The MAPS....Well, I put them together. I am "TAL" (also known as Jason Bishop III).

* Starting in the mid-1960's, I collected data on various aspects of UFO's, Cavern Entities, Underground Cities and Bases, and Anomalies of all kinds.

Along the way, I was given Maps belonging to deceased Masonic Members, Rare Books (with Maps) and Maps from several UFO Researchers.

Also, many Maps from "TEC", who worked Security at the Dulce Underground Base. He and I lived in Santa Fe, N.M., and had mutual friends. I was inducted into a "Fraternal" Order, in Santa Fe, in 1979.

I had large versions of these MAPS (much more complete) on the walls, of my home. Then the REPTOIDS showed up. That shut me up for about 10 years. Then I decided to tell some of what I know. For more info,

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* NEW MEXICO Sightings : "TAL" 03 Apr 1999

Extract : In the Summer of 1979, I was working graveyard Security at EBERLINE Radiation Detection Equipment Company on the south end of the city of SANTA FE, N.M. at about 2 A.M. , a radiation monitor near the back dock went off. There were tests going on in the building and I started looking for what might be wrong. I couldn't determine anything wrong inside so I went outside to the rear dock area. Hovering about 50 ft above the rear gate was a 30 ft. diameter SPHERE. It was mostly glowing White Yet there were what I call "Swirling PLASMA rainbow colors" happening also. It rose up about 200 ft. and slowly moved to the North, towards the downtown PLAZA area. When I got off work at 6 A.M. , I called the Santa Fe police department and asked if any one had reported anything unusual in the sky. The woman said , "Yes", this was the third night of sightings.

And as we were talking she said that Officer ______and Officer______had just come in and would I like to talk to them? I spoke with Office_____(name on file) . . .He said they first spotted the large SPHERE over the PLAZA, and like the 2 nights previous followed it north out of town into the National Forest area. That the object stopped and hovered low across the road from an area I knew to be the location of a large natural deposit of MAGNETITE. It was joined by 5 other SPHERES. They spaced themselves about 30 ft from each other in the form of a 6 sided geometric form. Then they move together (without touching) to the Northwest. There is more to this. A few nights later , at my home in Santa Fe, there was a high frequency sound and bluish/white light started coming into the living room from outside. Then (and a swear on my life, to any other human reading this) a 7 ft. tall "REPTOID" (Reptilian Humanoid) appeared in my home. It checked out my UFO; Cavern; Abduction; Animal Mutilation ; etc. research maps of New Mexico, on the wall.

There is more to what happened . . .but, I'll tell you this, they are tracking their cross-breed hybrids, all of whom have Rh-negative blood types. They have breed into the human population and the hybrids (5% of the population of the Earth) mostly do not know they are any different than the rest of us. Yet, many of them have lower blood pressure; lower body temperature; and many are born with tails ,that the doctors remove at birth. The government, that you think is keeping secrets, is just hiding that they DO NOT UNDERSTAND what is going on! It will be you, private investigators, who will help other HU-mans to find out that these BEINGS are mostly NOT from another PLANET . . .the secret is that they are from Earth. We have a common ancestor and we ALL have evolved right here on Earth! It is just that the REPTOIDS and their slaves (the GREYS) live in CAVERNS and Sub-cities within Terra (third from the SUN). They are manipulating us to their own purposes. You must awaken to the truth. Stop looking up! We are in a SPECIES war! Stop dreaming of other worlds . . .they are HERE, NOW.

* Appearance of REPTOIDS, I have known. "TAL" Date: 07 Apr 1999


Having been within arm length of REPTOIDS, I did get to observe various details. They wore no clothes. But, they did have a "UTILITY BELT", with several unusual things on it. One "device" had a small orange light on it. When this is touched, they simply "disappear". I have quickly moved into the spots where the REPTOIDS were, instantly after they disappear. There was no temperature anomaly in the ZONE. I had expected it to be "cooler" in the area (if they were draining energy to manifest, like happens in various kinds of apparitions). They did change density at times. They made heavy footsteps, in the hallway, on the wood floor. And could walk through the walls. They "glow" an electrical blue/greenish color, like some kind of AURA. The head is similar to the Reptilian Humanoids on the TV Program "BABYLON 5". The head was more cone shaped, like the "YETI" kind of have. In fact, the REPTOIDS are built like Big Foot. The one has SCALES, the other has HAIR. The Eyes are "slit" SERPENT-like. Very strange, "flame-like" and flickery. Three fingers and an opposing thumb. With claw-like Talons (on fingers and feet). A small tail. Large Scales, like a "Breast Plate" on the chest. The scales were smaller where the body is flexible, like around the elbow. The Scales were like a SNAKE. I guess that is why some call them "The SERPENT Race".

The Scales were mostly green to very dark green, on each scale (a variation of color). They are "Telepathic". Very quick thoughts. IDEAS driven by Images and geometric Impressions NOT a "linear" form of communication, like words. More, of a Symbol or Image Language. They DO react to your "thoughts". They can "overwhelm" you with DATA (it seems like "thought compression". It can take you a long time to assimilate their "TRANSMISSION" and integrate it.

After awhile I "saw" the language, as FRACTAL "Mandelic" Hyper-Spheres or "THOUGHT FORM" constructs, to pass DATA. These sucks are data freaks. Highly Intellectual. Limited Emotional response (Hate, Fear and a "short circuit" Confusion state(mild Panic). You can think or do "the UNEXPECTED" and they do "freak out". So . . .stay calm and centered. They RESPECT that. Then they "THINK" you are dangerous. But, if you Fear them, they will taunt your weakness and will DISrespect you.

Careful, don't DIS-"REP" them either. They are no better than you. I "glean" they want something WE have. Something in our SOUL Nature. We can "Shift" to Theta "BALANCE" and LINK to the SOURCE. They are TOO far into analyzing. Unbalanced. They like DRUGS like cocaine, opium, Magic Mushrooms and "milking" humans for endorphins. They can't get INTO your Mind without you having the opportunity to get into their REPTILIAN Brain, too. They KNOW alot about the outward form of creation. They KNOW the "Force" . . .but, behind that is "The SOURCE". They NEED us, we don't need them. They will appear in England to Tibet, in August 1999. Then will return, 13 years later, in 2012. There . . .This is the 20th year since I first saw them in 1979. They ARE here. I KNOW. I waited 10 years before, I originally went public. The REPTOIDS are O.K.

But, even they FEAR the Returning DRACO (Horned & Winged). These are more Reddish. The Draco Prime are WHITE (albino). Welcome to my world. "TAL"

Kent, The above is O.K. to SHARE. Thank You, "TAL"

Map of alleged underground bases 2. 3