Why The Use Of A Nuclear Weapon,

Most Probably On A U.S. City,

Is Becoming Likely


December Seventh


By Michael Donovan, Camden, Maine

Dear enemies,

A few days ago I sent the following letter…:


Admiral Timothy J. Keating


Northern Command



Dear Admiral Keating,

    Rummy is nuts.  Your upcoming nuclear 'exercise', (response to a make-believe terrorist nuking), is now making the rounds of the alternative Internet news.  I clicked to the Northern Command site from www.rense.com. Can't see how it would not as the false-flags of 9/11 and London had many concurrent military exercises.

    Here is a joke that was going around Norfolk awhile back: Imagine a big plate of spaghetti.  You know what military unit markers are on maps.  Imagine a whole shaker of them.  Sprinkle them all over the spaghetti. Now you need some small arrows, curved and straight.  Get a shaker of these and sprinkle them all over also.  What have you got?  That's General Montgomery's and General Patton's assault on Sicily reworked by Rummy's Joint Forces Command.

    Joint Forces Command has the real function of making the command structure so complicated that at any given moment only a few insiders know what is really going on.  Therein an army Lieutenant. could at some moment out-rank a naval Captain etc.  All in awe of those 'officers' with some strange inside connections.  And most of those officers who do seem 'connected' in that way are so unprintably strange I pity those who must salute them.  Joint Forces Command, by hidden and convoluted command structure itself, has been turned into an SS sans jack boots.  Look at the colossal military mess with sea supply 'Van Riper'ly threatened and the air supply through the Stans facing ten divisions.  Courtesy the 'bunker boys' someplace underground near Tampa.

    This leads, sir, to an obvious question.  While you are in Ft. Monroe as commander of this 'make believe' nuking will you in fact be truly and fully in command?


    Michael Donovan

    Camden, Maine


I have lived through, and been close to, two separate nuclear threats.  One was in 54 as a child and the other in 1984.  Neither is well known.  There is an unmistakable energy, a ‘feel’, leading up to these events.  This dire energy is emerging again.  I reason that unlike the other close-calls only wider, vastly wider, understanding of the overall problem could defuse this.


The letter was posted on a number of Internet sites.  I see now that I need be far more specific.  The simple broadcast of the exercise itself has irrevocably changed the entire nuclear landscape. The underlying nuclear threat is not seen correctly.  It is not seen correctly either by the masses or by the rulers who for six decades have held a very different view of atomic bombs, a view never presented to the masses.  Nuclear threat dynamics are changing more quickly than any sensible pragmatic reaction. Even with a stand-down of this exercise, and a clear up-to-date dialogue concerning how nuclear threats emerge, the known concept of the exercise alone will be dangerously counter-productive.  It could blow up.  And if it does not blow up, it will still lead down that blow-back greased slope.  We are tending toward a nuclear event one way or another.


This follow-up letter is partially addressed to Admiral Keating.  He is copied.  For six decades the methods and arrangements for countering nuclear threats have been kept not only from the public but all but the higher echelons of intelligence as well.  In the years following the Japan nuking this problem was thought out at the top and secret arrangements made.  In the interim the major governments, particularly nuclear powers, have felt that the situation was under control.   In a nutshell secret agreements were brokered by my Father’s boss, Henry Luce.  In the mid forties it was reasoned that one nuclear power could not stop another from nuking.  Missiles were not needed, a simple yacht would do.  These agreements were made first with Stalin then with the Chinese.  Luce made the agreement with the Chinese in Iran.  On his long return flight to Rockefeller Center Luce was informed that the Chinese troops were crossing the Yalu, knowing they would not be nuked. The public was sold another story.  In this deal amongst the nuclear powers the worst no-no was to threaten a nuke.  The public was given the impression it was happening all the time.  Real threats of that sort were simply not allowed. No matter how much was wasted on building and testing nukes it was somehow comforting during the Cold War to feel that august gentleman in ‘intelligence’ had the situation under control.


In those years Luce made a pithy observation, “Wars for unconditional surrender can no longer be waged.”  There were many implications within this remark.  In practical terms it meant that we must make certain ‘playing field’ agreements with most major governments as they were then in place.  The only way of making such agreements was to guarantee enemy sovereignty.   As these agreements were illegal the checking mechanism became overly powerful through the last half century.  In essence the only way to make such a deal was for every party, every nuclear power, to relate to the other parties both all serious ‘talk’ regarding actually using a nuke and also exactly how the situation was being handled.   For example: if some Russian general should start discussing a nuke in some Cold War situation the higher aspects of Soviet intelligence would immediately relay that to the other nuclear powers and detail how the situation was being handled.  This deal became the inner political glue of the planet.  Slowly international criminal elements became involved in the checking mechanism.  This is why Colby, prior to his murder, stated that the “Criminal drug empires are now becoming more powerful than any state.”  Though citizenry might be appalled, from a higher level it made sense.  An unseen wedge was drawn between the rulers and the governed in both the East and the West.  Few knew the full story.  AT&T produced a film on the Kennedy brothers.  In the film it had the president’s brother relaying a message to the Soviets at their DC embassy during the Cuba fiasco that we would truly use nukes.  The accusation may have been true or only pretext to get rid of Kennedy for other reasons.  The accusation itself is the point.  Like the unruly Russian general in the example above the Americans showed how they would handle such a situation.  It was the importance of the issue that had all of media go along with the cover-up.  On that level, (if in fact the charges true), the actions more than made sense.  The killings were absolutely necessary.


Great effort was made to obscure the true nuclear situation from the public.  This effort worked quite well.  Wherein even a child could reason that missiles are not needed to nuke a country ‘missile shields’ were envisioned.    Lyndon LaRouche became a loose cannon when he proposed the ‘Star Wars’ concept.  Bright as he is, he too was part of the misinformed public believing the nuclear aspects of the Cold War on the “mass” not “ruler”, level.  Lyndon LaRouche believed there was a true need for missile defense. It was the Star Wars suggestion that had Senator Moynihan write the piece in the NYTimes which led to his imprisonment.  But the cat had a paw out of the bag.  It was Reagan who simply suggested that we go ahead and do it anyway.  Silly as the concept was the public largely went along.


The true triggers for nuclear attacks are not held in some computers.  They are held in the only place they can be…;  in people.  A nuclear attack only comes about with a degree of consensus.  Over the years a large amount of disinformation was placed before the public regarding the building of bombs.  Once you have the material they are easy to make.  There has even been an Internet rumor fostered over the past ten years or so hinting that nuclear devices only go off in certain locations.  Granted there are grids of subtle energy around the earth and these may effect devices, but only marginally.  As long as the public at large believed that nuclear devices were hard to come by, hard to make and only in the hands of major powers the secret non-use-of-nuke deals made sense.  Not that it made sense to the public, they were simply being ripped off.  But it did make sense to the elite who were making, holding, and testing the weapons.  But to give credit due, no matter how much a rip off it was to the world population, the fact is that we have not used nukes since 1945.


