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Date: 11/26/99 8:29:49 PM Pacific Standard Time

Funny how all this is starting to come out from the "Money Authors".

> Was the Earth literally "filled with violence" prior to the Flood?
> ----------
> Graham Hancock, author of "Fingerprints of The Gods," has
> gathered documentation for a very simple, but very important
> observation:
> Massive stone structures, built out of stone blocks generally
> larger than any used in modern construction, are arranged around
> the world on a grid structure which is 36 degrees of longitude
> apart, making ten equal-spaced segments world-wide.
> Hancock has shown that nearly all of these structures are
> either entirely "pre-historic" (ie before 3500 bce), or are built
> on a base or in the vicinity of remnants of a pre-historic
> culture of unknown origin.
> Moreover, there are indications that the culture that produced
> these megalithic temples, cities and other giant constructions
> may have existed over 10,000 years ago, or in a 'pre-Deluge' era,
> a time Hancock equates with the age of the lost civilization of
> Atlantis described by Plato as having sunk in a cosmic flood
> event some 11,600 years ago.
> Hancock has recently added to this list of megalithic sites a
> huge underwater complex off the coast of Okinawa, south of Japan.
> The last time this structure was elevated above sea level was
> over 11,000 years ago. The huge steps and terraces of this stone
> 'city' imply that it was built by a race of giants. And it sits
> on the grid.
> Graham Hancock, of course, has come rather late to this game.
> Many others have written about megaliths and grids for over a
> century. Hancock is a reporter who is creating a "legitimacy"
> around this subject, covering it in the way the media likes
> stories covered, with lots of pictures and juicy sound-bites of
> credible observations that stay just a bit shy of outright
> sensationalism.
> And so, for the first time, serious scientists are going to
> these sites and pondering the possibility that mankind's level of
> sophistication during the last ice age, which they believe ended
> 11,000 or so years ago, may have been rather higher than the
> crude barbarism credited to our ancestors by 19th-century
> paleontologists and accepted as dogma ever since by all
> subsequent scientists and scholars.
> It now appears that not only did "ice age man" possess a
> technology of construction that enabled him to build truly
> spectacular megalithic edifices, but could travel globally and
> align them with respect to one another and the overall dimensions
> of the earth, perhaps using celestial navigation skills. This
> implies the existence of a single global and linguistic culture
> with an advanced scientific understanding not believed to have
> existed until modern times.
> There are so many contradictions with modern assumptions in
> such a theory that it is violently resisted by custodians of
> history and science.
> Perhaps the biggest hurdle is the implication that there must
> have been a GLOBAL CATACLYSM (or several) in order to explain how
> mankind could have "forgotten" all of the things the ancient
> megalith-builders seem to have known. Scholars have been
> unwilling to accept the idea that any knowledge of the earth's
> size or any global civilization existed at such an early epoch.
> With the new find off Okinawa, however, there seems to be no
> more room for doubt on the matter. The real question now is:
> WHY did the ancients build this grid of megaliths?
> One of the most consistent explanations for the grid is that
> it somehow provided energy for ancient civilizations. The idea is
> that the earth's electro-magnetic field could be "tapped" by the
> alignment of huge stones along geo-magnetic field lines.
> The trouble with this idea is that the field lines appear to
> be available anywhere on the earth, not just on the grid, and
> magnetic flux varies in significant ways in local areas, often
> pointing well away from true north and the grid lines.
> So there is some question about exactly what the ancients may
> have used the grid for. It does appear the grid had an alignment
> with the earth's axis of rotation and that it thus may have had a
> link to the earth's magnetic field or another energy field of
> unknown type. But how it worked is still a mystery.
> One thing that does seem clear is that dead bodies and other
> indications of human sacrifice are found around these megalithic
> sites. The oldest myths and legends associated with them appear
> to confirm that people were thought to have been sacrificed in
> connection with these structures. Bodies of children, roughly
> 8-12 years old have been found, as well as adolescents and
> adults. Virgin sacrifice generally meant killing a child around
> 12 years old. In Peru, near Cuzco, high in the Incan mountains,
> a boy of 10-12 years of age was found dressed for sacrifice,
> lying in a cave, where he had been left to die by the priests
> when something put a halt to their "civilization" and its
> rituals.
