Subj: creators

Date: 9/20/99 6:15:23 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: Phikent


Phikent: ya know, Einstein said genius was concentration plus imagination

Phikent: Einstein said his discoveries were not made with his rational mind

Phikent: Einstein would call a cab to go next door. He once ate an orchid banquet-dealy, thinking it was the salad.



Phikent: Feedback so far is right on

FRIEND: in what way

Phikent: no naysayers

FRIEND: hmmm, well would be interesting to hear from all the Nosty experts, what they think

Phikent: Only had two so far, haven't checked mail yet. One sent more info about Algol, the other ICQed me, an amateur astronomer, sayin he agreed.

Phikent: astro said Alg 93 lightyears away

Phikent: close enough that...

Phikent: whatever it does would influence Sol too

FRIEND: hmmmm.....

Phikent: only about a peanut away

Phikent: think of neighboring cells in the body


Phikent: The latest data on your web site has now finally found the truth, re:

°ALGOLS - yes the full effects of Lee, as we have stated will be from

°22nd to 26th - September - this was calculated by ANON 6 months

°ago, and stated on my web site.

FRIEND: do you understand what he's talking about

FRIEND: reptilians??

Phikent: yes

FRIEND: can you explain , without having to make you write a book

Phikent: OSIRIS is reptilian, OUR ancestor

Phikent: howdya like them beans?

FRIEND: ancestor.... in what way

FRIEND: as in we mixed with them

Phikent: you have no idea how much trouble Salty has been causing with this Osiris coverage

FRIEND: now ya gots to tell me the story

Phikent: yayyy Salty, go, GO

FRIEND: we are reptilian

FRIEND: come on

FRIEND: i am warm blooded


Phikent: punted

Phikent: Go dig around on earth, whatya find, people, heck no, dinos

FRIEND: yeah

FRIEND: continue

Phikent: wasn't until the Creators came here that the DNA-path was altered.

Phikent: they made us from stuff already here

FRIEND: ok , if that is so, and i will entertain that idea, how come still reptilian dudes here

Phikent: and their experiment kinda backfired becuzzzzzzz

FRIEND: becuzzzz.....

Phikent: three intelligent strands here, reptilian, human, and a bridge, the Cetaceans, whales, etc

FRIEND: love whalessss

Phikent: The Creators made us for an ulterior reason

FRIEND: for what did they make us

Phikent: at first they wanted workers that weren't as mean n' nasty as the lizzies

Phikent: then in their DNA-works they attempted to welll.....

FRIEND: when you say lizzies do you mean the reptilians or dinos

FRIEND: sorry i keep interrupting

Phikent: think of it this way, if you were a DNA scientist, what would be your ultimate experiment, if'n it twere you--this is a TEST

FRIEND: what is my goal, depends on my goal and motivation


FRIEND: got the hiccups huh

Phikent: they attempted to make a super-species and in fact they succeeded

FRIEND: what were they like , the super species


Phikent: but what they created totally blew them away, because the Creators literally made their own god

FRIEND: what???????????????????????????????????

Phikent: they made a being with capabilities that exceeded themselves

FRIEND: talk specifics here salty dog or i am gonna reach through this window and a grab ya....


Phikent: which caused a big mess in Creator-land

FRIEND: super species +

FRIEND: your confusing me, name names......

Phikent: because whom they created literally revolted and blew their lil dumbasses off the world

FRIEND: name of creators first off

FRIEND: tap tap tap................

FRIEND: must be some historical reference??

Phikent: what they created, much to their surprise was a Being with a capability that confused them

Phikent: because this Being had something they did not called...

Phikent: ready, get-set, go...

Phikent: EMOTION

FRIEND: am gonna punch ya


Phikent: thinky we have an interloper here--hey, nice tie there, Spook

Phikent: Got over the divorce yet, huh, HUH?

FRIEND: oh stop


Phikent: talkin to spookoid

Phikent: well anyways

FRIEND: you told me this much , who do you think the creators were, historical reference??