Admiral Keating’s exercise will now change the tricky formula.  It suddenly indicates to the consensus forming public, on both the mass and ruler level, the truth that nukes are easy to come by.  And Admiral Keating’s exercise demonstrates to a consensus forming world public that nuke threats from anywhere must be taken seriously.   A few weeks ago they emptied a local high school because of a bomb threat.  What would it take to empty, if one were to say, …and I am not saying…, the Twin Cities?  Who determines a safe distance in miles?  What portion could be evacuated upwind?


Safire coined the term “geopolitical stratosphere”.  Unknown to almost all of his readers he was referring to the nuclear issue on this level.  This thinking is hard to hold in one’s mind.  The lies concerning the nuclear issue are so colossal that they are magnetic.  There were many in surprisingly high levels who did not understand what I am telling you.  One was Barry Goldwater, a wonderful man.  When the media decapitated him with “Would you trust” there were many levels to that statement.  Most of the barriers in this thinking are emotional.  How do you react to the Kennedy killings?  A deal is a deal and the nuclear the most serious of issues.  Anyone reading this letter would, (if AT&T correct), have also ordered those killings were they in that position at that time holding that responsibility.  Anyone reading this letter and denying that simply does not have the humility to place themselves fully in those shoes.


Because this ‘higher’ august thinking is hard to hold the wiser leaders would have men around who could hold these views.  Carter placed Hedley Donovan on his Cabinet with the position of just sitting there and holding “the big picture”.   As it is amazing how far up some people can be and still not be clued to the things I am saying here, it is also similarly amazing how far up a person can quickly go by understanding these tricky formulas early in career.  Kissinger was knowingly writing bull about the nuclear issue while still in Harvard.


Why has the present administration made such a colossal nuclear error?  It is because this type of thinking is hard to hold and because they quickly became so insular, making one mistake after another, until events have overtaken most any possibility of planned direction.


The proper date to concentrate on now is not August 6th and 9th but December 7th.  History fairly much tells us that we let our guard down to create Pearl Harbor as an issue the public could rally around.  It was not a false flag but more a tactic.  From the ‘ruler perspective’ this made sense.  However for Pearl Harbor to go down there had to be consensus between two parties.  We had to let our guard down, but also Japan had to attack.  Perhaps that seems overly obvious.  It is not.  Admiral Keating et al, in overlooking that obvious trivia, has unwittingly unleashed a slope to a nuking in almost all scenarios.


There is now much evidence that 9/11 was a false flag.  If or not it was a false flag makes not one wit of difference as it now relates to the now empowered slope toward a nuking.   Because a portion of the public believes there have been recent false flags they would tend to believe that Admiral Keating’s nuke exercise could be a cover for a false flag as well.  It may or may not be, but in either case Keating’s exercise itself has still pushed the world over that slope.  Keating et al were reacting to shrill, unwise, attention-getting bleats from Congress.  They simply did not think this through.  Though the coming exercise may not turn out to be a false flag, and though many still believe the 9/11 Commission, the concept in the public mind of the possibility of false flag is still one major factor.  (As a footnote:  There would be no need for concurrent military operations during a false flag nuking.  It is far more simple, would take a long time to even construct the renters that were at ground zero, almost zero evidence left.)


The secret agreements brokered by Henry Luce in the late forties and very early fifties made sense.  At first blush one might ask why open agreements to make nukes illegal were not made.  After all following World War I mustard gas was made illegal by international agreement and this agreement held throughout World War II.  One could be cynical and point out that one major reason for curtailing gas use in war was to save war itself.  Mustard gas was never used in one entire theatre of World War I, Galipoli.  The effects of mustard gas were so awful that the men on both sides, Mustafa Kamel’s and Lord Kitchner’s, let it be known that if it was used they would start killing officers.  Mustard gas could be manufactured by most any nation or even rogue group.  The effects on troops were just too horrid.  Outlawing made sense.  Atomic bombs could also be manufactured with a little more effort.   However, the technology then new, the untrue idea could be placed in the public mind that they were very difficult to make.  Were you in Luce’s shoes you would see clearly that only a deal that would benefit the bankers would fly. 


One may argue Secretary Stimson’s possible rational for using the bombs on Japan.  At the time there was also a faction that just wanted them demonstrated to the Japanese.  Most astute observers see that the bombings were more a threat to the emerging communist block than ending the war with Japan.  Stimpson may have been thinking even beyond that, (most likely was), envisioning that after such an attack deals would need be made and how those deals could be used for world control.  He may have reasoned that had an awful attack not been made, merely demonstrated, the required urgency would not be in place to secure the deals that would otherwise tend to go more like mustard gas.  At any case deals were made in the following years however far ahead he was looking.  It must be pointed out that the arrangers of the Manhattan Project knew that the other major powers quickly and easily could produce bombs themselves.  In fact China and the Soviet Union could have done so far more quickly than they did, USSR in 1949, China in the early sixties.  By which I mean, for example, that the seeming early production,  the Soviets in 49, could have been even earlier, far earlier, were they just to produce a simple A-bomb.  The holding off was in some very small part to create a bomb with all safety factors in manufacturing, but apart from that almost wholly political.  The communist block could ‘hold a moral edge’ by dragging their feet.  But nuclear weapons were simply too awful, some sort of deal had to be made.  And a deal is a deal.  Their best position was to make the deal, (they had to) but drag on it, (posture reluctant).  At present both China and Russia move back and forth on expanding the club, Russia with Iran and China with North Korea, always slight leveraging without ever coming to close to breaking the absolutely necessary deal itself.


Henry Luce was the obvious broker.  First, no such deals could be made without the entire cooperation of the media.  It was mainly the media that had to hold the truth and tell the lie.  Raised in China Luce had all the proper connections and a superior world view.  Secondly, (and far less obvious), the deals could not be made by a government subject to the winds of politics, but only to august men who pulled both the economic and media strings and could guarantee control.  In fact some point after Luce went to Stalin that became an issue.  In a paraphrased nutshell Uncle Joe said, “I love it, I love it, but I can’t go for it.  You know I am in charge here.  But we never know who is in charge there from president to president.”   Joe’s objection made sense.  Luce’s only option was to demonstrate the required control, mere stating it would not do.  This deal did not seal in one move.  There was play back and forth until the required trust was developed.  Joe’s objection was not at the onset, not until early in the Eisenhower administration.  Luce and Hedley Donovan countered with a phony censorship flap.


