Greetings to all,

In light of the discovery of what is now being called Comet Lee, we feel it best to explain the impact, positive and negative, this entity will have on Earth and it's people.

First off let us explain what Comet Lee is.  This is an intelligent entity that appears as a comet.  It's unpredictable nature is do to the fact that it is not entirely just a comet.  At this time we are directing it's course and that course is in many ways being directed by the actions and choices of the people of earth.  More on that in a moment.

The purpose of our sending this entity into your awareness and space is to provide a sort of dress rehearsal for the coming of much bigger entity known to many as Nibiru.  You could call Comet Lee a mini Nibiru for it fulfills much the same purpose.  That purpose is to provide an opportunity for the beloved people of Earth to awaken and begin their emotional clearing for the purpose of ascending to a 5th dimensional frequency.  The planet, beloved Lady Gaia will ascend and it is our hope that at least 70% of you will go with her.  The only way you can accomplish this is to recode your DNA through the clearing of your physical and emotional vehicles, which increases your ability to feel compassion, and thus integrate the Light and the Dark which is compassion.  We don't mean to confuse you, just suffice it to say that once you begin your emotional clearing the other things will happen simultaneously.

Comet Lee is being sent to provide you with the opportunity to begin that process now if you haven't already begun, and if you have, to motivate you to keep going.  We feel how much you struggle with this clearing.  We, having gone through it ourselves, know it is not easy to keep going and move through and out of the illusions of the 3D reality.

Comet Lee can be whatever you want it to be.  It can be a welcome motivator or it can bring great fear.  As for it being pulled into your orbit, this will only happen if you choose it to happen.  In other words, if the level of fear on the planet is great enough to warrant the events this comet will bring in order for that fear to be experienced and integrated, then Comet Lee will be your servant for that purpose.  What we wish to impress upon you is that you, all the people of earth, are the ones who decide what this comet will do and be to you.

In regards to the August events, we wish to remind you of what we said some months earlier.  We informed you that an event or series of events would occur in August that would forever change mankind's concepts of life and the universe in which you exist.  We did not say what those events would be with one exception, the possible arrival of Nibiru.  That still remains a question to be answered.  At this time we do not feel that having Nibiru arrive would be in your best interest, therefore we choose to send a precursor to Nibiru in the form of a much smaller entity, your Comet Lee.

On that note we would also like to mention that also mentioned that how you view the arrival of these August events would determine which frequency or dimension you would enter during the August dimensional shift.  We would like to provide an anology to explain this.

Imagine if you would, a multi-story office building.  In the lobby there are long rows of elevators.  You, beloved beings of earth, would enter those many elevators during the time frame of August 11-17th, with each person individually choosing which day he or she would enter the building and step into one of the elevators.  At that time your Soul would choose which floor you would ascend to based on the level of fear you still needed to integrate.  Each floor is a different reality or dimensional frequency with the upper floors having the least amount of challenge, struggle and chaos and the lower floors having the most.

Those of you who have cleared and integrated large amounts of fear will find that your Souls have chosen the higher floors and your lives will begin to get a little easier in many ways.  Your ability to manifest your desires, make money, have satisfying relationships and fulfill your missions, will get easier.  Those who have yet to clear will find their Souls choosing the lower floors so that your hidden fears will be able to manifest in order for you to have the opportunity to integrate them.  Once accomplished you will move into the higher floors.

As you have begun to see, the people of Earth School were not given the universal knowledge of how to integrate fear.  Instead they were given information of how to deny, suppress, repress, ignore, and hide from fear.  This was in keeping with the concept of soul evolution on a planetary school.  Therefore we see this as a positive instead of a negative for as you have come to understand, we grow through the Dark and into the Llight, not the other way around.  The Dark is the school house and foundation of duality.  It is only through losing the knowledge of who you really are and then finding it again, and living it, that you achieve soul evolution and enlightenment.  For those of you still in condemnation and judgement of the school we encourage you to see this from the highest perspective and be willing to integrate the dark of the planetary school for that integration is your salvation and will be significant in your Soul's determinatin of which floor to choose in the August dimensional shift.

In closing we would like to say that you, the people of earth are doing a fine job, you are succeeding in ascending. Many events scheduled to occur were cancelled because you did not need the experiences since you had integrated beyond them.  Please continue this path.  Allow Comet Lee and the other events scheduled to occur to be catalysts for growth and ascension.

We continue to hold you in our hearts.  As ones who have walked the path of ascension, we understand the pain and fear that dimensional change brings.  Please remember that you are not alone.  We love you and we are cheering you on. We have sent the tools of integration through our messenger.  Please use them to integrate the Dark within and without for as always the Dark ultimately serves the Light.

The Great Hall of the Galatic Federation's Nibiruan Council is filled with the representatives of many of your families.  We speak of those of you who are emissaries and ambassadors to earth, the starseeds, walk-ins and lightworkers.  The time of your reunion with your loved ones is drawing ever nearer.  Complete your mission and service to the people of Earth and then come home.

Walking by Your Side,
Devin through Jelaila,
The Nibiruan Council of the Galactic Federation