Phikent: several groups

Phikent: ZETAS have the ability for instance, lil punks [Pleiadians, others, came down in lore as angels, the dudes that envied man, for good reason]

Phikent: the tech is very complex

Phikent: step one, create a container that will house a certain level of soul-essence

Phikent: step two, the biggy..

Phikent: collect the soul to inhabit the container

Phikent: such a soul-collector is now housed and has been in operation fer a long time

Phikent: beneath Giza, as well as other places.

Phikent: in two or three days the working of that most awesome device is threatened

FRIEND: by.....?????

Phikent: the Hall of Records has to be entered and certain things have to be done, what, I'm not totally sure

Phikent: some kinda re-alignment with sister devices out in space, a sorta soul telegraph

Phikent: We are talkin about tech that is millions of years in the making

Phikent: soul-catchers tech

FRIEND: so the placement of certain elements in the cosmos, sets up the ability to link these devices


FRIEND: all above me salty dog, i guess i am truly creature of earth......

Phikent: in other words from the pool of unorganized intelligence that flows through the Cosmos a certain configuration must be tapped to house and maintain this super-species that the Creators cooked up, their own Gods actually, called the....


FRIEND: aiyyyyyyyyy

Phikent: Humans are literally the Gods of their own Creators, how's them apples? [Complicated history, including the design of the first prototype, trouble in Creator-city, re-design with implanted blocks, mainly a Babylon-effect-matrix and limited lifespan, ie, crippled gods]

Gonna keep goin here, chatsky or not.  Stream o' Consciousness here goes:  The Giza Plateau must be some kinda royal zoo over there right now.  Imagine that the NewlyAgers have all been rounded-up and run-off unless some be budsy-wudsy with Mr. H. and crew.  Anyways, can see it now, curators and curator-cop-squads, antiquity-pirates not to be cornfused with curators, nosiree, X-Special Forces, mercenaries in crews that rhyme with ZIPRAT (off the wall troll here), Masons and muckety-mucks trying to grab the knowledge-bytes as they always have for age-old silly one-upmanship.  Probably some be scrounging to scoop up a vile or two of red mercury, or that white powdery-stuff piled around in wafting dunes, white gold some say, MANA. Gives an ordinary construction contractor amazing powers, tis said, egads, that's what we need more of, mystical hard-hats that can levitate more Las Vegas casinos as well as their bank-accounts. Dangfire I'll bet ye even see some military equipment, container-vehicles for the big stuff on it's way to Greenland and other Fence-zones where the goods are off-ed to the highest bidders, Feds, Japanese, American, Sultan so-n-so.  Moved a big container last year, with what kinda Annunaki implement?  Maybe a craft, hell, maybe even Osiris hisself, maybe not.  Why Greenland?  Well, remoteness and probably facilities left over from the 50s when they found ol' James Arness in his bean-sprout-outfit frozen stiff in the glaciers up thar.

Three more days says me, to open the inner sanctum and re-align the soul-catching gizmos, otherwise a grand experiment of ten thousand years might go poof.  Heard they've tried several times already, bunch of dead antiquities-dudes, dead scientists, dead elites, dead brass, dead decorated astronauts. Bodies scattered everywhere.  Kinda messed up didn't they? Why?  Probably the old vices, greed, elite-ivity, hell, national dumbass security, what a sicko joke.

They're going to need a Hobbit to go in there, innocent, with a grand sense o' humor., well, pesky enough to pluck some angel tailfeathers, danged cosmic buzzards anyways. Above all they'd better hurryyyyyyy.



Phikent: Algol is the Russian computer language?