Hedley Donovan is the role model for Doonsbury’s ‘Hedley Roland’, the CIA type posing as a newsman.  A Rhodes scholar he was considered the best in naval intelligence in WW II.  In higher circles he was best known for a brilliant plan to locate the Japanese which led to the battle of Leyte Gulf.  We had to know where they were in a hurry and Donovan had a brainstorm.  He put out an order for all our spies on every island to go down to the local bar or watering hole and report only one thing, was the talk ‘serious’ or ‘happy’.  Each spy had to make a decision, one or the other.  With just that he plotted location.  Also on an upper level the song ‘Happy Talk’ was placed in South Pacific as an insider tribute. Luce made Hedley president of Time Magazine.  Those who can follow this logic will see how necessary it was, and is, to have major media controlled for such a deal.  A fairly public flap was created to demonstrate to Uncle Joe that the media/bankers, not the administration, were in control of the nuclear arms.  Chosen to broadcast this flap was not Time but the more upscale Fortune magazine.  Fortune printed a story with the phrase “…the president decided….”   A great flap was created going back and forth between Time Inc. and the White House, very public in Fortune, until a ‘retraction’ was made and the phrase changed to “…it was decided….”   The issue as to what was being decided did not matter.  Using Fortune was public enough to adequately demonstrate that 1- the upscale public would not raise serious objection and 2- the “White House” concurred.   This is all well documented in Elsner’s History of Time Inc., Vol. II.  Though Elsner goes over the ‘flap’ in some detail, never is it stated (odd only when pointed out) what the flap was really about. 


Luce had already brought the Chinese into the secret deal.  This too can be reasoned in retrospect.  Luce conferred with the Chinese in Tehran, Iran, again well-documented in Elsner’s.  While Luce was on the thirty hour flight back to Rockefeller Center the Chinese troops crossed the Yalu and entered Korea.  One can reason that they knew they would not be nuked.


In order to maintain this deal there had to be maintained an interlocking between the higher aspects of government, the higher aspects of media and the higher aspects of the military both West and East.  This deal could not be continued if too many in either area knew the full story.  Though a child could reason that missiles were simply not necessary great emphasis would be placed on missiles in the public mind.  Ongoing nuclear negotiations were constructed to continually fail.  There would be lower (really fairly high!) voices in the military objecting, they would see ‘missile shields’ as making little sense.  As long as the media did not give voice to these officers the common sense objections would fade even before they were heard.  The media, as always feigning to be liberal, would also pen a level of objection with occasional op ed to shunt off disgruntled energy onto other areas such as “nuclear non-proliferation” which more continued and uplifted the secret agreements.


Over the past six decades public awareness of the nuclear issue has waned.  Only the baby boomer generation can remember the Life photos of dummy houses engulfed in fire in hydrogen bomb tests, fallout shelters, civil defense drills and ‘duck and cover’ exercises in schools.  To a great extent the public became numb.  As we had to work on higher levels with the other powers there would always be objections, war to war, as lower levels of intelligence began to see this.  Legend are the stories of ‘working with the other side’ in regard to both Korea and Nam.  A tricky balance had to be played by major media to give those objections just enough exposure to continue the public perception of the media charging at government like some white knight, but never enough to bring the full realization into the public mind.


How can such a colossal secret deal be made to work decade after decade?  How does one side know that the other side is not ‘cheating’?  How can such necessary honor be maintained among thieves?  For one thing there need be, from time to time, ‘nuclear alarms’ set off to see how various people high in the military and media and government would react in both the East and the West.  Again, there was a very sharp pyramid of knowledge.  The aura of nuclear confrontation had to be maintained.  On that level MAD made perfect sense.  War could not simply break out by accident.  That would be far too dangerous.  Therefore the public mind was fed stories such as Hunt For Red October.  Or more correctly those types of authors promoted.  At one level there was always a ‘game of cat and mouse’ between the navies at sea.  At a higher level, as it needed to be, the games were only allowed in certain restricted playpens. 


In most normal small towns the local police have developed quid pro quo arrangements with semi criminal elements.  This is done particularly with victimless crime, drugs and prostitution.  This is just smart, prudent police work:  “We will leave you alone as long as you provide us information regarding serious crime.”  Reasonably a police chief who shies away from such tactics is placing the public more in danger of real crime.  Say you have two neighboring towns at war each with an unacceptably powerful weapon that they want to secretly agree not to use.  Would not the use of this sort of intelligence shared by both sides, an intermediary, be sensible in keeping the deal honest?  Such is the position that we, (this ‘we’ being the higher aspects of the Cold War both East and West), placed Israel. 


Israel was forming, 1947, at the same time that deals had to be made.  Because of the Great Dispersion the Jewish population already had in place a worldwide economic network.  They became the perfect go-betweens.  If you have any doubt of this look at the back of the Mossad expose, By Way Of Deception.  There you will see a ‘map’ of the various Mossad desks.  Notice that on, say a scale of 1 to 10, the size of the Africa Desk or the Europe Desk is about a five.   Notice that the biggest desk, a 10, is for the small Benelux countries.  Then notice that there were (are) NO desks for either the United States or Soviet Union/Russia.  Reason that on higher levels the Mossad was really a very necessary creation of, a stepchild of, a ‘combined’ KBG and CIA.  Many on the alternative news sites piss and moan about Israeli companies controlling such sensitive areas in the United States such as all the phone billing.  Have the maturity to understand, given the power of atomic weapons that these sorts of operations for creating trust were and are absolutely necessary.  In order to maintain the Mossad a certain level of armed tension had to be maintained in the Middle East between Israel and surrounding states.  Only then would the uninformed Israeli population have the militarism to maintain high levels and funds for intelligence.  Over the years this tension was creatively controlled: never letting it get too out of hand and at the same time never letting it go too far toward peace.  If any reading this piss and moan about that please have the maturity to see that those orchestrating this were balancing a bombing now and then (loss of some life) with trust and control of nuclear weapons (unacceptable loss of life).  In the real world august men had to maintain this sort of controlled conflict year after year.  There was simply no other reasonable choice. 


( …  The ‘controlled’ level of Israeli / Palestinian conflict is most likely hard for some to swallow.  Do a search on the Internet for ,<”Kay Griggs”>.  Kay’s, now Kaytherine Pollard Miller, first marriage was to the grandson of the former governor of Virginia.  Her family is “Old Virginia Military”, even has Chesty Puller as a cousin.  Kay then married Colonel George Griggs, the head assassin trainer at Little Creek.  Griggs was Cap and Gown and Rummy’s close friend at Princeton.  Some of the more important facts are lost in the many hours of video from this ‘former senior NATO wife’, now downloaded all over the Internet.  First, that she clearly relates that her husband continually insisted that he worked for an international group, that his position in the Marine Corps was only a convenience and a cover.  In fact he said that he was told early in his career never to expect to make general, that for his duties that rank would be too high profile.  With the amount of such activity hidden cleverly in the US Marines, (who would dare insult?), it is wise to beware of Marine colonels acting in a general’s capacity, the Bud McFarlanes and Olli Norths.  Secondly that he gave her great detail of the manner in which we play both sides of the Israeli / Palestinian conflict keeping it at a very controlled bloody level.   In perspective one might defend her husband.  Someone had to do the real dirty work.  One must keep in mind that awful actions had to be taken to stem off a far larger threat.  Kay (Griggs) Miller also details, most notably by homosexuality in the higher Marine Corps ranks, the axiom bantered in the higher ranks that “If you f—k up you move up”  Through the ascent of the neocons, as much as possible, only officers that could be compromised would be advanced.  This should be considered in the present case of General Byrnes.  This type of promoting also led to a dearth of field grade at the onset of Iraq.  Though field grade and flag officers, in the words of the Virginian Pilot, are ‘as common as jackrabbits’, there were few who could hold the required ‘command confidence’ in combat.  This was the situation that led to the sudden reactivation of retired Marine Corps officers such as General O’Dell.  They suddenly needed real ‘generals’….)