> Some 4000 skeletons are estimated to lie under Stonehenge
> after partial excavations at the site. The building of the stone
> circle is currently thought to have ceased prior to the time of
> the Exodus, some 3500 years ago. It appears to have been built
> in stages over several thousand years. It's only one of a number
> of stone circles and megaliths all over the British Isles, France
> and Spain, and on islands in the Mediterranean Sea and out into
> the nearby Atlantic. This is the area "beyond the Pillars of
> Hercules" (supposedly beyond the Straits of Gibralter between
> Spain and North Africa that separate the Mediterranean Sea from
> the Atlantic Ocean) that Plato said was the location of the lost
> civilization of the island of Atlantis, from which the Atlantic
> Ocean may have derived its name.
> All this raises a question: Was human sacrifice carried out
> all over the world on these ancient megalithic sites?
> We cannot yet answer that question. Nevertheless, we do know
> one thing:
> The widely-separated megalithic complexes on grid lines were
> situated in often very inconvenient places, out in the middle of
> the ocean, high atop mountains, in deserts, and it appears, in
> the case of Atlantis itself, on artificial, man- made islands
> where no suitable island fell on the gridlines.
> The strange locations of these complexes implies that the
> purpose of the megaliths was not to derive power from a grid for
> local use, but rather, to do something to the earth grid by
> coordinating local actions on a global basis. In other words,
> the megaliths appear to be used to put energy into a global grid,
> rather than to extract energy from it.
> This would explain why we cannot find any use for a grid-
> produced energy in many of the megalithic sites. In some of the
> complexes, the only activity appears "religious" or, at least,
> sacrificial.
> Could blood sacrifice have been performed on the stones in
> some strange expectation that it might empower the grid?
> One of the most common experiences people report around these
> stone structures is spiritual manifestation. It is sometimes
> nothing but a strong feeling. Other times beings are seen or
> speak to the witnesses. Strange glowing lights or eerie sounds
> are noted. Dowsers claim they can detect the presence of
> mysterious forces around some of the sites. The Great Pyramid is
> legendary for its bizzare occurrances. Even the "natural"
> monolith of Petra--a single giant stone in Jordan--had apparent
> human sacrifice on top and is known by the Bedouins as "the place
> of the Ghoul" and is haunted by a strange presence on its summit.
> One of the creepy things about the human sacrifices that were
> conducted at some of these sites, at least in the more recent
> period, is that the victims were conscious when they had their
> hearts cut out of their chest atop stone pyramids and other
> megalithic altars. These people may have taken a psychedelic
> drug just before they were killed. While it is likely to have
> made them more pliable so that they might be able to endure the
> grisly ritual while semi-conscious, the psychedelic effects could
> also have increased the vividness of their final experience.
> It is common knowledge that houses are often haunted if there
> has been a violent or traumatic death in them. There seems to be
> a relationship between the intensity of victim trauma and the
> intensity of the haunting.
> In other words, the psychic energy or spiritual power of the
> haunting is apparently proportionate to the number and severity
> of the traumatic deaths at the site.
> Not only are houses and mountains haunted, but battle- fields
> where thousands died are so haunted that the battle is sometimes
> "replayed" for centuries thereafter, a whole army of "spirits"
> haunting the site for generations.
> It follows that sacrificial pyramids and other megaliths
> should still be haunted by the ghosts of their past victims --and
> that is precisely what the witnesses report.
> It also follows that because the megaliths were drenched in
> the blood of thousands of innocent victims--at least one a year
> for thousands of years--there would have been a huge build-up of
> psychic energy in the stones.
> In short, back when the sacrifices were underway around the
> world, the megaliths would have been super-charged with spiritual
> power. And that could have caused the whole grid to become
> haunted...that is, the whole earth.
> It surely must have been apparent to the megalith people that
> their sacrifices were energizing their temples with a massive
> amount of psychic power. And since they had sited these
> structures on a global grid, it seems unavoidable to conclude
> that they did so deliberately in order to infuse the grid with
> this spiritual energy.