Phikent: did not

Phikent: ok did

FRIEND: did too, like i haven't researched just about every link on Algol that exists

FRIEND: i can be as crazy as you

Phikent: kinda weird methinx

Phikent: wonder why the commies named it Algol

FRIEND: you know the taiwan earthquake really through me, us talkin about it just a few days ago

Phikent: Yes, everybody is totally amazed, no kiddin, they're adding to the Algol hunch

Phikent: guy wrote about Russian Algol, another said totally amazed on and on

Phikent: not one pickle back yet

FRIEND: hmmmmm

Phikent: they must all be crazy

Phikent: soo, I added more of your stuff

FRIEND: FRIEND was real nervous about you posting, didn't want people to think you had gone off the deep end

FRIEND: what stuff

Phikent: everybody knows Salty off deep end already--they seem to like that

FRIEND: although i know you love it there in the deep

Phikent: added our conversation, anon, added FRIEND's report about Floyd-floods, addin everything FRIEND there is

FRIEND: geesh let me go see....

Phikent: will add FRIEND's shorts if necessary

FRIEND: didn't get that far down the page this mornin

Phikent: here's our chat. I REALLY LIKE. ORGANIC AND REAL:

Phikent: added more after punt

FRIEND: oh my gosh you posted this

FRIEND: aiyyyyy

Phikent: yesss, it is very important

Phikent: dangerous ain't I

FRIEND: never did finish tellin me the story

Phikent: well I kept tellin it after you left all mad and everything

FRIEND: didn't get that far yet

FRIEND: was not mad Aol decided we shouldn't be speakin

Phikent: like posting like this, it goes beyond theory into real talk

Phikent: was mad as a hatter can't fool me

FRIEND: no i was not...... i don't get mad very easy salty dog...


FRIEND: when i do

FRIEND: watch out

FRIEND: Salty dog , do you believe in evil as an entity

Phikent: yea, he's the best buddy of good

Phikent: they are lovers

FRIEND: what do you think his most powerful weapon be

Phikent: ignorance

Phikent: secrecy

FRIEND: fear

Phikent: you can't belive the briefs I'm getting from the Plateau, good gawd

FRIEND: share

Phikent: well fear often comes waltzing in with truth, fear can be an ally.

FRIEND: i think there are different kinds of fear

FRIEND: but when a warrior puts on a terrible mask

FRIEND: to scare his enemy

Phikent: Well the most awesome thing happening over there is in the form of X-Special forces teams, actually mercenaries hired by governments

Phikent: down beneath the plateau is a technology so awesome it would take us ten thousand years to catch up

Phikent: It's deeply booby-trapped at least seven scientists have already bit the dust

FRIEND: like Indiana Jones kind of stuff

Phikent: so, wouldn't you know in an attempt to breach these chambers, the govts send their best by gum

FRIEND: and what has resulted...

Phikent: Green Berets, Seals that have retired and formed companies to do such work, ie, physical-evidence acquisition and containment using methods known as WITHHELD

FRIEND: were they able to get in

FRIEND: and find anything

Phikent: In fact they've already grabbed peripheral Annunaki devices, some HUGE, packed em off to Greenland

Phikent: A package as big as a Boeing 747 was recently crated out of there, but.....

Phikent: all attempts to breach the main chamber where the soul-transfer device, the STARGATE is, has so far failed. WHY?

Phikent: The place is now guarded by Pleiadians and their lackeys, some kinda ORC-race, mean muthers.

FRIEND: damn

FRIEND: all i could think of to say

FRIEND: double damn

Phikent: The ETs are realigning the device which is an awesome task which also involves work on lunar-base

FRIEND: keep writin gotta make hot chocolate for twerps ; )brb

Phikent: In a huge crater on the rim of the moon are gigantic relay-devices, many miles high.

Phikent: Mare Orientale

Phikent: It's on the rim, but the deal is, the rim moves in and out of transmission-line due to some event in archaic times that whacked the moon outta perspective

Phikent: The ETs are in the process of reorienting the actual position of the moon itself, critical thing is....

Phikent: they have two more days to pull it off, NOW GET THIS

Phikent: the whole mission is hampered due to awesome magnetic fields now coming off the earth, aye, out of the ground, sound familiar, eh, EH? For some reason the ETs are allergic to this, or at least their tech is being hampered.