With this there is also pissing and moaning about the level of drug corruption involved within the major governments.  A search of <”Katherine Austin Fitts”> would help many understand the extent.  True using criminal elements as a ‘deal check’ has created major worldwide corruption.  But please take just a moment to look at this from another perspective.  Trust was the major issue, trust between nations with unacceptably awful weapons and populations, even at fairly high levels, locked into a seriously adversarial stance.  The use, collectively at higher levels, of the drug trade was no more than the local police chief’s wise and judicious use of information from a local pot dealer.  The higher levels of intelligence had to use the situation as it was given.  They were not the ones who outlawed such drugs.  They were also not the ones who created the huge markets.  In the beginning every effort was made to keep the quid pro quo aspect of world illicit drug trade at a high level letting ‘normal’ state policing operate with great leeway.  Granted that became hard to maintain and has largely fallen apart.  It has combined into a nearly seamless illegal world system.  However, as awful as this sounds, and as awful in some respects as it is, do balance this against the nuclear threat.  Understand that those having to control this threat had at all times to place the terrible nuclear threat first.  That we have gone through six full decades without an atomic bomb being used in war is a major accomplishment. 


The new atomic landscape, a far more dangerous one created by Admiral Keating, has been created by simply eroding the protective lies that have been in place.  The lies were colossal.  Atomic bombs are easy to make.  Early on we publicly fried spies with bulging eyes and sizzling flesh not at all because they gave away secrets, but almost wholly to impress upon the public that there were some important nuclear secrets to give out.  Truth is that there were not.  Once Hiroshima and Nagasaki occurred, and with the theory published forty years prior to that event, suggesting that the Soviets really needed any help is outright insulting.  In the early fifties a project was created that on the surface seemed the greatest stupidity imaginable.  This was a project that again even a mere child could reason to be insane.  We decided to place nuclear reactors in warships.  A nuclear reactor always has the danger of melting down, or in some violent circumstances, (improbable but possible),  could even become a bomb.  Is not placing a reactor in a warship placing it in probable violent circumstances?  Not to the higher thinking.  Not when you look past the lie.  It was reasoned that only major powers would have the ability to attack American warships.  And with these powers we had secret deals, we would play at warring and control the rest of the world.  And the rest of the world, the Third World, simply did not have the capacity to attack our larger surface warships.  That has drastically changed.  Technology has turned on itself and now Third World powers do have the ability to attack and sink large naval vessels.  This first started to be realized with the sinking of the H.M.S Sheffield in the Falkland War.  More recently U.S. war games, prior to the invasion of Iraq, clearly demonstrated that the technology for taking out warships from the seabed was far outstripping any possible defense and that this technology was well within the ability of both Third World nations and even creative rogue groups.  In retrospect the attack on the Cole was not near what it could have been.  Those wanting more information can search for <”General Van Riper”>.  Though not realized yet by the general masses this is now a worldwide collective military realization.  It is generally understood that the United States is using “weapons of mass destruction” as a shield.  When Third World powers did not have this ability the question was moot.  Now the inability to attack back at a warship that is attacking a nation because an attack could cause a major environmental disaster is viewed very differently.


Who would use or threaten a United States city with an atomic device?  The Cold War, as above, did create a very effective global intelligence network understood only at the very top.  There are vast intelligence networks throughout the Third World.  The realization that at the top both East and West were sharing information is now seeping into the collective consciousness.  Some nations that might be considered ‘rogue’, or even wrongly labeled as such, are wisely staying away from nuclear endeavors.  I am thinking of nations such as Libya.  Those nations who are publicly going toward nuclear capability in opposition to the ‘security council club’ such as North Korea or Iran are doing so with the realization that they need fully accept the ‘club’ responsibility.  I believe you can count these out.  As there are still major ‘Cold War’ aspects in place of working all ‘terrorist groups’ you could count out known terrorist groups as well.  The party or parties who would take this road of attack would most likely be spontaneous.  This spontaneity would be more in the vein of Ethan Allen’s Green Mountain Boys.  The Green Mountain Boys who attacked the British in the American War of Independence later met in a barn and discussed how rash their actions were, that they would most likely be prosecuted for treason.  At that time, just following their initial attack, they had no idea that a full revolution was afoot.  They were reacting spontaneously and independently to the military zeitgeist of the times.   It was a natural military reaction to a change in consciousness.  As for a nuking group the endeavor would most likely be very closely held.  In effect America has declared war on most of the Third World.  A nuking would most likely come from Africa or even South America.


What would the project entail?

There is at present much focus on the Valerie Plame case. The judge, a well-respected jurist, has blacked out many pages of testimony and will keep that testimony sealed.  A core aspect of the case revolves around the validity of a  ‘paper trail’ of “yellow cake” which is partially processed uranium.  What can be reasoned to have been blacked out is that the situation only revolves around ‘paper trails’ of known sources of enriched uranium and known paper trails.  If or not ‘rogue’ aspects of the Third Word are reasoning what is being blacked-out in this specific case does not matter.  It is being reasoned anyway.  Assuredly the sentences blacked-out by The Honorable Thomas Hogan start with “However…”, and “You must also realize…”, and “Understand this refers only…”.   In the early fifties there was a prudent desire to control and even mine all the world’s uranium.  On upper levels it was a small part of the reasoning to make many atomic weapons.  It was soon quietly realized as undoable.  Once uranium was becoming a commodity this led to a vast amounts of discoveries in many places.  The types of mining procedures vary.  Often it is a by-product of other mining though now and then fairly pure veins are discovered.  As with all such discoveries the information is closely held until deals are signed.  When thinking of uranium mines the areas that first come to mind are Australia, Canada and South Africa.  Truth is it can be mined almost anywhere, Utah, Niger, Nigeria, and Brazil are areas where there are ignored discoveries all over.  You might even ignore the word ‘mine’ and see that it can be a by-product of, or combined with, anything from irrigation to road construction.  The processing procedures are not at all rocket science either and facilities can also be in conjunction with, or disguised as, about anything.  One cannot even know of every ‘aspirin’ factory, no less bomb them all.  Ninety nine percent of the time the basic tool used in obtaining the substance is the common pneumatic jackhammer.


In such an operation what form would the uranium be placed in?