> Therefore, the ancient megalithic grid-builders appear to have
> set out to haunt the earth with the spirits of the children and
> others they sacrificed. They must have sought to energize their
> stone grid with the mass-murder of their own children. What
> could have prompted such slaughter?
> The victims, we are told by the more modern sacrificers,
> considered it an honor to give their lives. The blood was poured
> out on the stones, it was drunk by the priests, and it was
> removed from the bodies along with the vital organs. The hearts
> would be eaten too. And all this was done for the "benefit" of
> the so-called "gods" they worshipped.
> Who were these "gods" in the pre-Deluge world? If one looks
> at the Greek myths, the pre-flood world was the time when the
> "gods" came down and intermarried with men. The Sumerians said
> the same thing. Even the Bible asserts that the "Nephilim" or
> "fallen ones" came to earth and interbred with human women,
> producing a race of giants or "mighty men of old, the men of
> renown" [Genesis 6].
> While many myths actually mention sacrifices to the gods
> before the flood (which nearly all of them take as a given), the
> Biblical account merely says that "the earth was filled with
> violence through them" and that this had turned into a GLOBAL
> problem requiring a GLOBAL solution, namely a Flood.
> Genesis twice repeats the curious expression that these
> pre-Deluge people had "FILLED" the earth with violence. Is it
> possible these passages should be taken literally? That is, that
> the planet had literally been "filled" or infused with the
> violent psychic trauma of millions of sacrificial victims?
> Were the megalith-builders using their stones as a kind of
> violent-trauma storage-battery?
> That might help explain why the megaliths used all those giant
> stones in the first place. The big stones could be a way of
> concentrating the traumatic haunting energy; and the great effort

> to minimize the joints to less than the width of the EDGE of a
> razor-blade, and to fill even that slender sliver with a
> super-fine mortar, could be a way to glue the huge stones into
> one gigantic monolith, a megamass of stone that might be able to
> store fabulous quantities of trauma-- the kind of horrendous
> haunting energy needed to empower a global grid system.
> And if they were charging the earth with violence, how did
> this serve the "gods" purposes? Did the "fallen ones" or
> "anunaki," as the Sumerians called them, design the grid and the
> megaliths? For what reason?
> The legends relate that the giants or Titans helped to build
> the megaliths and then found themsleves left behind when the
> "gods" fled the earth before the Flood hit. They rebelled as
> they realized their fate. A war broke out. It became a battle to
> see who would be able to escape and the giants lost. Their
> "parents"--the Nephilim or "gods" of the myths--defeated the
> Titans and managed to flee before the Deluge. The giants were
> swept into the sea and died, but some traditions say one clung to
> Noah's ark and stayed alive because Noah fed him. After the
> Flood, the Nephilim returned and tried to re-establish their rule
> over earth.
> What happened then is most illuminating. The legends say they
> built the Tower of Babel--another megalith built in the same area
> the anunaki had once dwelt. The effort to reinstate the old ways
> came to a disastrous end, but it is the reason why the Tower was
> destroyed that may explain what the megaliths before the Deluge
> were used for.
> The Biblical account says they were building the Tower in
> order to get into Heaven, and that if they had not been halted,
> nothing that they imagined to do would be too hard for them
> [Genesis 11]. And this had something to do with a GLOBAL
> language and a GLOBAL project [verses 4-9].
> The elements of this post-Deluge story are remarkably similar
> to the pre-Deluge situation: The Nephilim are in charge of a
> global project that involves building a great megalithic
> structure with the potential of accomplishing anything they
> "imagined to do" [verse 6]. And one thing we know they "imagined
> to do" was get into Heaven.
> It certainly seems clear enough: The megaliths had the power
> to reach into Heaven somehow. The stepped pyramid of the Tower
> of Babel was not terribly high, and it could be ascended by a
> flight of steps. Similar structures over in Central America were
> used for human sacrifice. We may wonder if the Nephilim intended
> to revive human sacrifice in order to power up the Tower as a
> transport device.
