Now Comes a Crop Circle

Part 1

David Fucich


 After reading an article recently regarding the area of scientific inquiry known as Quantum Teleportation, I began to wonder if the recent events in Chilbolton, England, and the strange Crop Glyphs created there, might not be related.

For those of you not familiar with the ideas of Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Teleportation, here are a few references:

NONLOCALITY GETS MORE REAL. "Bell's Inequalities," the set of mathematical relations that would rule out the notion that distant quantum particles exert influences on each other at seemingly instantaneous rates, have now been violated over record large distances, with record high certainty, and with the elimination of an important loophole in three recent experiments, further solidifying the notion of "spooky action at a distance" in quantum particles. At the Optical Society of America meeting in Baltimore earlier this month, Paul Kwiat ( of Los Alamos and his colleagues announced that they produced an ultrabright source of photon pairs for Bell's inequality experiments; they went on to verify the violation of Bell's inequalities to a record degree of certainty (preprint at Splitting a single photon of well-defined energy into a pair of photons with initially undefined energies, and sending each photon through a fiber-optic network to detectors 10 km apart, researchers in Switzerland (Wolfgang Tittel, Univ. Geneva, showed that determining the energy for one photon by measuring it had instantaneously determined the energy of its neighbor 10 km away--a record set by the researchers last year but now demonstrated in an improved version of the original experiment. (Tittel et al., Physical Review Letters, 26 October 1998.) A University of Innsbruck group performed Bell measurements with detectors that randomly switched between settings rapidly enough to eliminate the "locality loophole," which posited that one detector might somehow send a signal to the other detector at light or sub-light speeds to affect its reading. (Weihs et al.,Phys. Rev. Lett., website at

American Institute of Physics-October 26, 1998 by Phillip F. Schewe and Ben Stein And the following:

SUREFIRE QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT, the ability to interlink two quantum particles with practically 100% certainty, has been achieved by a NIST group (Quentin Turchette, 303- 497-3328), advancing hopes for ultrapowerful quantum computers. Previously, physicists obtained entangled particles as a byproduct of some random or probabilistic process, such as the production of two correlated photons that occasionally occurs when a single photon passes through a special crystal. Receiving entangled pairs in this way is fine for tests of quantum nonlocality (Update 399), but entangling a large number of quantum particles--essential for building a practical quantum computer--becomes much less likely if it is dependent on a probabilistic process. In their "deterministic entanglement" process, the NIST researchers trap a pair of beryllium ions in a magnetic field. Using a predetermined sequence of laser pulses, they entangle one ion's internal spin to its external motion, and then entangle the motion to the spin of the other atom. The group believes that it will be able to entangle multiple ions with this process. (Turchette et al., Physical Review Letters, 26 October 1998.) American Institute of Physics -Number 401 (Story #2), November 9, 1998 by Phillip F. Schewe and Ben Stein

And most importantly:

…………More recently, Gerhard Rempe and colleagues at the University of Konstanz in Germany have effectively measured the actual motion of the particles in the "two slit" experiment without interfering with them. What was revealed was that the process of measurement still ended the interference pattern, even though it did not transmit enough energy to the particles to change their momentum.

What this proves is that the particles are linked in such a way that one moves when the other is pushed. In effect, they act as a single object, even though they exist in different places. "Loss of interference is always due to entanglement," said physicist Yu Shi at the University of Cambridge.

Now the question becomes: Just how deep is this linking and how extensively can it be exploited for real-world gain? For example, is everything linked? If the big bang happened, then there was a time prior that all particles now existing in the universe were packed tightly together.

Does the "ghost" of this linkage still haunt the universe, and can it be exploited to extend humankind's vision to the infinite?

If so, it might explain why SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), now being conducted on radio telescopes around the world, has thus far failed to find any ET signals. An ET race even slightly more advanced than ourselves might already know, as we are on the verge of discovering, that communication based on quantum entanglement is infinitely more effective than mere radio. This would be especially significant to any spacefaring race, including ourselves in the near future, where communication over distances of billions or trillions of miles were desired. If current discoveries can be adapted to practical purposes, instant communication between stars, even galaxies, will be possible.

