7/23/02 2:15:19 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Kent--

...I tried to get Madeline Zirbes [] interested in collaborating and corroborating data to see if there is some relationship between magnetic storms and earthquakes, in terms of frequency distribution. far, no luck. But, by correlating these two forces, we may be able to predict when the Pacific Rim will actually break. As you may or may not realize, the volcanic "holes" around the Pacific Rim are 500-800 KILOMETERS deep.

...How long these holes can continue to hold up the bowl of the Western Pacific Ocean is another question.

...The Sun is being heated for a reason and purpose. When the Pacific Rim/Bowl collapses on its Western end, and the Pacific dumps across Asia, all those vents will slam shut, and this planet will no longer have access to volcanic heat.

...Without increased heat from the Sol, life itself would become almost untenably cold and frozen. So, all the new heat Sol's getting is intended to keep people alive after that Rim breaks.

...Yes, it's true the heat is making the Rim break faster. But, if we don't break the Rim very soon, the political tyranny will become such that few humans would survive at all.

...There are a bunch of nuts running the show these days who are easily fooled by Subjective suggestions. They are not the kind of Leaders that this level of the planet needs, in order to progress out of Fear into Reason.

...So, the Ice Age will chase out your criminal Leaders; but there has to be enough heat, light and photosynthesis, to support whoever makes it through the transition.

...Not to worry. There are hundreds of angels stationed in order to best catch, save and salvage the souls whose auras show them to be mild-tempered, reasonable and tolerant.

...Remember, "the meek shall inherit the earth." It's the "weeds" that get taken out and their spirits put to other use.


7/23/02 9:53:48 AM Pacific Daylight Time

...The last iron energy pod was delivered to the Sun; and it should be able to burn for another thousand years, easy. Tell everybody, they can relax. [Yahweh by chai]

7/25/02 11:35:28 AM Pacific Daylight Time

...What are orbs?

...Let's think about this for a moment.

...You have pictures of spherical LIGHTS, that traverse the galaxy and zip around under their own power.

...You are aware that these lights INCARNATE into flesh, and can become human or take over a human, by possessing the human's mind and directing it.

...Okay, then, these little orbs pictured here.

...What happened here?


...What are these orbs?

...What is left of the spirits that were incarnated into the humans who suffered and died here.

...They need to be led to the Light, and then they can go Home.

...The fact our technology can now photograph human spirits suspended and disencarnate is an artifact of our sciences.

...But the realization that each and every one of us in human bodies NOW will become one of those orbs when we leave this life ...

...should inspire us all to help those others get to the Light, so they [and we eventually] can be re-energized by our Progenitors.

...Makes sense, eh?

7/25/02 10:58:58 PM Pacific Daylight Time

...The Armada shown at The Milennium Group's Repository is here to help, not to harm, the people. The fires are not "bad": they help the people see they are no longer in control of their lives, even before the USCoverment attempts to take over control of everything.

...When a government has been infiltrated by Evil until that aspect dominates, the Lesson for humanity is, "What do we do NOW?"

...Tell me, which of you, individually, can make your government do anything? You are powerless, correct? They corrupt themselves, they help themselves, they worry you because nobody can stop them.

...Well, the Armada has come at the bequest of God, to place a barrier between the Government and the people--namely, angels of whom you take photos and more photos and more photos, and you wonder what these lights are.

...Silly humans. We give you a Lesson and we give you a way to overcome it. You are confused by the Lesson, but you are even more confused by our walking you through steps to victory that do not add evil to evil.

...Stop your prognosticating, and just watch. There is no real danger here, merely, foolishness gone to seed. The West Coast is favored, for the people there know how to think for themselves. They'll be fine.

...It's the staunch East Coast that will see real losses, due to complacency, prejudice, and the inability of its people to open their minds and hearts to Truth. God never intended this orb to become over-populated; how could He do such a thing? The time is coming, and it is now, to take many spirits Home. Rejoice. Either you go Home, or you can spread out once again. Either way, you win. It's all God's work, not yours. Now, relax and maintain a prayerful attitude.


...The planet is cracking into quarters, so the crust can contract in response to cooling/contraction of the core.

...This happens every 23,000 years; it's a normal process.