> The Bible lets us know a few pages later that there is another
> place on the earth, over near Jerusalem, where the idea of
> earth-to-heaven transport was still in some sense surviving in
> Jacob's day. Jacob lies down atop a mountain and dreams of
> "angels [the Nephilim were "fallen angels"] ascending and
> descending" to and from Heaven [Genesis 28].
> "Surely this is THE GATE OF HEAVEN," Jacob exclaims.
> Something about a MOUNTAIN TOP involves the ability of
> "angels" to "ascend" into Heaven. What else can we see in
> Jacob's story that might relate to the megaliths?
> Jacob sets up a "bed" out of the "stones" of that place and
> then "stands" one of them on its end and makes a stone pillar out
> of it. It looks like the stones of that place were BUILDING
> STONES. At least one of them had a shape of an artificially cut
> stone. Tradition says that the stone in the British coronation
> throne is that very stone, and that stone is clearly man-shaped.
> There is a growing school of thought that identifies the
> mountain of Jacob's "ladder" [steps?] as the Mount of Olives in
> Jerusalem. [We will detail the reasoning behind this another
> time.] In 1982, Israeli archaeologists found a massive hewn-stone
> block atop the Mount of Olives. They believe this ancient stone
> was the Miphkad Altar where the Red Heifer sacrifice was
> conducted and where Abraham was to have sacrificed Isaac.
> If the Miphkad megalith is near the spot where Jacob's "Gate
> of Heaven" was located, could there have been other stones on
> Olivet when Jacob was there, but which are not there now?
> Across the Kidron Valley from Olivet are the walls of
> Jerusalem--built out of some of the most massive stones ever set
> on earth, some even bigger than those of any of the megaliths we
> have been discussing. A mystery exists about how the largest
> such stones could have been cut out of a quarry and hoisted up
> and dragged through the hills around Jerusalem and set into
> position with the tools we NOW have, much less the technology of
> Solomon's & Herod's times. One of these stones is 42 FEET LONG:
> The size of a railroad boxcar. No one can explain how it got
> there.
> If there had once been a megalithic structure atop the Mount
> of Olives in Jerusalem, then that mountain may have once looked
> more like some sort of stepped pyramid than a natural mountain.
> That is not as fanciful as it may sound. Aside from a long
> series of wars that have afflicted Olivet, which has a higher
> summit than Jerusalem and is therefore an ideal place to lay
> seige to the city, we have a specific story in the writings of
> the historian Josephus, an eyewitness, who relates that the
> Romans levelled the top of Olivet in their seige of 70 AD. So
> Olivet looked much different in the days of Jesus than it now
> does, and it probably had a far different profile when Jacob was
> there.
> But it is clear that even in Jacob's day, Mount Olivet had
> already suffered some sort of destruction to all the stones he
> found; they were just lying around in some sort of ruined
> condition for him to rearrange. What could the Mount of Olives
> have endured that would have ruptured the stone structures there?
> The Deluge?
> If the Deluge had disorganized Olivet, then it would suggest
> Olivet had been "built" sometime before the Flood for some
> purpose. Jacob felt it was the Gate of Heaven-- a device for
> travelling into Heaven and back.
> It may be relevant that Jesus is said to have ascended into
> Heaven from the top of Olivet and is prophesied--or rather it was
> announced by angels atop Olivet--to return from Heaven to Olivet
> at the end of this age. Abraham is also said to have encountered
> an angel atop Olivet. The angels after the resurrection greeted
> the women atop the Mount of Olives. During the agony in the
> Garden, there was said to be an angel strengthening Jesus [Lk
> 22:43].
> Elsewhere on this website [see link below], we discuss the
> evidence that the Garden of Eden was atop Olivet. If so, then at
> least two more angels [Satan and the Cherubim who guarded the
> East gate] were seen on Olivet.
> So there was a continual series of angelic vistors on the top
> of Olivet. This alone would make it a candidate for Jacob's Gate
> of Heaven. It appears more "good" angel visitations occurred at
> Olivet than anywhere else in the Holy Land.
> Was the "Garden" of Eden really a stepped pyramid type of
> structure, complete with a stairway that could only be ascended
> from one side?