[[This text was adapted from an article posted on the website of author Whitley Strieber ( GSReport thanks Whitley Strieber for bringing this information to our attention. Further reading: "Origin of quantum mechanical complementarity probed by a 'which-way' experiment in an atom interferometer," S. Durr, T. Nonn, G. Rempe, Nature vol. 395, p. 33. "An End to Uncertainty," Mark Buchanan, The New Scientist 6 March 1999, "Light's spooky connections set distance record," Mark Buchanan, The New Scientist, 28 June 1997.] Built by Frontier on a Macintosh on 6/17/00; 12:04:24 PM. Web Comments - Produced by Recursive Arts Served 2007 times since 3/25/99.


If the theories of Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Teleportation turn out to be correct, then we could indeed postulate that an advanced civilization would use such methods for communications (given the obvious advantages).

Indeed, several physicists at Los Alamos National Laboratories are working to that end. They are working to not only solve the problems of quantum communications (using quantum entanglement to transmit usable information), but to solve the problems of creating a Quantum Computer. 1

The basis of quantum entanglement is that particles that were once entangled but are now separated by any distance, know instantly the state of the other particle. The theory is in obvious contradiction of the speed of light restriction, nevertheless, experimentation seems to bear it out.

If in fact two particles or photon, always know the state of its former entangled partner, than information can be transmitted instantaneously by altering the state of one of the particles, and the other, regardless of its distance, will alter in a similar way. This opens up a field referred to as Quantum teleportation. This is not teleportation in the Star Trek sense, but teleportation of data and states of matter.1


Now let us allow the following assumptions:

  1. An otherworldly civilization uses Quantum Teleportation for communications and altering states of matter.
  2. This civilization can perceive (receive) information through reading Quantum Teleportation (the altered states of quanta.
  3. THEY have been receiving information from US via quantum teleportation even though we did not send it intentionally (the first atomic explosion would have been a marker of the state of our civilization).
  4. THEY reside at a location physically removed from US.
  5. THEY want to communicate with US.


First THEY would have to get our attention. Second, as in the book CONTACT, they would have to teach us HOW to communicate with them.

Now, lets look at some interesting images:

Here is the Chilbolton Crop Glyph that preceded the infamous Arecibo Glyph of this summer.

What I noted from this image was that there seemed to be two identical fractals on either side of a space (center circles) that they both interacted with.

This image seems to be a good representation of Quantum Entanglement on one level, and the concept of instant communication of states over distance at another level.

Imagine the universe (or Galaxy) as the center geometry (the three circles, one with the other, etc). Now imagine that the geometry on either side and interfacing with the central geometry are entangled quanta. Each shows the state of the other at distance.

Here is the overhead:

Look carefully at the above image upper left corner. This is the second representation of the original, but this time, a year later in the famous Arecibo Glyph. This shows the same geometry in the place marker that shows the method of communication. We sent a digital representation that decoded to a pictogram of the Arecibo antenna. THEY show their method… Quantum Teleportation?

Could this be? If so can we read it? The current state of knowledge offers a possibility. Do a web search of the following phrases" "Quantum Entanglement" and Quantum Teleportation". You will find that much work has been done in this area since the mid nineties and in fact much research is being done on developing the quantum computer.

This means that others may have seen the above images and come to similar conclusions.

What is even more interesting is that Quantum Teleportation would explain the making of the crop circles themselves!

If you are advanced enough to use quantum teleportation, then you have the ability to read the exact location and state of a single half of an entangles pair or quanta. Simply alter the quanta at your end in such a way as to produce the needed effect in the quanta now located on earth. Change a few states within the atomic makeup of say a group of individual plants in an oil seed field, and in a cascaded way so that they are changed in a small area, and in a precise order to make them lay down in a specific pattern.

Or you create a momentary plasma field above the crop that lays it down in a specified pattern.