Phikent: All in all they are trying to open the StarGate, why? To move us outta here. The RAPTURE, trouble is, there are forces at play maybe from old slavemasters, maybe the earth itself that wants to keep us all trapped here, if so for another looong epoch of maybe 23,000 years, EGADS!


Phikent: taking a breath

FRIEND: geeshhhh

FRIEND: good idea

FRIEND: i would be panting

Phikent: two days to go

FRIEND: you know where they want to take us

FRIEND: on damn got sometning i want to show you that might relate now this is and awesome satellite pic

FRIEND: hold your breath

Phikent: don't know yet

Phikent: Maybe Disneyland, the City of Enoch

FRIEND: do you know if this machinery of their's invloves light

FRIEND: of some sort

FRIEND: you gotta see this

Phikent: yep

Phikent: light

Phikent: but not flashlight light

FRIEND: i was on last nite hoping you would come on and you didn't

FRIEND: and you just tweaked me memory, FRIEND's memory been terrible lately

FRIEND: am truly living in the moment

FRIEND: k , sorry for chaterrr , will send link to pic

Phikent: FRIEND tweaked in the beak

FRIEND: you got your glasses on i want to be sure you see this, although it is large is some might think subtle , but i don't think so

FRIEND: http://rsd.gsfc.nasa.gov/goesg/earth/Weather/GOES-8/jpg/vis/4km/9909202044.jpg

FRIEND: large file

FRIEND: let me know when its loaded and i will direct ya

Phikent: okey, lookin

FRIEND: ok for starters you need to know that this is a visible image, not infrared , just plain ol pic

Phikent: kinda stuck, see if it loadeth more

Phikent: okay, hold off on IM fer a sec, gonna try sumthin, pic is stuck

FRIEND: can send in mail but will take a wee bit

Phikent: hold IM for a sec

Phikent: gots

Phikent: on photoshop here, whar should me focus?

FRIEND: see if you can find what i am talkin about on your own FRIEND will give you a hint though is on your side of the earth Nyah yah yah

FRIEND: want a guide??


Phikent: saw weird line minute ago but now lost in photoshop, also see weird glow in lower left-center

FRIEND: find baja and big ol storm rolling on to it

FRIEND: coast line is clear there so you can see landforms

Phikent: k

Phikent: see

Phikent: now wha?

FRIEND: k now scroll down real slow

FRIEND: will come to a spot where it looks like it is all illuminated

Phikent: saw that right away, HAH

FRIEND: if you then look to the east it is dark and then scroll to the west it is dark

FRIEND: and to the south once again it is dark

FRIEND: this is not sunlight


Phikent: yea weird as a beard

FRIEND: i can't tell if it comes from above or from below

Phikent: gonna enlarge

FRIEND: the whole damn ocean lit up

Phikent: where is that xactly me wonders

FRIEND: well ... hmmm ... let me see

Phikent: see land to left, what izzzz that?

FRIEND: south american coastline somewhere

FRIEND: chile??

FRIEND: west coast of south america, me guess is chile

Phikent: I'd sayyyyyyyy

FRIEND: nopes takes it back i think it is peru

FRIEND: so is FRIEND in ultra sensitive mode or is that awesome??

FRIEND: sometimes i need feedback

FRIEND: assure me of me sanity

Phikent: here:


FRIEND: salty dog, damn i don't believe i gots to do this but, i believe it or not ... have not feed kids yet .. and should be halfway through lessons

FRIEND: holy moly

FRIEND: those statues have always made me crazy

FRIEND: like "what the heck"

FRIEND: i gotta go .... kids are rebelling

FRIEND: damn

Phikent: okeey, will work on this

FRIEND: you play with and let me know what ya come up with

Phikent: work

FRIEND: later me friend

Phikent: laterrrrrrrrrrrr