Subj: RE: [Elfrad-Group] HAARP-like signal 6965 Khz (6.965Mhz)
Date: 9/12/01 3:02:05 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Wes Thomas)

Tuesday, September 11, 2001  4:15 PM

Brother Jonathan Gazette News Alert:


HAARP began maximum day-time missile shield transmission shortly after
attack on the WTC and the Pentagon.

Brother Jonathan Gazette was the first to break the WTC Plane attack at 5:55
am or less than 10 minutes after the first plane hit the first tower. This
was 20 minutes before any news item about the WTC was put on the internet.
The news alert about the second plane crashing into the second tower was on
the Gazette within less than 30 seconds, again ahead of all other news

The major impact of the events is to shut down all financial operations in
the US and also has caused a major collapse in world trade and the world
financial system. Simultaneous with the sudden decrease in the value of
world stock markets was the rapid increase in the cost of gold and oil in
the world’s markets. The primary beneficiary of the WTC and Pentagon plane
crash events is China.

Nine hours after the first plane hit the towers, with the US military on
highest alert, HAARP suddenly began maximum power day-time transmissions on
6.965 MHz, at 3:15 PM PDT. The HAARP pulses were the military 6.25 sec
pulses with dual pre-tones. The spaces between pulses were not the usual
long-short 15 and 30 second pauses between pulses indicating slow
communication to submarines. The spaces between pulses are all short, 15
seconds, and are the type of pulses used by the Air Force for forming
maximum strength vertical anti-missile radiation shields to block missiles
from China.

More to come  .....

Marshall Smith

Editor, Brother Jonathan Gazette