Hello All:

The latest ULF analysis among other consequentual observations give the area within 150 miles of Gorman, CA a high probability of having a large (M5+) earthquake somewhere along the San Andreas fault within the next several days. This information is based upon both technical and practical observations. The technical aspect was the previous three super long duration bursts less than 48 hours prior to the M4.4 at the Grapevine north of Los Angeles. Today and yesterday there are new micro-quakes all along the Mojave block that are highly ULF active. This must mean that the Mojave block has had it with taking up all of the stress being put on it from the locked San Andreas fault. The latest sequence started with a M3.4 seismic event along the Eastern Garlock fault near Trona, CA on December 17, 2000. Immediately after that, I observed a small earthquake near Tehachapi, CA along the same fault that had another ULF active burst. Then, I began noticing ULF activity increasing along the White Wolf fault near Bakersfield, CA. That was right before we had the M3.1 along the San Cayetano fault near Fillmore, CA and immediately after that the M4.4 at the Pleito fault which sits right over the White Wolf fault according to geological reports I have recently read concerning the M7.7 Arvin/Tehachapi 1952 Earthquake. The Pacific Plate readjustment from there went all the way down the coast towards San Pedro (M3.1) along the Palos Verde fault and this in turn was dissipated near San Diego (M3.9) along the San Diego Trough fault. Along the western edge of the Mojave Block the stress got transfered over to the Kern Canyon fault, where it went towards Olancha and the Owens Valley fault zone, where at itís far northern end near Bishop, CA a M3.9 event recently occurred along the White Mountain fault. At the time of the M4.4 there was also some readjustment occurring at the Calico fault near Barstow, CA. Yesterday, I noticed quite a bit of anomalous ULF activity coming from the area near Lucerne Valley along the Tranverse Range Northern Frontal fault zone which borders the southern edge of the Mojave Block. Now, this only 12 airline miles away from where the lab is located!

The practical observations:

This evening while at a local supermarket the backgound SCA music station had some horrible static discharges coming through the PA system. One of the clerks said that it must be from the wind, and another said that it wasnít windy outside! I listened to this static for quite a while and then quietly said that it must be an earthquake.

Back to the Technical part:

High Frequency Piezo-Electric discharges can accompany a large earthquake as a precursor. This is what the VAN method uses to detect a precursor to an earthquake.

So, from what I can tell you and to the best of my ability it is highly likely that a major earthquake is in the building stages for both the Southern and Central parts of California.

Early this morning a swarm of micro-earthquakes all along the area between the San Cayetano, Santa Ynez faults is occurring near Fillmore, CA. Thatís in the area where I placed an alert immediately following the M4.4 just to the north of there. This is another example of some further ongoing Pacific Plate readjustment activity.

Another aspect to this is the possibilty of a Mojave Block readjustment along the (Locked) southern edge in the area from Big Bear to Palmdale. If that were to occur, then you can be certain that the other will follow soon afterward or simultaneously with the main shock.

I will attempt to graphically explain all of the above on my website

over the next several days. I felt that it was important enough to get this part of the report out now so that we can see if there are any further additions to it from other sources outside of my sphere

of knowledge.

Frank Condon

Geo-Seismic Labs