Most probably the best transportation form would not be yellow cake but pure pellets sealed in lead for later combining.  These can be hidden in anything from liquid containers, the casings then in Styrofoam so they don’t make noise banging around, to the insides of Buddha or Quan Yin figurines delivered mistakenly to Wiccan Supplies, Show River Centre, St. Paul.  How lucky they were that the prayerful Amed kept coming in and asking for such.  He bought them all.  All this far more simple than a Mathius Rust going under the real radar, quite doable also.    Once the material is sent near the location to be bombed, discounting at least one person becoming very ill, the assembly itself is a snap. Any near rented location for assembly would do.  Unlike other bombs no further delivery problems, rental vans and such, would be needed.  How far from Munson Avenue need you be?  Imperial powers have continually underestimated the enemy.  The British considered the American rebels inept, they didn’t even have cannon.  They were sorely surprised when Washington’s General Henry Knox made the unusual move of dragging 80 cannon all the way through the snow from Upstate New York with 200 oxen to blast them to hell.

            9/11 has created a split in the official line regarding the ease of making simple nukes.  On one hand the old lie is touted, the line is that nukes are very difficult to make.  On the other hand they are talking about ‘suitcase’ nukes.  An atomic bomb the size of a suitcase might be technically difficult wherein one in a twenty foot aluminum tube not difficult at all.  “The new neighbor, Amed, certainly seems nice.  At least someone in Roseville barbecues lamb instead of always chicken and steak.  I just don’t understand his sculptures.”   One bomb, called the Tube, used on Japan was just that.  The right amount of uranium on each end of the tube smashed together with charges.  The other was called the Fat Boy.  This was big and round, the charges coming in from many directions.  The 3-D Fat Boy would be mechanically harder, but sixty degree angles are easy to work with.  This could be flattened to charges coming from six directions in the manner of a ‘SNOWFLAKE’.


Would threat or prior warning be delivered?

Who knows?  A viable threat itself need only consist of enough information to make the receivers reasonably certain that the engineering is workable.  With such a threat need there be a component of extortion?  “We will set this off if you do not…,” do such and such?  Not necessarily.  Rummy et al have almost made that component grossly obvious.  Nor could you necessarily trust that aspect of the threat anyway.  The threatening party might be throwing you off or even designing it to look like a false flag, blaming the United States for what it has already done.  Do place yourself in the position of an official receiving a viable threat.  Last week the police chief had emptied a local high school because of a phoned in bomb threat.  Do you ignore this as “not giving into terrorists”?  Though Nagasaki a secondary target, decided at last minute because of weather, Stimson was thoughtful enough not to bomb giant cities.  There were two bombs to make clear this could be repeated.  The list of possible Japanese nuke targets were not bombed by conventional bombs so we could study the real effect.  For the exact same reason a smaller city would most likely be chosen.  Or between two small cities to make the point clear.  One would hope an adversary would give warning.


There are two parts to military intelligence, capability and intent.  Capability of delivering a nuke to an American city has been leaking steadily out, the concept thoughtlessly punctuated by Admiral Keating.  The justification, the intent, for such an act is rapidly being created.  American depleted uranium in ordnance is giving civilian populations in Iraq, including babies born and yet unborn, the equivalent of two chest X-rays per day.  Bombs are being dropped from aircraft based on ships that are partially shielded from attack as it would be an environmental nightmare.  Even ‘just as shield’ it is the use of a WMD.  All this is done while the world sees the pretext for war, weapons of mass production, a lie.  This anger has spread to vast areas of Africa and South America.  From the recent coup in Mauritania (rich in uranium) to the recent posture of Venezuela, also ore rich, the Third World with or without state sanction is turning against us.  Most of our allies are also turning to one degree or another.


December 7th, rather than the anniversaries of the Japan nukings, is the date to let us see how consensus is formed.  In that situation it could be likened to two big thugs walking toward each other with warlike intentions.  Each had a group of followers behind them.  In order to get his followers in a fighting mood one thug surreptitiously lets his guard down so a group of his men get blooded.  The men behind each thug were only minor parts of the consensus.  Most would normally not want to sit in malaria swamps and get shot at.  But the consensus was enough to war.  The attack would have come guard down or not.  The Cold War could then be likened to two groups of major thugs with many other minor thugs around them being forced to take sides.  As each of the major thugs had an unacceptably dangerous weapon a secret agreement was made (only between the weapon holders) not to use it.  This also had the advantage of fooling many of the surrounding minor thugs into thinking that they could bond with and trust one side or another.  Few realized much was shared at top.  Though a tricky balance had to be maintained in feigning more antagonism that was really there, the tricky balance, mainly with media image, was somehow maintained.  This balance was maintained with lies.  Not only were the masses lied to but such a secret and illegal agreement would naturally have problems occur from time to time, as they did, in the course of six decades.  Most, even those who think they are very much in the know and in the upper echelons of society and intelligence, can’t see the bigger picture.  Let us use the Israeli attack upon the USS Liberty, an American naval vessel more than twenty years ago.  I know Jose Linde whose brother was the naval intelligence officer aboard and killed in the attack.  Jose’s father also worked with my father at Time.  It is known that a nearby carrier group refused to assist the Liberty during the course of the attack.  There are strong feelings from many of the survivors and the families.  I drove to the Army/Navy Club in DC to hear Admiral Moore speak on the subject.  On the whole most all played the game of “…ain’t it awful.”   These ‘educated and concerned’ citizens would never venture out into the possibility that there was good cause for an attack on our ship.  To them there could not have been any justification for either the attack or the cover-up.  Their minds simply could not go there, even in reasoned theory.  To them any justification was truly beyond their imagination.  They stayed in ‘ain’t it awful’ games.  I have not a clue why the Liberty was attacked.  But I did understand, unlike most around me hearing the former Armed Forces Chief of Staff, that there was some reason.  On a higher level some breach of agreement was acknowledged and punishment accepted.  With this I could also see the ruler dilemma.  What choice would they have, given the popular uneducated atmosphere, but to fog the situation by accepting the attack as an ‘accident’ even though it would not be believed?

            A secret deal of this sort will from time to time produce high level problems that even most in intelligence will not correctly see.  The morning of the christening of America’s newest carrier, The USS Ronald Reagan, there was an unadvertised but open-to-public speakers meeting in Hampton. The audience was composed mainly of retired CIA types who didn’t want to play golf that day. Speaking were Edwin Meese, Jean Kirkpatrick and John Lehman.  Each one of these speakers referred to ‘Chernenko’s warnings in 1983’ as the great turning point in modern history.  The general public does not hold that view.  This was way over the head of many in intelligence as well. Chernenko followed through with his warnings on March 15th, 1984.  “Without warning” he deployed four battle groups.  He deliberately acted specifically against lower levels of secret agreements.  A few months later it was announced on the front page of the NYTimes, (A Drew Middleton, Times analyst article), that John Lehman had attempted to give standing orders to Atlantic battle group commanders that nukes would be used if the Soviets again staged ‘maneuvers without warning’.  No comment was ever published.  It was a blip.  Few asked the obvious question, ‘why should warning be given?’  Don’t the navies play cat and mouse at sea?  No.  Chernenko’s threat and following actions were at the highest level.  Unlike other ‘nuke showdowns’ or brinkmanship that were for show, this was for real at the highest level.  And it was the highest levels that were freaking out at the time.  Is not Freedom Of The Seas one of Wilson’s 14 points?  I would guess not if that was published in that manner.