You have just transferred information in the form of a Quantum Teleported Pictogram. It is a safe way to transfer information so not as to hurt someone.

Why crops?

You could do it with water but the effect would be momentary and probably go unnoticed.

You could do it with clouds, but that would not last do to the constant state changes and energy given by heat and the atmosphere. Again very short-lived.

You might not want to try it on the people, because you might hurt them or change them in a way that could be considered cultural interference.

Crops work well because they stay down, but also you have to have technology to read them. You have to have flight. One needs to see large crop circles from above to really read the message well. This insures a level of technology.

Interestingly, Quantum Teleportation could lead to the idea of Quantum Probes for exploring the universe, but more on that later.

End of Part 1


Now Comes a Crop Circle

Part 1.1

David Fucich

October 3, 2001

In the last installment I discussed how the Theory of Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Teleportation, could play a role in the recent Crop Glyphs at Chilbolton, England. How and advanced civilization could use the science of linked quanta for the purpose of instantaneous communication.

In this article, I am skipping over part two to discuss a specific phenomenon that has been taking place beginning September 11, 2001, a date familiar to all.

Several Random number generators at Princeton University, have been generating anything but random numbers beginning on that date. Antidotal reports are that other Random Number Generators have been outputting phrases rather than random numbers also beginning on September 11, 2001.

Richard C. Hoagland, has in fact been following these reports with a keen eye. If fact this article is being written in a brief form in order to make a deadline on his behalf.

The reason I bring up Richard specifically is as area of research Championed by Richard and Michael Bara, the concept of hyperdimensional physics.

Without going into great detail (which I will do later) the idea of Quantum Communications and hyperdimensional physics are interdependent.

Quantum Communications relies on the theory that two sub atomic quanta (particles or photons) once entangled as a pair, and now separated by any distance, instantly know the state of the other. If two photons were once a pair and are now separated by 100 light years, at each and every instant they will mirror each other. If one changes its polarization, the other will instantly change to the same polarization, regardless of distance and time separation.

This means that if you change the state of this quanta, its twin changes, and thus a communications system can be built around a binary system of changing particles to represent a yes or no; a one or zero. You need a method of targeting the distant quanta so you know which to change and where the message is being sent. That’s why your civilization has to be more advanced than ours (although we are not far from it).

Los Alamos labs are already deeply involved in solving the problems of building Quantum Computers using this theory.

This of course begs the question, how can two particles separated by 100 light years instantly know what the other is doing. The answer is THEY MUST BE HYPERDIMENSIONALLY LINKED.

Current theories state that there may exist up to 11 dimensions in our universe, most so small (as compared to our time/space) they would all fit on the head of a pin (like so many angels). Thus is quanta are linked through all 11 dimensions then the distance their knowledge has to travel would be so small as to make the transfer instantaneous. Since every point in our dimension, touches every point in a dimension infinitely small, the travel is instantaneous.

So , now that you have that picture how does it relate to Random Number Generators (RNGs).

Please allow the following:

You are an advanced civilization and you want to communicate with a less advanced group that does not currently have Quantum Communications. You can change the states of sub atomic Quanta in their reality, but how do you effectively communicate.

In order to make it work, you have to change the state of a quanta that is not going to be changed again before it passes its message.

You also have to do it where it will get noticed.

An RNG is a perfect place to do this since you just have to flip and electron on the output of the processor in the RNG to change the output from Random to something sensible. And since its no longer random, it gets noticed. It fact a RNG is a perfect Quantum Communications Receiver.

Example, the Random output was in binary to be 100101. Flip one electron and get 101101. You have just sent a message. Do it some more and string together phrases.

One of the advantages is it would take a minimal amount of power and it changes quanta in a safe location (as opposed to inside a living system – more on that later).

So, the hypothesis is quanta are connected hyperdimensionally, and an advanced civilization, current or future, can send messages to us through changing the output of Random number generators.

The next great question – if quanta exist multi dimensionally, what else does?

End Part 1.1