truckdriver: Hi there, did you have a good new Year's bash?
Phikent: stayed home with fam
truckdriver: well, I stayed home too
Phikent: some bashers, eh?
truckdriver: well, I got smashed after midnight, bottle of champagne and a big bottle of white wine
Phikent: lucky
truckdriver: did I ever talk a lot until I fell down at about 4:30 am
Phikent: sorry I missed THAT
truckdriver: you would have laughed a lot for sure
truckdriver: any idea of where the sun cruiser is about now?
Phikent: I smoked cigs, about it.
truckdriver: me too
Phikent: cruiser sighted last:
truckdriver: I was so sure someone would still be tracking it
truckdriver: is that it near the solar orb?
Phikent: yup, enlargement:
truckdriver: ok looks still about the same then, eh?
Phikent: guess so
truckdriver: I bet it will not be lost for a while now that we are tracking it clearly
truckdriver: any idea of its velocity?
Phikent: Don't know, getting evidence of NASA censorships of images.
truckdriver: I am sure of that too
Phikent: velocity no
Phikent: but it will be totally gone from view in one hour
truckdriver: to where?
Phikent: have to really be truckin to do that
truckdriver: yes, it can be very fast as far as I know
Phikent: off the field of view
truckdriver: oh ok
truckdriver: is there something else we could follow it with?
Phikent: to draw a parallel, our fastest spacecraft would seem to remain in same spot for days
truckdriver: yes, it can go far faster than we ever could with anything
truckdriver: maybe a series of photos can be used to estimate its speed
truckdriver: we can use current pics to plot its course, and compare changes and position
truckdriver: it ought to be almost light speed
Phikent: I would say it moves in and out of 3D
Phikent: earmark of light warp
truckdriver: no, it is changing fields of energy to protect itself
Phikent: good point
truckdriver: field of energy are also propulsion system effect
Phikent: same basic system
truckdriver: yes
truckdriver: no different for thousand years
Phikent: ain't burnin kerosene, that's for sure
truckdriver: yeah
truckdriver: it does need maintenance missions of its own to keep going...
truckdriver: it will not come further out than th orbit of Mercury
Phikent: big as a planet too, at first, years ago, we were gettin planets mixed up with cruiser, now we examine charts more thoroughly
truckdriver: yes, it is absolutely huge!!
Phikent: we do see it often now, so often I can't capture them all, harddrive would max out quick.
Phikent: so it's rather constant anomaly
truckdriver: well, we will have to make a project of comparison pictures and so on
Phikent: yup, several looking now, pretty good archive
truckdriver: i think it was an old aore carrier that has been converted into a stellar dipper
Phikent: what's an aore carrier?
truckdriver: the size and bulk only means it was designed originally to carry lots of mass
truckdriver: ore, sorry
truckdriver: my freudian typos have begun to turn Jungian on me
Phikent: lot of strange secondary phenom being seen now
truckdriver: what, around it?
Phikent: energy effects going millions of miles out
Phikent: almost like the void between universes gets thin.
truckdriver: no, just energy in field absorbing other energy
Phikent: I think lightspeed and warp implies interpenetrating universes
truckdriver: no
truckdriver: only more energy means time dilation
Phikent: why not?
truckdriver: still in same dimension
truckdriver: dimensional barriers are something else entirely
Phikent: Light itself is what we see of curved space, transition between dimensions, that's why it gets called a particle and a wave, it's transitional
Phikent: light is curved space
truckdriver: I know there are rivers of light around the heart of th galaxy
truckdriver: some of that light is so old it has evolved into a kind of life
Phikent: sure, agree, light is alive
truckdriver: the key to those evolutions are patterns that began and simply continued in complexities until it reacts
Phikent: probably more alive than the average astrophysicist
truckdriver: yes and far more pure and knowing in a lot of things
Phikent: beginning to think of matter as chaff
truckdriver: something like that
Phikent: doesn't last long anyways.
truckdriver: energy beings are far more durable and intelligent than we imagine
Phikent: energy beings are primary, material secondary
truckdriver: that is quite the beam coming from? the sun
truckdriver: it looks like a materialization beam
Phikent: but...even us cowpokes have both aspects, what a fine fix
truckdriver: the better to escape the petrie dish with...
