to one day find out that so-called wormholes, black holes and white holes exist literally everywhere in the universe in miniature format, and many of the unexplained anomalies occurring in the universe will only be understand once we totally understand the nature of gravity and its quantum relationship with time and space.

Brian Sterling

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