A few comments after-the-fact, mostly, re, Firmage:

Keep in mind,  Although I really don't know him that well (he was not yet 
born when I left Utah in '66 to go teach in CA); however, and I'm not sure 
how I know this, Joe thinks he's doin good, but I can't help from some of his 
comments in recent interviews, that he MIGHT BE in dangerous company. The 
dude is brilliant but they (spookoids) are closin in on him and he's young 
and inexperienced, money or not.

I DO LIKE THE GUY, almost like a lil brother--spiritual lil brother that is, 
same tweaked brain as mine, I see . . .signs.

I feel that Firmage is much like the rest of us mutant experiencer's, and we 
need to watch out for one-another no matter what.


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<< ************************************************************
 Kent asked me to share this with the Starfriends list of what we were
 talking about last night, there is something that is/was going on in
 (We were talking about Joe Firmage, etc., that is the Joe mentioned below.)
 (edited for the Starfriends list)
 PHIKENT:    You know Joe, although I was gone when he was born, his family
 lived within a stone's throw of mine in Holladay, Utah
  JONI FERRIS:     You know Joe?
  PHIKENT:    AND...there WERE indeed a lot of strange things going on around
 there that in my opinion was NOT GOOD for the people, the Mormon
 communities---in the Fifties bizarre things happened and the salt-o' the
 earth types started gettin WEIRD.
 PHIKENT:    I've never met Joe, but when I heard about his "experiences,"  I
 called him and a coupla weeks later her called back for a 15 min chat--busy
  PHIKENT:    Around 1958, me and my lil brothers where out playing on the
 lawn when a WHOLE FLEET of UFOs APPARENTLY buzzed Utah.  Although the event
 became very dreamlike over the years, my brothers in the last few years
 verified the memory
 JONI FERRIS:     do you think you were taken at that time?  All of you
 (brothers too?)
  PHIKENT:    yes, we went and hid inside, but they found us and hauled us
 aboard their ship (I think)  I was very young, but the memory although
 dreamlike was followed by experiences that were not.
  PHIKENT:    When I first heard about Joe, it really HIT ME.
  PHIKENT:    I'll keep writing here cuz it needs to come out, anyway,
 thereafter, the simple Mormon folk began to change, got kind of uptight, much
 competition, a sudden drive toward material things.  Kinda MEAN!
 PHIKENT:    meanwhile, the defense industry and their spookoids moved into
 Utah BIGTIME, even in my opinion infiltrated the the politics, the Mormon
 Church, was a big sellout, very sad.  I also think the Mormons became
 regarded as EXPENDABLE and were the victims of obvious and not so obvious
 PHIKENT:    radiation releases, mind-control, suddenly the simple farmers,
 moved towards jobs in Defense, became trained for roles in Alphabet Agencies,
 etc.  Their world missionary program became a basis for inclusion in the
 world spy network--many returned missionaries were recruited at BYU to become
 CIA, NSA, etc.
  PHIKENT:    The whole Mormon culture did a flipflop
  JONI FERRIS:     What ets did you see?
  PHIKENT:    Seen several kind, I BELIEVE the ones way back then were grays,
 maybe reps
  PHIKENT:    Dugway Proving Grounds which had ties to Brookhaven performed
 ghastly experiments such as intentional radiation releases over the Salt Lake
 Valley, starting in '49
  PHIKENT:    I NOW BELIEVE that mind-control techniques, the electronic kind
 were deployed there.
 JONI FERRIS:     right, so you think that maybe the govt was working with Ets
 in that area?
  JONI FERRIS:     What city was this in?
  PHIKENT:    yes, and I wouldn't be surprised regarding infiltration into the
 Mormon culture itself, a perfect test ground, an long isolated people,
 strongly authority oriented, for one thing the DOD moved in there, and the
 West in general because the cowpoke populations, essentially conservative,
 would create less of a risk when strange stunts were experimented with by the
 Paperclip boys.
  PHIKENT:    Salt Lake City and surrounding communities.
 JONI FERRIS:     Did they do these experiments on the local children at
 night there?
  PHIKENT:    I NOW MUST ACCEPT that some of my own bizarre experiments could
 have been "manipulation, either by ETs, Feds, or both.
  PHIKENT:    something bad was happening at night.  My brother, ANON, and I
 were aware of entities moving through the bedroom, typical kid stuff, I
 guess, but nevertheless powerful enough to still happen to us in adulthood.
  JONI FERRIS:     Right, can you write like a timeline of your experiences?
 To see what has been done?
  PHIKENT:    have one already:
  JONI FERRIS:     That is great, ok, Kent, did you see the same ETs thru out
 your life?
  PHIKENT:    To tell you the truth I am VERY CONCERNED about Joe Firmage,
 almost makes me cry, he is brilliant, but he has dropped certain names, that
 smack of Aviary, etc.
  PHIKENT:    He reminds me so much of myself as a young man.
  JONI FERRIS:     Then he is a plant?  works for the govt?
  PHIKENT:    My feeling is, and I want to word this very carefully.....
  JONI FERRIS:     ok
  PHIKENT:    He has been "intrigued" by some dangerous elements, keep in mind
 he is very young....
  PHIKENT:    And in truth my heart goes out to him
  JONI FERRIS:     ok, so what do you make of him and what you experienced?
 What did he say to you?
  PHIKENT:    I made a crummy attempt to try to talk to him, hoping to get to
 the important stuff, alas, my real message failed, the phone call was so
 brief on his end.
 JONI FERRIS:     Did he see the same ETs as you did?
  PHIKENT:    He saw an alleged "angelic" being, similar to visitations I have
 had, BUT read very carefully what I've said above, think about the idea that
 an entire town, an entire culture has been preened to see certain things in a
 certain way.
 PHIKENT:    Now here comes the hard part
  JONI FERRIS:     ok
  PHIKENT:    Given that an entire "backwoods" population could have been a
 part of a manipulative experiment....
  JONI FERRIS:     your brothers remember what they'd id to them too?
  PHIKENT:    given that I am seeing people like myself from a similar
 background even within my own neighborhood having dreams, visions,
  JONI FERRIS:     he had dreams like you had?  can you tell me the
  PHIKENT:    I remember nuclear under-the-desk alerts, giant radioactive
 clouds going over the valley, other radiation releases that were in fact
 INTENTIONAL.  Dugway once released enough rads over the SL Valley to rival
 Chernobyl, just to see what would happen to the civilian population.
  JONI FERRIS:     how did they get control of peoples minds?  How can we
 protect ourselves from this?
  PHIKENT:    Non-ionizing weapons were UNDOUBTEDLY tested.
  PHIKENT:    social manipulation, more
  JONI FERRIS:     when you went to bed at night could they have broadcasted
 dreams to everyone in that town?
  PHIKENT:    The Salt Lake Valley was a perfect petrii jar for
  JONI FERRIS:     sounds like it!
  PHIKENT:    A people, authority-oriented, European descent, homogeneous,
 already believers in dreams, prophets, visions.
  JONI FERRIS:     I have seen a drac, and they are something a person can't
  JONI FERRIS:     did you experience experiences thru out your life?
  PHIKENT:    yes, continued
  PHIKENT:    here's a difficult question, if a normal person has an ET
 implant, what is he, what does he become?
  JONI FERRIS:     someone who is being tracked?  looked at?
  PHIKENT:    If a person for instance gets a biological DRAC implant, is he
 then human or DRAC?
  PHIKENT:    feel free to copy this and post whatever parts to STAR--time to
 hash these things out.
  JONI FERRIS:     OK, you take care Kent, and we all will figure this out!
  PHIKENT:    later