Phikent: maybe tear up the laboratory, eh?
truckdriver: could try that too on the way out...
Phikent: if ever in at all.
Phikent: life could just be a stoned-condition, addiction
truckdriver: oh sure, we are in a artificial star system for sure, and we are being cultured for an end product..
Phikent: always bothered me that something could exist outside of the total
truckdriver: yes, there is something, and I can assure you that our idea of the 'invisible observer' is not too far off the mark
Phikent: like here's infinity, but, over here is outside infinity, what kinda dumb deal is THAT?
truckdriver: the boundary of th petrie dish I was talking about
Phikent: must be a pretend-dish
truckdriver: nothing is pretend
Phikent: could all be pretend
truckdriver: I heard that and laughed
truckdriver: I sure as heck would have pretended something far more agreeable for myself..
Phikent: okay, by gum it's real, after all I pay taxes.
truckdriver: i try not to
truckdriver: I pretend to pay my taxes
Phikent: only stuff that is real is my stuff
truckdriver: they can have whatever is left over that I haven't already used. And besides, my stuff is more real than your stuff...
truckdriver: :-)
Phikent: naw I'm making up your stuff
truckdriver: \thanx, now I know why I have so much trouble
Phikent: sorry
truckdriver: me too
truckdriver: only Y2K troubles we have is the fact that we have a month's worth of goodies in the cupboards, but by tomorrow morning, I will be out of coffee and dish soap
truckdriver: guess I just can't plan for everything on my shopping lists
Phikent: that whirligig coming out of the sun, found something similar made by the whackos at DESY:
truckdriver: that is an interesting find
Phikent: they call it an, ahem, Computer graphics:Representation of the acceleration of electrons in the superconducting X-ray laser microscope
Phikent: prefer whirligig, more poetic
truckdriver: whirligig is a good name for it
truckdriver: it can be made to focus at any point throughout its infinite length
Phikent: so....
truckdriver: it is a kind of transportation and materialization beam
truckdriver: something is either being added to or taken from our sun's surface
Phikent: we have whirligig in SOHO Xray, and one in lil ol DESY gizmo, makes sense, no wonder my hair won't keep a straight part
truckdriver: that too
truckdriver: lots of heat and energy management
truckdriver: toasted hair is only a symptom
Phikent: same day as solar-whirly, unprecedented magnetometer:
Phikent: ALL ADDS up it once....
truckdriver: expected because of the intense fields of energy being transferred
truckdriver: just don't know if it is coming or going
Phikent: same day also got word that a coupla bozos busted into a room below the Sphinx, what a day
truckdriver: either way, it is still virtually a bare wire with high voltage in it
Phikent: fired up a machine to see what would happen, if so, must have been some smart hamsters on earth once.
truckdriver: I guess these are funny words to be coming out of a truck driver, eh?
truckdriver: yes, those hamsters, they were so smart..
Phikent: only truck-drivers and artists know....
truckdriver: here all this time I thought it was only the hair-dresser
Phikent: except, trucks are a mystery here, that is, how they roll down the road at all, must be witchcraft, now about Boeing 747s....
truckdriver: well witch craft? I don't cast those kinds of spells
truckdriver: I tried to make a magic mirror and the damned thing still tells the truth
truckdriver: it won't lie at all
Phikent: no, the truck, big ol honkin gizmo, weighs a bazillion tons and screams down interstate 5, ain't possible says me.
Phikent: must be an illusion
truckdriver: oh, been there and done that
truckdriver: trying to take a short cut over to 10
truckdriver: well, I better let you go and do something important or like that. nice talking with you
Phikent: gave up driving anything ten years ago, one day looked hard at my beat up Dodge pickem up truck, and thought, SHEESH, I should be hamburger by now. So quit drivin.
Phikent: okayyy, laterrrrr
truckdriver: lucky you that could do that
truckdriver: I still gotta get rid of that itch to go
truckdriver: bye for now, take care