...Yes, the government is trying to stop it; and no, they can't.

...West Coast people are more vulnerable. We are here to help them survive it, whenever the Pacific Rim breaks through.

7/25/02 11:11:51 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From Sovereign of the Armada--

...Nobody's going to shoot us down; don't be silly.

...How do you shoot down or move, a Living nuclear explosion? What will reach us, that we cannot just brush off?

...Angels are a little more vulnerable than God. But, so?

...What are human ships, but tin can projectiles? Aim at us your weapons, and you strengthen us. Aim at us, your ships, and you destroy yourselves.

...What kind of kidding around, is this?

26 Jul 2002 @ 14:11

Our current crisis in governance is more than meets the eye.

...There's more to it than mere greed.
...Life exists at different frequencies--objective, physical,
subjective--what we call Hell, Earth and Heaven.
...The interaction of these frequency levels occurs at the level of Thoughts.
...The levels vie for domination, for effects, for a sense of sovereignty.
...Right now, we are experiencing a Subjective Movement to return to the past, to power relations.
...The reason for this shift is that our planet is about to undergo some physical changes that will render democracy unusable for some ten millennia.
...Going back to power relations, predation and tight communities is a very hard pill to swallow.
...The transition is very hard.
...The Bush Cabal is moving us BACK to an earlier time, where we don't want to go or be.
...But, a new Ice Age is what we have to look forward to.
...So, we're going to have to toughen up.
...We're not going to be able to afford to coddle and bow to leaders, as we have in the past.
...We're going to have to make them strictly accountable.
...Having the village idiot as President is a lesson in awareness of Evil, in confronting Evil, in articulating Evil, and in standing UP to Evil.
...If we can do that much, God will meet us half way, and He will accomplish the rest.
...He'll get us past this Cabal for all time.
...But, first we have to do our Lessons and learn them.

Date: 7/27/02 5:24:16 PM Pacific Daylight Time

The 5th Dimension--"Reality" is an aggregate, sorted for coherence, by function, "order" in the positive, and "stillness," "zero," "emptiness" in the negative, implying all value has been discarded.

...There is no such thing as chaos: there is stillness and there is order, the 5th dimension.

...What we experience as senses, frames, patterns and judgments can be thrown into three general categories.

...The Objective.--Objective reality cannot be altered by the will. Gravity, combustion, deterioration of the code--these are all objective realities that cannot be overcome. OBJECTIVE reality comes to us as pain, as obstacles, as immobilization and as death.

...The Physical.--Physical reality can be either overlooked or mastered. Be careful what you overlook. The snake in the grass is just as deadly as the years on the clock. PHYSICAL reality is mastered when we can manifest our will and at the same time, cause no harm.

...The Subjective.--Subjective reality for most of us is that senses are only useful for survival and pleasure. Yet, sensing the struggle and suffering of others informs us how our own experiences might also deteriorate at some future time. So it is the arrogant and the stupid that ignore the physical sufferings of others. SUBJECTIVE reality is sensed as our dreamlife, whatever telepathic abilities we may have, and our participation in Heaven.

...Education systems that do not open the child's mind to all the dimensions and levels of experience is mere rote learning and stupefaction. Ergo, you get adults who are stuck in roles, stuck in place, and stuck in or out of relationship--

...because they don't know the appropriate steps, options and manners of speaking, with which to move up, out and forward.

...Pity that.

...The way our society chooses to label the 5th dimension, which is stillness to ordered function, places the word, "chaos," at the point of stillness.

...This is because every movement, function and perception can be plotted as a whole prime number that is traceable, trackable and predictable.

...There is no process in existence at any level or vibration of objective, physical or subjective reality that cannot be so traced.

...Humanity calls it "chaos" because humanity hasn't done all the tracings yet, that's all.

...Even the sands on the beach are "in order," even as they move two and fro with waves.

...Even the deterioration of DNA is at a predictable rate, given the practices and beliefs of the human spirit residing therein.

...God's been there and done that and got the tee shirt so many times,

...nothing is out of order, unless it is still.

...If something or someone is still, they are either frightened or immobilized by the death of the physical body.

...That's all there is--besides life--stillness due to fear or due to separation from life and God, which is the negative polarity of the 6th Dimension.