Official Story Miles from the Truth

As usual, we can only piece together the REAL story from bits and pieces ignored or downplayed by the censored, Khazarian-controlled media. As this article will demonstrate, the "official" version of events is at odds even with itself, contradicts John Kennedy’s last words and ignores the testimony of many witnesses to the crash of his plane on Friday evening, July 16.


The final, official version of events immediately surrounding the crash of John Kennedy’s airplane is almost bare of details or facts. The last four radar contacts were reported as follows:

9:40:20, altitude 2,200 feet; 9:40:24, altitude 1,900 feet; 9:40:29, altitude 1,600 feet and 9:40:34, altitude 1,100 feet. The AVERAGE rate of descent works out to a little more than 4,700 feet per minute. We are told that these blips occurred at a distance of 16 miles from the airport, but curiously we are not told in what direction. After four days of searching, the main fuselage of the plane was located in 116 feet of water, 7 miles southwest of Gay Head, at the southwestern corner of Martha’s Vineyard.

Officially, the reason for the crash is unknown. The major media have made every effort to underscore John Kennedy’s limited flight experience and the potential for pilot error. This, they say, given haze and challenging flying conditions, could possibly have led to the plane entering into a "Graveyard Spiral," in which the plane swirls downward in an ever-tightening spiral at accelerating velocity. Now, they say, it will take anywhere from six to nine months to piece together the aircraft to determine the cause of the crash—either as simple pilot error or as mechanical failure. Autopsies are said to have revealed that all 3 occupants of the plane died instantly, of multiple injuries, at the point of impact. The bodies of John, Carolyn and Lauren were cremated immediately following the autopsies.



Have a close look at the map accompanying this article. Note that the crash wreckage was found 7 miles off the coast, 19 miles from the airport. Remember that the last location they said was reported on radar was only 16 miles from the airport. Thus, according to the official version, while plunging at 6,000 feet per minute (according to the last two radar blips), from an altitude of 1,100 feet, with only 11 seconds to impact at that rate, the airplane managed to fly 3 miles to the west in those 11 seconds! Wow! Shades of the "magic bullet" theory advanced by Arlen Specter for the Warren Commission!


Early on in the coverage of John Kennedy’s "missing" airplane, it was reported that he radioed the control tower at 9:39 p.m., reporting his position as "13 miles from the airport, not more than 10 miles from shore" indicating that he was beginning his final approach. Please refer again to the accompanying map. Note that the ONLY plausible approach to Martha’s Vineyard from the southwest which would place the plane 10 miles from shore and 13 miles from the airport would be in the vicinity of Noman’s Land, a small island due south of the Kennedy estate.


Official reports either do not refer to witnesses or state outright that there were none—but there appear to have been many indirect witnesses to the crash.

Victor Pribanic, a fisherman at Squibnocket Point (identified by the number "1" on the accompanying map), reported to the Martha’s Vineyard Times that he had heard a "loud explosion-like sound" from the direction of Noman’s Land. This "ear witness" report, ignored by mainstream media, corroborates the 13-mile distance that Kennedy called in to the control tower.

A reporter for the Vineyard Gazette newspaper (identified by the number "2" on the map) is reported to have told WCVB-TV in Boston that he was out walking Friday night about the time of the crash and saw a "big white flash in the sky" off Philbin Beach, on the southwest coast of Martha’s Vineyard.

Other reports indicate that approximately ten witnesses reported an explosion or flash of light "from the south" at about the time of the crash. A guest of the Kennedys (identified by the number "3" on the map), is reported to have witnessed an explosion—but this report is now listed as "unconfirmed," possibly out of fear of reprisals.

Based on the reports of witnesses and Kennedy’s own report to the control tower, there is little doubt that the crash occurred in the vicinity of Noman’s Land, some 7 and one-half miles from where the wreckage of the plane was officially "found"!


The small island called Noman’s Land is known as a military target-practice area. Was this just "target practice"? If so, then who are the real targets? The Kennedy estate is only a little over three miles from Noman’s Land, which is almost exactly due south from the estate. Visibility that night was eight miles, so the crash occurred within visual range of the Kennedy estate and its guests. Surely this message has not been lost on those at the estate that night.