            Chernenko’s ‘demonstration’ was March 15th, 1984.  Twelve years later, 1996, was when the tricky formula first started to really unravel.  The shootdown of flight 800 was a necessary payback when the United States got caught cheating on the necessary secret nuke deal.  The ‘cheating’ itself at first blush was history, it went back a full 42 years to 1954.  In April of 54 we came close to using two atomic bombs to help the French in Dien Bien Phu.  Apparently we did not share all the ‘serious talk’ as per the agreement.  Let us say that nuclear weapons are held between three thugs or drug lords.  Again the ONLY thing keeping the deal ‘honest between thieves’ is to share ALL serious talk.  Though I did not know the full implications, it was I who brought this subject up out of the past, first to John Griffin, head of the US Attorney’s Criminal Division, Boston, around Christmas 1995.  Shortly following this, two months or so, a fuller explanation of this ‘cheating’ went to General Charles Krulac, Commandant of the US Marine Corps.  I found a creative method for insuring that the information would get directly to Krulac bypassing Naval Intelligence, FBI, etc.  And his office found a way of indicating that the material was received.  There was commotion on high:  First the murder of William Colby (April 27th, 96), seventeen days after that the murder of Admiral Jeremy Boorda ( May 16th), and 33 days after that the shootdown of flight 800, (July 17th). 

            Krulac would have had to tell Boorda.  Within the inner circles of the drug/media/government? secret, deal-holding complex the history of my parents was probably known.  Known but apparently not fully shared.  And they assumed I knew and this was the fuller reason for an ongoing program to both discredit and disable me. 

Let me back track a few years to return to the staccato punctuation of Colby, Boorda, Flight 800:

At one point Colonel Frank Trobucco, head of the Mass State Police, trying to help me, was warning me to steer clear of anyone trying to get between myself and Charles Barry then head of the Mass Office of Public Safety.    All communication was interrupted and 86ed by a former FBI agent, Dennis Condon, then Barry’s ‘chief of staff’.  I only recently understood after reading Black Mass, the book by two Boston Globe reporters, Lehr and O’Neal, detailing the illegal relationship between Whitey Bulger, ‘Rifleman’ Flemmi, Gennaro Angiulo, Frank Salemme and the FBI.  There was a pack of dirty FBI agents working directly with the Boston mob.  One, John Connoly, was tried and convicted.  Lehr and O’Neal maintain that Dennis Condon was the FBI agent everyone knew was dirty but got away.  (Am aware my list is longer than Lehr and O’Neal’s!.) During that time (late 80s) there was even heavy mob extortion, death threats to shut me up.  This occurred on Martha’s Vineyard.  These wise-fellows felt very protected giving me the threat.  Not only did they make it known, (and it was true), that I could not go to the police on this, but they even conjectured right in front of my face that this ‘favor’ would get the RICO against Anquilo somehow thrown out!  It didn’t, Anquilo later convicted anyway. All to say that extraordinary measures were taken to shut me up.  (I must also interject that I was also involved in another sensitive more ‘scientific’ issue and for a long period could not really sort out exactly why, or for which, I was taking the heat.)   It was also during this time that I was threatened with federal prosecution.  In this they were talking Marion, Ill, the worst of our federal prisons.  This did not come from the U.S. Attorney.  It came through the mob.  And it was given with a good deal of information that rightly only the government should have known.  They made it real enough.  I came apart.

            (…From that time I also understood that there is much I simply cannot say.  When Marion, Ill was mentioned I saw the threat.  For what could I be prosecuted?  The MaCarthy Act?  No person has ever been charged under the statute, though for a time there was talk of getting Jesse Jackson with it.  Then it dawns on me.  I was set up.  Far more serious.  One of the reasons that Lehr and O'Neal gave about Condon to indicate that he was dirty was that he pleaded the Fifth more than any mob figure.  But now I am in that position.  Now I understand the real meaning for the Fifth and my feeling is that it should read, “…not be forced to ‘wrongly’ testify..” against oneself.  Of course that wording would not work, the truth is the truth.  But with gut wrenching fear I understood the set-up and the real need for that right.  I am one of the two witnesses required by law and, particularly with this administration, won’t go anywhere near an entire area.  I would take the Fifth. Period….)

            In September of 93, not knowing the full implications, I distributed a piece called Wrench.  Directly following that, October, there was a rash of fires all on one night on Cape Cod.  The very next morning, with the fires not even listed as arson yet- just suspicious fires, the BATF was all over investigating them with a headline in the Dow Jones owned Cape Cod Times suggesting “terrorism”.  One fire was almost on the steps of the Falmouth Enterprise.  In retrospect I saw that Wrench placed the publisher of a local paper knowing too much about steganography, messages hidden in news, and an arm needed to be placed on him.  A bit of terrorism would come in handy for that. By chance parents of a young man called the police as he was whacked out on booze and coke.  The young man admits that he and his friends were trying to create the appearance of terrorism.  His words in the police report.  This is ignored by the Cape Cod Times.  How did they know only hours after?  Were they psychic?  Why was the BATF about just hours after suspicious fires?  Just following this two young coke dealers are found murdered on the porch of a deserted hotel in Bourne.  The police call it murder.  The FBI comes in, calls it a double suicide.  All records are sealed, even autopsies.  Most likely they supplied the coke and were a link between the fire-starters and the government.  (There was far more evidence to suggest this was the case, and that the underlying issue was what a publisher knew.)  This left me for quite a time, again was 93, completely confused.  I could see my knowledge the issue.  What I could not understand is why they went to all this elaborate trouble, even taking life, when it would have been far simpler to kill me.  In fact I was thinking they would, they would have to.  My own story did not make sense.

            It was somewhere felt that I had too big a nose.  I have had two successful newspapers shut down, one that went for five years on the Vineyard, the other a start-up comeback that would have taken off had the local illicit drug dealers had not extorted my ad base.  I had two who were willing to testify and neither the DA nor the U.S. Attorney’s office would step in.  This was followed by a trumped up civil suit.  I was at wits end, now end of 95, and again was corresponding with Criminal Division, Boston.  In one letter I lightly mentioned my parents activities passing information to the Soviets concerning a possible (probable) nuking in 54.  So what, I thought.  They are dead.  My motive was to place something in the correspondence that would force U.S. Attorney to pass the information to higher levels.

            Now it is early 96, and I saw the plutonium hit the fan.  Large steganography reading “Childhood Memories Unreliable”.  (Long story, but I could see that this was me.)  What had I touched on?  Yes, this would be somewhat sensitive, but not that sensitive.  So I thought.

            And it was this that led to the steccatto clanks of Colby’s Murder, Boorda’s Murder, and Flight 800, and with it the full sick realization of what I had done.  Apparently the information, or at least all of it, regarding my parents were not passed to the other parties in the East as was per the agreement.  The most serious of issue on the planet.  But was this not old?  54?  No.  It was the very present issue of interfering with witness.  Say you had a group of drug lords in a city each with an unacceptably awful weapon such as a nuke.  They have a secret deal that if any serious talk comes up within each gang of really using a nuke they must share all the details.  That sharing is the essential, ultimately necessary glue.  Let us say a witness is found stating that at some time in the past, even quite a bit in the past, there was cheating; that there was ‘serious talk’.  And let us also say that it is seen that the witness is being disabled, harmed, by the gang he was in.  Is not that present cheating? Would not that gang, considering the seriousness of the issue, have a hard time regaining trust?  Would not they accept, even invite, punishment under those circumstances?  It was beginning to dawn on me why they would go to such trouble to defuse what I was saying, kill others but not me.

            Colby, Boorda, 800.  One, two, three.  I told Krulac.  Krulac would have had to pass it to his superior, Boorda.  Many at the top would need to know.  At the highest, albet illegal, level decisions would need to be made.  A full disclosure must immediately be made known to all parties.  There would be a need to create a punishment, and that punishment would need be accepted.  In other words there was a relatively short process that led to the shoot-down wherein both Colby and Boorda are killed.  If you can imagine, this would need be a very heavy discussion at the level of all nuclear powers.  Testy to the max.

            First let us go to the evidence of what did happen with the shoot-down on July 17th, 1996.  Hundreds of witnesses saw the missile go up and hit the plane.  The government in working conjunction with the media put out a silly wing tank story.  Because exposure trumps, most of the public bought into the wing tank, silly as it was.  What is to be done with the disbelievers?  They certainly could not be told the real story!  A secondary story was cleverly fostered which for a time fooled many honest reporters who were set up to give a secondary story that it was some horrid error in a naval exercise.  This was a good ploy.  If 99 % believed the first media-fed wing tank story, and of that 1% that were not fooled by that, if you get 99% to believe a false story, you fairly much clear the board.  There were some strange facts that did not fit.  First there is irrefutable evidence of navy Seals being in place in small boats below the plane prior to shoot-down.  That might be to rescue possible survivors, certainly not to expect an accident.  A few weeks prior to the shoot-down jet fighters were escorting airliners in flights out of Miami. Why?  Witnesses, (Perry et al), saw a warship unusually close to land with no watch just prior to the shoot-down off of Fire Island.  They gave a detailed description of the warship.  They were interviewed, (guided!) and it was made to look like they were identifying an American Spruance-class destroyer.  This was done by pointing to a tiny picture in a Janes Fighting Ships.  That very small picture had information balloons, much like dialogue boxes in comics.  The picture was reduced such that you could hardly tell they were information not part of the ship.  In the description they told of a giant globe amidships but toward the bow.  The Spruance-class had no such structure.  It was an information balloon.  Perry et at were, in the written statement, exactly describing not an American warship, but a British Frigate, the H.M.S. Norfolk, which has a very unique bow and at that time, not now (go to old pics), had a giant globe structure.  Why a British warship?  Here is the real key:  Thousands of credible witnesses saw the missile go up and shoot down the plane just hours after on CNN.  Yet with that thousands of credible witnesses also claim they were watching CNN all through that time period and saw no such thing.  How is this possible?  Easy.  CNN is cable.   There was a limited broadcast of the shoot-down.  Why?

            Though present situation was interfering with witness, the distal aspect was the near use of two atomic bombs to help the French who were in dire straits loosing Dien Bien Phu in the spring of 1954.  What better punishment than a flight to France?  But where is the sting?  Have the offending party agree to a limited airing of the shoot-down.  Make them scramble a bit to cover.  As some American flights from Miami had fighter escort a few weeks prior, you can see that there was a discussion during this time.  I imagine a harsh and urgent one.  It was in this discussion proceeding 800 that first Colby and then Boorda were murdered.  From Kay Griggs I understand that Colby was done by a young foreign assassin who did not know who he did until he heard on the news and freaked out.  Both Colby and Boorda made large statements regarding the deal prior to their murders.  Colby is known for stating that the illegal drug industry is now more powerful than any state.  That quote has been bantered about quite a bit on Internet, but mostly in regard to just the scope of illegal drugs and the amount of government involvement.  It takes far deeper meaning as you understand that the illegal drug industry has become over time the checking mechanism for the most necessary deal on the planet.  Boorda’s statement was more precious, but at a higher level loud.  He arranged to speak at the Mass Maritime Academy   Following this there were shrill headlines, “Highly Inappropriate For High Ranking Naval Officer To Speak At Merchant Academy”.  Two days prior to this speaking engagement there is a bullet in his heart.  This long lasting ‘inappropriateness’ had to do with separation of military and civil.  It was, and is, a deep issue in that respect.  In fact, at the time, that is how I initially took the move.  Most were no where near the level to react to this headline/message at all.  I remember at the time screaming at some youngsters who were hanging around the house drinking beer that they should have probably gut shot the SOB.  No.  He was really saying that the intelligence has gotten out of hand, that this was a major screw up, and that the international militaries should establish their own intelligence in this area to counter balance.  This was a threat to the forces that Colby had just indicated had taken control.  Drug dealers are not military, but they are certainly not civil either.  When flight 800 did come down it did not take me long to put that together.  With it was the gut wrenching realization that I had started this chain of events and left with only the five words of anybody in a similar situation, “How was I to know?”

            I have come to regard Admiral Boorda as one of the finest naval officers there ever was.  These men, Boorda and Colby, were not too far ahead of the curve.  They were seeing that the forces in control back then,  in ‘96, were behind the nuke perception curve, as they are now dangerously behind.  I had discussed Flight 800 with many over the Internet for a number of years.  Superb disinformationalists infiltrated the major discussion groups.  They even forced off one of the best investigators, Commander Donaldson.  Commander Donaldson continued to believe that the shoot-down was a simple terrorist act.  In a radio interview he fairly much allowed that up until Flight 800 he had always believed major media.  Like many the barrier to seeing the real picture was almost entirely emotional.  Many who wrote to me expressed this insight.  Although far from proof positive they saw that only the scenario I was giving fit all the facts.  But that it was gut wrenching hard to think on that level.  They admitted that they had trouble, not seeing it, but feeling the horror.  They were simply not used to balancing that horror with the far greater horror of nukes and being able to prioritize. Such is the stratosphere.   Donaldson was an exceptionally honest investigator and continued to report findings that did not support his theory, the placement of the Seals among them.  To really sit in the august stratosphere is to understand that you must deal with situations as they are given, not what you might want them to be, and that the Kenndys had to die.  It is to understand that no matter how terrible Flight 800 was that it simply  had to be agreed to.  However now, as the illegal aspects of the deal, the drugs and churning of black budgets, have more taken over the thinking, the stratosphere thinking is falling apart.  Atta was identified as a terrorist by an Army group way before 9/11.  They could not pursue as it interrupted a heroin ring.  Those in control can not maintain the stratosphere, they must give priority to protecting themselves.  For this same reason many possible and even probable nuke threats would not even be investigated.  The investigations would be curtailed by higher ups.

            Now we have a landscape with another group of thugs, enemies to one degree or another.  At least the major belligerents need play at being enemies to some degree to keep the checking mechanism in place.  At first blush the major thugs look like China and Russia against America with reluctant allies.  At a lower level, the level of most who even think they are in the know, Israel is seen as aligned with the U.S., though in many deeper aspects caught in the middle.  There was a bully plan from the U.S. to take over all emerging oil pipelines.  The Third World, always outside the secret agreements, was discounted as being able to be pushed around with ease.  The major bullies are posturing with the minor Third World thugs gathered around.  The higher aspects of the West assume they have all bases covered as through the Cold War they have been playing both sides, involved to one degree or another in all terrorist groups.  Anger builds up against the major bully, the US.  Standing behind the smaller Third World bullies are minor groups in the process of forming.  These are unknown, new, and angry.  Seeing an opportunity one of these minor bullies, who cares not if he would be labeled terrorist or ‘rogue’, walks up behind the big bully and whacks him with a two by four.  This would be a minor ‘kid brother’ bully not only with the capability of obtaining the material, delivering it and constructing it, but also with the wisdom not to involve governments or known terrorist groups.


Throughout the Cold War the use of nuclear arms was controlled through altering mass perception regarding the real issues.  But this mass perception, the real trigger, is now changing.  There is large portion, most really, of the world that considers 9/11 to have been a false flag.  Within the United States, even within the military, there is a significant and growing slice that also holds this view.  In this case the reality does not matter.  The ‘new enemy’ will see that any attack would most likely, to one degree or another, be blamed on portions of the US Government.  The very belligerent administration is now under heavy legal attack.  They would benefit from a US city being nuked at this juncture in any case, whether they were a party to it or not.  They now need a siege mentality to survive.  Therefore, if or not the higher aspects of government would really go that far is almost now not the point.  In a sense there is, like December 7th, an unspoken consensus.  Japan really was an enemy.  We have created a vast amount of mini Japans with younger angry brothers.


Admiral Keating, with dainty glove, uses the standard form of mil babble and calls his exercise “…robust…”  The exercise, like Van Riper cramped Millennium 2003, is scripted so he will win. As foil Keating chooses a nuke coming in by yacht, the most common example bantered at top.  That is a great example in one respect as it asks how can every lead keel be disassembled.  Still the enabling Keating might have chose a scenario less common, but of such wit the Admiral seems not to have one un-split atom.  He might have, with at least a speck of imagination, chose at least a hundred things by varying the tone:  Rustic:  There are numerous hippie communities living in the Canadian north woods with no government contact.  Here the mining could be done nearby, the delivery by canoe, coonskin caps disguising even a Martian as thoroughly American.  Flighty…:  Giant would be the flock of homing pigeons, each with a pellet, that would add to 62 pounds.  Snipping the containers from the legs of such a then radiation-sick flock from behind lead glass with a little robot too much of an affront to animal rights.  Though this could be managed with a fond research, the Admiral loves the little birds, I think?  Classic…:  He could have gone under the real radar again in the elegantly direct manner that young Mathius Rust flew all the way from Iceland and landed a piper cub on Red Square.  Lofty…: Balloon it. Practical…: simply import.  The variations of what could hold a pellet cased in lead, in easy disguise, are endless, from dignified with a shipment of archeological artifacts, fragile and insured with enough of the figurines gouged gouged out to make up for the added lead.  Bubbly:  Large liquid containers of any sort would be a snap.   Styrofoam would be placed around the lead containers to stop any clanking and Styrofoam also at the top replacing the lost weight.  Buddha statues would be more thoughtful. Another silly Internet rumor fostered is that transported uranium could be picked up by satellite.  With the inverse square law and even a little shielding that is impossible.  Were such the case the instruments would far sooner be picking up dental offices.  At present the John Paul Jones is involved with a host of other navies in the South Pacific in a sea terrorist hunting exercise.  These exercises have really been ongoing for some time and have been posted on Admiral Blair’s APN.  They have produced an interesting statistic.  For the last year or so there has been a dramatic decrease in world piracy.  But to think they could stop serious parties from transporting a nuke at sea is silly.


It is this ‘unspoken consensus’ and the change in mass perception that is pulling the trigger.  The specifics now almost do not matter.  We need immediately go back to the year after the two bombs were dropped on Japan and rethink the issue worldwide.  We must clearly see what this new nuclear landscape is really saying.  “Freeze.  Drop your guns.”  Chances for this are not good.


A nuke is just a weapon.  Fundamentally it has been used and only collective will, consensus – collaboration, can stop it from being used again.  Even as they made the secret deals in the late forties and early fifties they knew that they could not hold forever, that eventually legal deals would need be made.  That was considered, as they lied to the masses, (and a large part of the ruler elite as well), to be a fundamental truth.  And it was also considered fundamental truth that these sorts of arrangements should never be continued in any situation where real enemies outside the deal could be prompted to use nukes.  That control was more having them ‘line up’ East or West with unseen understanding at top.  Suddenly the world shifts to where it is no longer East vs. West but mainly the industrialized north of the equator against the Third World.  The U.S. population might be fooled into thinking nukes hard to make.  Those becoming real enemies are not so fooled.    Even the technology has changed such that robot type equipment behind leaded glass could almost entirely be found at Toys-R-Us.  Suddenly, over the course of just a few years, there are vast areas of the world that hate and mistrust the US.  America has now made real enemies who are learning quickly how to fight back as time goes by.  They see the United States now as a dangerous nuke bully.  If any serious player had a choice between a nuke or a biological or chemical which would likely be chosen? . Which would be most appropriate?  The clock is ticking.  With Hiroshima and Nagasaki the nuke card has already been played.  The US continues to act like a nuke bully. If you attack others with deadly weapons they tend to attack back.  That is very fundamental. Part of the consensus toward a nuking is the very infantile attitude of the general American public that it could never happen to Uncle Sam.  The neocon Sam is almost begging for it to be played again.  Of course it can be played again. A nuke is still a nuke.  Rummy ‘s still a kook. The fundamental things apply as time goes by.




Michael Donovan, Camden, Maine


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The above letter details secret arrangements concerning non use of nuclear weapons, arrangements that are falling apart. The additional file below details the information that was passed to Criminal Division, U.S. Attorneys office, Boston, in 95 and to General Krulac in 96 prompting the murder of Colby, then Boorda and the shootdown of flight 800. It has been expanded and made into a play, A Spy In Time. Synopsis: It is 1954 in the family’s home in Pound Ridge, a very rural setting but still in commuting distance from Manhattan. The French are unexpectedly beginning to lose their war in Indochina. The wife of Time Magazine’s mapmaker pressures him to gather more information at Time and help her alert the Soviet Union of American plans to help the French with ‘two last atomic bombs’. Viewed through the eyes of their ten-year-old son, this espionage in the middle of the McCarthy era strains the marriage.

A Spy In Time



Kent, the Cindy Sheehan vigil nationwide was a turning point. I think the demonstration in NYC planned for September 11th is very important as it is targeting the media as lying about 9/11. Finally we are going after the right target. Again we don't want things to fall apart too quickly. We want a world understanding of what has really been going on.