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November 14th 2001

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A World in Crisis

A time to rethink the definition of Reality

Part Three



Love is one of the Essences of the Divine Energy.

It is the Love of Truth, Justice and Peace, and the Love for fellow Theomorphs and viables which has allowed Rescuers to descend to this level, this abominable Hell, in order to rescue those who are worthy of rescue.

*    It is Love which has empowered the Rescuers, and sustained them, as they battled the Forces of Darkness.
*    It is Love which has allowed them to persist in the face of ridicule, derision and gross abuse.
*    It is Love which allowed Jesus to suffer the humiliation of being spat upon, tortured and crucified, even as He showed nothing but Love and Compassion to those whom He had come to assist.
*    It is True Divine Love which has allowed all Rescuers, even the less well-known ones, apart from Rama, Krishna, Moses, Zoroaster, Manichaeus, Mohammed, etc., to bear the brunt of the brutes, the dastardly acts of the beasts who were, and are, the progeny of Darkness.
*    It is Love which has almost completed the evacuation and the Liberation from Darkness of those worthy to be rescued.

True Love has showered all living things with Its Essence. It has poured onto all segments of Consciousness in all Levels of Consciousness, as the Love of a True Mother would.

But alas, those of Darkness did not respond, and still do not respond, for they are incapable of responding to True Love, and that is the Crux of the Problem of Evil.

Evil does not respond to True Love.

Evil Beings - including evil humans, do not respond to True Love.

If they could respond, they would embraced Truth, Justice and Peace. But by nature, Evil is the very opposite. It stands for the Deceit of Untruth, for Injustice by which it can exploit others, and for bellicosity, friction, violence and war, without which it cannot entrap and exploit.

Make no mistake about it, it is True Love which has allowed this Clearing of the Planet that is now in progress, the Evacuation of Viable Consciousnesses, the Correction of this Celestial Error.

Those who have chosen Evil, and those who are of the Evil Essence and refused to change have remained in a space where they are unable to respond to True Love. And hence, they cannot grasp Truth, Justice and Peace. Is this not obvious as we examine the activities around the fragmenting planet carefully?

Think about this Essence of True Love. It is not the essence of Emotional Love which is a programming of these evil bodies by an evil mechanism. Emotional love is exploitation. It is hormonally induced in most circumstances. It is the love which allows a mother to accept its neonate for the purpose of suckling it. It is the force which allows copulation and propagation of species. Once its phase is finished, nothing remains. In fact, it can be replaced by the opposite essence on this evil plane - Hate! That could never be so with True Love.

Emotional Love is not true giving. It has a sucking gradient of taking, an expectation of selfish reward. No one shows emotional love without the expectation of a return, and of a selfish fulfilment of that expectation. All too often we see that when one in an emotional relationship refuses to give further, the relationship collapses, for the expectations of gain are no longer met in the other.

Emotional love is a vector of drainage; it sets up dissatisfaction, for it is accompanied by the fear of loss. It is irrational when allowed to grow excessively, for it becomes an obsession with phobic outlines, and it poisons the body so that often many have described it as a disease.

Allowed to fester, emotional love leads to selfishness, cupidity, paranoia and violence.

*    It is emotional love of one's country that allows programming of citizens to destroy others.
*    It is emotional love of one's religion which allows zealots to massacre in the name of their god, to pursue murderous Crusades and Inquisitions in order to satisfy the lust induced by that emotional love.
*    It is the unfaithfulness induced by emotional love and its lust which allows the massive scars, and sometimes violence and anarchy which we all know so well in "matters of the heart", so-called.
*    It is emotional love which spawns hate of that which does not fall in the shadow of that emotional love. Compare that with True Love which is universal, all embracing, non-directional, not expecting of a selfish reward, and you will see the differences.

These things could never occur with True Love.

Look at those who shared emotional love which has soured into the bitterness of all too common acrimony. What are they when the phase ends? In most cases are they not victims of ill-will towards that which they previously exploited under the illusions of emotional love? Would that ever occur with Real, True Love? "Never!" is the answer!

Sex may or may not come into the equation of emotional love. But sex, too, is a programming which ebbs and flows with the incitement of evil influences.

True Love dispels the ego, for with such Love one becomes part of all others who express it, whereas emotional love panders to the ego, and builds it up in defiance to all others, making the self more deserving in an evil-induced process of alienation to others.

Emotional love separates the majority, even as it claims it unites the objects of desire, and causes, not harmony and unity, but dissention.

Emotional love is the agent of self-aggrandisement, of separation, of egomania, of alienation from the all-encompassing Divine Energy. What else would one expect from an Evil-created mechanism?

So, having written all that, where do the spiritual and intellectual jerks stand when they claim my words and message are unloving?

They stand in the pit of despair, for my work shows clearly that it is True Love which has conquered Evil and set the Spirit of Viables free.

It is nothing but True Love, for Truth, Justice and eventual Godly Peace, which is allowing me, and all others in this rescue work, to stand up to the abuse and ridicule of the jerks until we have totally rescued those deserving of rescue.

And as clear proof that this is so, I cite the many thousands upon thousands whom I know personally who have been touched by the True Love of these words and message.

It is only those of Darkness, who cannot respond to the Essence of True Love, who see no love in these words and message. They are blind to Love. How then can they see it? It is their spiritual blindness which is at fault, not the words and message.

It is True Love which will set things right.
It is the Light of True Love which banishes the Darkness.

Do not let the Sons and Daughters of Darkness bluff you out of this knowledge. They who say they can see no love here are for once telling the truth, for indeed, they are blind to the Essence of True Love, just as they are to all the Essences of the Divine Energy.

Hence, they do NOT share the other essences which include the Power of Truth, Honesty, Wisdom, Peace, Perseverance against adversity, and the Glory of an Evil-free Eternity!


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