Virtually all recent reports in the mainstream (controlled) media have referred to the Kennedy estate as the Kennedy "compound". What’s wrong with the word, "estate" instead? "Compound"—as used to describe, for instance, the unenclosed group of buildings at Waco—appears to be a code word, implying that all within are "enemies of the state". Thus, it is not surprising that any Kennedy guest who witnessed the explosion will not step forward at this time to provide evidence.

As in the case of Princess Diana, there are many unconfirmed reports that Carolyn Bessette Kennedy was pregnant. A Kennedy heir about to be born? For the twisted, occult-oriented, satanic minds behind the scenes, perhaps this was a perfect opportunity for a sacrifice, performed right in front of the family members for additional impact.

It is also noteworthy that the Friday plane crash occurred within two days of the anniversary of "Chappaquidick," also on Martha’s Vineyard. That event occurred on Friday, July 18, 1969. John Kennedy’s father was assassinated on Friday, November 22, 1963. Fridays do indeed seem to hold some significance for occult, ritual killings.

In addition, the plane crash occurred exactly on the three-year anniversary of the downing of TWA flight #800, and in the same general vicinity.


It is probably no mere coincidence that TWA flight #800 fell out of the sky in the same general vicinity. It has long been rumored that special, highly-classified weapon systems exist at Montauk, New York, which is only about 60 miles west-southwest of Martha’s Vineyard. The use of such weapons could account for eyewitness reports of a "bright flash in the sky" in the vicinity of the crash.

The pattern of the debris field adds credence to the notion of mid-air destruction of John Kennedy’s plane. The Vineyard Gazette reported that debris floated up on beaches all over the southern part of the island, from Gay Head all the way east to the Edgartown Great Pond (near the eastern end of Martha’s Vineyard)—a distance which covers some 25 miles of shoreline. It is doubtful that a plane dropping into the water intact would result in such broad dispersion of the debris.

A firsthand witness of recovered debris, writing under condition of maintaining his anonymity, had this to say: "All indication from Forensics and Physical evidence investigations lend themselves to a violent explosion, either from an altitude or barometric pressure device, or from a Particle Beam Laser…the nature of collateral damage to recovered aircraft parts, and items on board or from (the aircraft) such as the headrest, foot pedals, steering yoke carpeting and so fourth. All showed signs of violent damage, having been ‘ripped’ or blown from their normal positions/locations. This can only be caused by an onboard explosion, or an attack by a missile or Laser."

The same source, recently identified as an agent of Interpol, reports that weather radar information as well as satellite information is "missing" for a full two-hour period of time surrounding the crash. This data could have shown the electromagnetic wave which was probably generated by the Montauk blast.

Here is another excerpt from this agent’s report: "Agency is quite familiar with the evil legacy of Montauk Point. Technology reputed to be null and void is in fact known to be in existence there, and being employed against the American public. This includes not only this Laser, but (MK-Ultra) mind-control, Remote Viewing, the infamous ‘Montauk chair’, and so on. We strongly suspect one of the technologies was used against subject’s aircraft. Currently, evidence points to the Laser, although this cannot be completely substantiated."


The confidential source at the site of the investigation, referred to immediately above, states, "We have learned that subject was preparing to either run against Hillary Clinton in the New York Primary, or for the Presidency in 2000 (which we believe he would have won)."

Sherman Skolnick advertises himself as the producer/moderator of Chicago the public access,

Cable-TV Program, "Broadsides", and the chairman/founder of the Citizen’s Committee to Clean

up the Courts. In a recent e-mail broadcast, he writes of John Kennedy: "He planned to reveal a

well-kept secret that on or about August 1, 1999, he was to announce he was running for


Can anyone argue that John Kennedy, Jr. would NOT make a very strong presidential candidate? Just look at the outpouring of emotion around the nation before you even consider that argument. His lack of reverence for "politics as usual," well reflected in his George magazine, could have been very interesting, to say the least.

The leading contender at present is George Bush, Jr. What would it mean to America if the very well respected, squeaky-clean JFK, Jr. were to bring out evidence of George Bush, Sr.’s involvement in the death of John’s father? The whole nation has been looking for closure on that issue for some time. What motivation did JFK, Jr. have for beginning a series of articles on political assassinations in George magazine? Do you want to bet whether or not the Kennedy family is aware of the Bush involvement? Isn’t it plausible that John’s mother might have filled him in on some of the intriguing details?

Of course, that isn’t the only bit of "dirt" that sticks to the Bush family. How about a $250 billion Banco Nationale del Lavoro (BNL) account in Atlanta, held jointly in the names of Saddam Hussein and George Bush, Sr.? Or, what about the Bush family involvement in the savings and loan debacle? Or, how about some hard evidence that George Bush, Sr.’s Zapata Petroleum/Offshore Company has been heavily involved in importing drugs into this country, in the sponsons of offshore oilrigs? Such issues are well beyond the scope of this brief article, but are well known to many knowledgeable researchers.

John, Jr. would certainly not have had to play all of these cards—he might not have had to play them at all, and any ONE of them would have been enough to ensure his success against the "Skull and Bones" Bush family in the 2000 elections.



Based on the early reports of John Kennedy’s last words with the control tower, as well as numerous reports from witnesses, it is highly probable that his plane crashed just northeast of Noman’s Land. Anyone who would even consider the evidence of his last words ("not more than 10 miles from shore, 13 miles from the airport") in conjunction with a map would have reached that conclusion within minutes, not days. There is little doubt but that the REAL radar data would have confirmed this location. The Vineyard Gazette reported early on in the search that Noman’s Land was a prime search area and vessels were dispatched to that area immediately to check it out.

Somehow, however, it took four days to "find" the wreckage, 7 and one-half miles west of the REAL "splash point," 3 miles west ("backwards") from where they say they had their last radar contact. The radar data alone should have provided a nearly precise location of the crashed plane—if it was real, as reported. We are told that the wreckage was eventually found within one-half mile of the ideal, highest-probability location—which, no doubt, was determined not by the actual facts but by computer simulations that could make the most sense out of the debris field by simulation.

What REALLY happened during those four days can only be a matter of informed speculation for anyone not intimately involved in the operation. In order to produce the "right looking" evidence for the "official" story, some tampering would have been necessary. The damage would need to appear plausibly consistent with a high-speed plunge into the water, rather than a mid-air disintegration. Instruments, gauges and system monitors would have to be "frozen" into the "right" positions. Most time-consuming of all, the wreckage would have to be moved to a different, less obvious location, to prevent anyone from stumbling across the work in progress. This was facilitated by a rule to keep all cameras more than five miles away from "the crash site" ("out of respect for the family")—which was, as this article documents, seven miles from the real point of impact.

What about the autopsies? Wouldn’t the bodies have shown some evidence unique to the type of weapon used to bring down the plane? They might, IF the medical examiners knew what they were looking for. Could the examiners be compromised? Of course, we have seen that before. If the bodies had been irradiated by the Montauk weaponry, or were otherwise unsuitable for presentation, it might have been necessary to replace them. The latest reports of cloning capabilities indicate that it is possible to create a replica within just 3 days, possibly less without the need for memory downloads—another reason why it might have taken four days to "find" the wreckage. In order to make the replicas consistent with the official story, they would have to have been subjected to brutal deaths, consistent with a high-speed plunge into the ocean in a small aircraft. Because the replicas are created in a bath of liquid, the medical examiners would easily have been fooled into thinking that they were examining the real bodies.



As a final note to this article, any witnesses need to be made aware that their only protection lies in coming forward with the truth of what they know. Trying to keep silent out of fear to stay alive has proven, time after time, to be a fatal prescription. The more people that share in your knowledge of events, the more likely you are to live, as killing becomes counterproductive for the perpetrators. In the days and months ahead, as the truth unfolds, be prepared for a rash of accidental deaths and suicides—of at least 10 witnesses to the crash who are refusing to come forward, plus any involved directly in the "recovery" (moving) of the crashed plane.

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