FRIEND: I'm just copying some up to 8 year old floppies onto my HD for organisation and then burn to cd... how about you?
BARDSQUILL: was playing Red Baron 3D
BARDSQUILL: like flight sims
FRIEND: I recall you mentioning how you play against other human opponents in cybersky.
BARDSQUILL: like getting blasted outta th clouds
FRIEND: the image of jupiter taken by Cassini is spectacular.
FRIEND: but somehow I don't think it answers the black dot on jupiter.
FRIEND: the spot is not on one frame, and then it is.
BARDSQUILL: maybe they cooked that planet-shadow thing up  
FRIEND: your aware of the 2012/2013 frequency/time material floating around the place?
FRIEND: floating in cyberspace and books
FRIEND: AC says jupiter is a sun on the 5th dim.
BARDSQUILL: time dribbling away, space-time falls to poop.
FRIEND: of course now that I think of it, I don't think it would manifest itself that quickly.
FRIEND: just thinking if knowing a hypothetical might allow for the creation of a possible reason for the spot.
BARDSQUILL: can see the planet there, but why does shadow disappear, angle of sun maybe.
BARDSQUILL: didn't really see the moon though until the hi-res came out
BARDSQUILL: meant moon, not planet
FRIEND: I guess you'd first need to ascertain/find out the rate at which the surface of jupiter rotates.
FRIEND: I'm putting a shot angle at either 28 days, 33 days, or 19.5 days for obvious answers.
BARDSQUILL: position of sun most critical too
FRIEND: based on this, you can then figure out the time difference between the shots on the movement of the clouds to some degree of accuracy.
BARDSQUILL: also frame intervals
FRIEND: then figure out the speed/rotation of the moons to see if any would match the speed.
FRIEND: what is peculiar is that the spot doesn't change position
FRIEND: i would have expected some MOVEMENT assuming the camera shot is stable (From earth?)
BARDSQUILL: camera onboad spacecraft moving in orbit around jup, lot of factors that involve angles
FRIEND: all you really need is a craft with an onboard space folding device and zap, take you to jupiter within second, then outside the solar system to say sirius in a few more seconds.
FRIEND: no idea of the amount of energy needed however.
FRIEND: space folding technology would allow humans to colonise the solar system.
FRIEND: of course we already have montauk technology.
BARDSQUILL: craft itself may not be a flying vehicle
FRIEND: well the reason to fly is to move from a to b .... if the craft is able to move without flying for all intents and purposes it could look like a large brick
BARDSQUILL: space folding tech would not require an action-reaction style newtonian engine
BARDSQUILL: crushing rocks making metals, making flying gizmo ain't it.
BARDSQUILL: too primitive
FRIEND: ah but look how far humans have come in the last 200 years.
FRIEND: then again we don't know what it was like in the time of atlantis.
FRIEND: waaaaaaa.... Read Fault error reading drive A
BARDSQUILL: yea last 200 years the miners ruled our tech
FRIEND: miners?
BARDSQUILL: that's what we humans seem to do best, dig in the earth.
BARDSQUILL: extract metals make doohickeys
FRIEND: ah, I see where this conversation is going to head. and when I actually proposed this hypothesis my friend... well he looked like in disbelief, almost shocked.
FRIEND: I told him that humans were designed as slaves.
FRIEND: used by the ET's to do their dirty work.
FRIEND: which is something I consider when thinking of the human (physical) form.
BARDSQUILL: what I want to know is, the ETs were good bio-engineers, making bodies for their slaves, but how do they snag the souls to animate the walking hamburger?
FRIEND: from my understanding it was our own choice to inhabit these physical bodies.
FRIEND: initially human bodies contained 12 strands in the DNA
BARDSQUILL: at a certain threshold of the protoplasm organization does the hulk just magically wake up?
FRIEND: this allowed for better body/soul integration and manifestation of abilities
FRIEND: you mean at what point does the soul have enough 'linkage' to the physical body?
BARDSQUILL: yes, the basic question, how did they entice the souls to do this fifteen minute slave gig we call life?
FRIEND: two answers :
FRIEND: answer A : I was told that the human body does not have a soul connected to it UNTIL it is 3 months old (fetus)
FRIEND: answer b : due to the frequency around our solar system, souls are currently trapped in a re-incarnation karma cycle here on earth and cannot escape.
BARDSQUILL: well now that kinda sux
FRIEND: as for the soul, one might say because there is no death in the soul, we are all using this 'bad situation' to our advantage as an experience.
FRIEND: the lock on the solar system cannot last forever.
BARDSQUILL: but about this bad situation--no way to slip the yoke? Fight back against the Manipulators?
FRIEND: there is one method to escape (soul wise) from planet earths cycle.
BARDSQUILL: Seems like our Creators a bunch of jerks that we need to defeat.
FRIEND: that is to be physically away from the planet when you die.
FRIEND: from what I was told once you get past the orbit of the moon you start remembering past lives as you are no longer under the influence of the planet.
FRIEND: likewise as you move away from earth, stars will disappear.
BARDSQUILL: couldn't the "past life" thing be part of the snare? That is, still too rooted in protoplasm.
FRIEND: I'm not sure I understand
BARDSQUILL: sort of a moth-consciousness, moths circling the earth.
BARDSQUILL: well see, "past life" is a concept in time, and time seems to be part of the snare.
FRIEND: that is interesting... I was recently told that as the paa-tal group of energies, your soul has the ability to experience 12 life times simultaneously  
FRIEND: pardon my spelling.
FRIEND: that was what I understood it to be...
FRIEND: from a soul perspective there is no time.
BARDSQUILL: also implies plunging back into protoplasm, which might have been invented by the slavemasters.
BARDSQUILL: maybe protoplasm is like cheap whiskey, an addiction.
FRIEND:  I don't know the answer to that question.
FRIEND: actually we all have the answers just that we cannot access them in our current states.
FRIEND: a friend of mine did share something with me interesting... and it has kind of gotten me interested in having a past life regression done.
FRIEND: he told me that at the point of death he was aware of certain things, ie, the soul has all the answers.
FRIEND: one of those was the fact our solar system is a binary system.
BARDSQUILL: well it is
BARDSQUILL: we have a dark sun, Nemesis
FRIEND: I was leaning more towards a second 'fusion' based sun.
FRIEND: this one is meant to be hidden from view, smaller and more dense in size
FRIEND: because gravity is not what science considers it to be, this smaller sun is able to maintain its position hidden from us
FRIEND: its distance from the main sun would in my mind need to be the same as the earth to the sun or there-abouts.
BARDSQUILL: may have in fact seen Nemesis on the SOHO data: