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Subj: RE: Answer to: "Why does earth seem to be recently under a shield?

Date: 98-12-24 04:59:11 EST

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 You ask the following question on your website: Is anyone else troubled by wild hunches? Why does earth seem to be recently under a shield..


28-12-1998 22:30 hour


Food for thought. The signal is centered around .9 hz The wavelength at that frequency is 206,946 miles. If a moving body in free space possesses a magnetic field would it generate a frequency that was in proportion to the distance from the moving body to earth?

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While I can't give you an absolute answer... please consider the following...


I am a Biblical Scholar and author of a new book, "America, The Babylon"...

a book on critical analysis of the Hebrew and Greek texts of Biblical prophecy

regarding the identification of the term "mystery Babylon". As a result of my

11 years of research on that subject and more than 30 years of theological studies

I thought it important to share some insights with Richard C. Hoagland regarding

the EQ Pegasus issue... especially regarding the Reverse Speech references and

Hoagland's Pentagon source who referenced the term "SAMSON" and its apparent

relationship to a Project SAMSON. Hoagland on his website made reference to

the Sumerian meaning of the term. I contacted Hoagland to let him know the full

Hebrew Lexical definition from the two main Hebrew Lexicons which are:


1. H.W.F. Gesenius Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon

2. Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew-English Lexicon


NOW... Why should this matter to you and what is this relationship to your question??




The Original Biblical Hebrew term for SAMSON is the word "SHIM SHOWN"...or "Shim-shown"

(Strong's Concordance reference #8123)


Now, if you're not a Hebrew scholar... you can take that reference #... go to your local

library and ask for those two lexicons listed above... look up...that reference # --

8123... If you go to Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the King James Version of the Bible

and go to the back of the book to the Hebrew Dictionary...find that word #... It will tell

you it is from a root word #8121-- Shemesh or shamesh... "from an unused root, 'to be

brilliant'... i.e. the sun; by implication the east. figuratively: a ray, i.e. the arch

or a notched battlement."


Now... Both lexicons will pretty much say the same thing but Brown-Driver-Briggs (B-D-B)

adds also the following... "a pinnacle, as glittering, shining; or as referenced in

Isaiah 54:12... 'I will make your battlements of rubies, thy pinnacle or battlements of Zion'"


Psalm 84:11 ... the word is used also as a "shield"... see the New American Standard



"For the Lord God is a sun and shield".


The word can reference the sun or a brilliant light... and its secondary usage of meaning

is that of a battlement or shield... such as in the Psalm 84:11 reference.


Now... the Hoagland contact referred to Project Samson. Hoagland thought it was a reference

to a Babylonian sun-god Shamesh... I contacted Hoagland to say that I think in reality...

the Pentagon may have used it for its secondary meaning as a battlement or shield in space.


NOW... you comment about "why does the earth seem to be under a shield"? This cryptic

reference to Project Samson may be a reference to a "shield" program... perhaps indeed

connected to the solar activity, and its usage by the Pentagon for perhaps a Project which

it refers to as "Samson" may be connected more to its Hebrew root usage. Thus, the project

could possibly be typifying the root word meaning for a "shield"... in what capacity one

can only speculate.


PERHAPS, this will shed some light on the question you raise.


Incidentally, my book deals with Biblical Prophetic writings that indicate an intergalactic

war is in the works and portions of that war are about to manifest on Planet Earth...and

specifically will involve a "surprise attack" on a city/state/nation called..."Mystery

Babylon". My book goes into great analytical detail using the Hebrew/Greek Analysis which

identifies Babylon as the United States of America. My approach is no different than those

who attempt to understand and translate Nostradamus. The difference is that instead of my

content being the writings of Nostradamus, mine are the Biblical writings. It appears that

Angelic beings will be the ones conducting the surprise attack on America. It describes

the attackers as being angelic and coming from the farthest reaches of the Universe. I

provide a list 33 identifying character traits which helps us to identify this nation.

There is another list of 66 traits which I place in the form of a quiz in Appendix 1. All

told, there are so many identifying traits...and they all point to America. This event is

likened to the judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah...and it will be total destruction and take an

hour to complete. It will also trigger the rise to power of the "Antichrist". It also

describes this Babylon as having outer space defensive capabilities that will be destroyed

first. It also uses the hebrew term "nasa".


I think this destruction will bring about a spin-meister doctrine that ... "bad, and evil

aliens have destroyed America" thereby providing an incentive to the world to unite as one

nation to battle the 'evil aliens'... when in reality... the destroyers were the good guys

in white hats... attempting to thwart the satanic forces intent on taking over America...for

Revelation 18:2 in the Greek uses the term "phulake" to describe three different ranks or

species of the satanic-angelic realm that will have physical military bases of operations

within the nation of Babylon/America... i.e. a reference to places like "Area 51"... among

others... including Brookhaven Labs, and Montauk Naval Air Station...on Long Island...both

are next door to ... Babylon, Long Island... which is the only community on earth to have

ever taken the name Babylon since the demise of ancient Babylon.


Also, the Statue of Liberty is an artistic rendering of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar... as

scultped by Bartholdi, a Freemason... who claimed it was his representation of the Roman

goddess Libertas...but in my research, the Romans borrowed the goddess of freedom concept

from Babylon's Ishtar... a.k.a. in Egypt as Isis. Ditto applies to the statue atop the US

Capitol Dome... the Statue of Freedom... whose masonic sculptor also fashioned after the

Roman goddess Libertas. Also, the US Capitol itself is a replica of the Roman Pagan Temple,

the Pantheon...but the Romans borrowed the concept from Babylon, which was the most popular

temple of Babylonia and was dedicated to all the gods of Babylon. Also, the second most

popular Temple in all of Babylonia was called the WHITE HOUSE ! I mention the masonic

aspects because Masonry likes to think it connects as far back as Egypt and her

gods/goddesses... but the Egyptians borrowed the deities like Ishtar (Venus) and Marduk

(Mars). Ishtar was Isis in Egypt, and Marduk was Horus.


When we look at the written data in the Biblical Prophetic writings... we find out that

some of the most interesting character traits that identify this future Babylon include...

a laundry list of top commodities which this nation is the key trader of ... including

Gold, Silver and Copper... of which all are more heavily traded on the New York Commodities

Exchange (Comex) in one day, than all the rest of the world combined. Also, there is a

laundry of list of about 20 other items. In addition to those... we find that the chief

city of this nation... is a deep-water port city... where all the leaders of the world

assemble and meet together. We also find that she is referred to as the "World's

Policeman"... "The Last of the Super Power Nations"... and also is a "Super Power". She

employs a foreign policy tactic (Hebrew idiom: "that sendeth ambassadors by the sea"=

gunboat diplomacy)... of gunboat diplomacy with a hebrew reference to the notion of aerial

travel... (as in aircraft carriers?). She is also to be home to much of the world's Jewish

population. She is the "engine of wealth for the world's economy". Noted for being a land

of immigrants. Land of abundant fresh waters. Has an outer space program. Cultural

insanity. Has a problem with drugs and drug use. Land of rebels in its birth, and had a

different heritage than other nations...and had a unique and remarkable beginning. She is

also referred to as being both respected-envied and yet at the same time is hated also by

those same folks that respected-envied her. (Yankee go home --- but give us your foreign

aid...but don't bomb us, nor embargo us). Her leaders are noted for being deceit-filled.

She is described as being a wasteful nation, and extravagant in over consumption. She is

the nation that is like no other...and after she is gone... the lament is... no other nation

will ever reach her levels of success. "what nation was ever like this nation"...


Those are just some of the character traits of this nation.


When will all of this happen?? Who knows... but ... with all of this activity of strange

objects wandering around within eyesight of our solar satellites lately... and with all of

the other UFO activities... one can only speculate... BUT... one prophecy has already been

fulfilled which becomes a time-marker for the time frame of all the other prophecies about

to be fulfilled... In Matthew 24... Jesus indicates that Israel would be destroyed by the

Romans... and the Jews would be dispersed again into the gentile world...but at some future

point, when she is restored back to the land... the generation which witnesses that

restoration...will not die out...till all the other prophecies are fulfilled regarding His

Return. This return to the land by the Jews is marked at either May 15th, 1948 or...

June 6, 1967... when Israel retook all of the city of Jerusalem in the 6 Day war. So, it

could be anytime now, or it could be anytime before the generation which witnessed the 1967

takeover of Jerusalem dies out...say in another 30 years max??


Just some food for thought for your consideration... kind of interesting anyway, isn't it?


Rick Coombes

America, The Babylon: America's Destiny Foretold in Biblical Prophecy