> Genesis says that an angel was placed at the east gate of the
> Garden to prevent Adam and Eve from returning, but why couldn't
> they simply sneak in the back way? If is is just a mountain, and
> Ezekiel 28 identifies it as being on a mountain, then why is
> there only one way in and out?
> Obviously, the sides of this Garden were too steep for Adam
> and Eve to climb in, but there was a ladder or steps on the east
> side which allowed entrance. So this was the only way in or out
> and, hence, the only place the angel needed to guard.
> Therefore, it seems the Garden of Eden did indeed look very
> much like a stepped pyramid, with groves of trees on each level
> and a stairway on the east side. And this was also the Gate of
> Heaven with a stairway or ladder up into Heaven that angels could
> go up and down upon.
> The Bible seems to make a distinction between angels who
> intermarry with mankind and build sacrificial towers to storm
> Heaven with, and the obedient good angels whose transport
> location is Mount Olivet. Jesus tells a story about a
> "sheepfold" and "thieves" who attempt to sneak in by "another
> way" than the front gate. The parable might be a reference to
> the Nephilim attempting to get back to Heaven by creating some
> kind of alternative technological device outside Eden that would
> use inter-dimensional and spiritual powers to transport them from
> the earth.
> But where did they go?
> During the Deluge, as the legends and the Bible also imply,
> the Nephilim did manage to get off-earth. Those megalithic
> sacrifices did energize the grid sufficiently to allow a few of
> them to escape somewhere. Then they returned. Why come back to
> a devasted earth if they had achieved their true goal of reaching
> Heaven itself? Why come back to a place covered in mud, with few
> survivors, most of whom were hostile to them?
> Could the place of "escape" have been less ideal than even the
> devasted earth?
> The Greeks tell a strange story about a quest for the Golden
> Fleece. Jason and the Argonauts sail off to the "Grove of Ares"
> guarded by a dragon in a place he calls "Colchis" where a
> life-giving spring is found. Jason is accompanied by Hercules on
> this journey.
> At first the story sounds suspiciously like the story of the
> Garden of Eden. The grove of fruit trees guarded by a dragon who
> is also an angel, the spring of living waters, even the name
> "Colchis" that is reminiscent of the name "Golgotha" at Olivet:
> All seem to echo elements of the Garden of Eden's traditions.
> In fact, there is also a Golden Vestment similar to the Golden
> Fleece associated with the Garden of Eden. In Ezekiel 28, the
> fallen cherubim [Satan] of the Garden is said to have once had a
> Golden Vestment or "covering" to wear, and which he had possessed
> prior to his fall from grace. This Golden Vest or Mantle is
> lost, possibly at the time he is cursed in the Garden, but
> possibly at an earlier time; the text does not say.
> One is almost tempted to assume that Colchis is Eden, but
> there are a couple of problems. First, the Garden is called "The
> Grove of Ares." The literal meaning of that phrase is "The
> Fruit-Tree Garden of Mars." Hardly what we expect. The Greek
> tale is apparently saying in a rather direct way that this Garden
> in Colchis had been planted by Mars...or was on Mars.
> The second problem is that the guide to Jason is the mighty
> giant Hercules. In Phoenicia, where some Greeks had their
> stories they said, Hercules was known by the name "Melkart" or
> "M'L'K-AR'T"--which means "Angel of Ares [Mars]." So Jason's
> GUIDE on his quest for that Garden of Mars was the Angel of Mars.
> Also, keep in mind that if the "Dragon" was guarding the
> Garden of Mars, then it could not be Eden, since the Dragon of
> Eden, Satan, was banished from the Garden and would certainly not
> be appointed to guard it.
> One might be asking if the Greeks had gotten confused and
> jumbled up the story? Did they simply not know what had happened
> and were all mixed up about the details?
> It is unlikely that the Greeks got this story from a Biblical
> source. Not only are the details very strange in a Biblical
> sense, but the Martian references at first seem totally alien to
> the Bible.
> But that's not true. The very passage in Ezekiel we have been
> citing calls Satan "the King of Tyre"--a city in Phoenicia, which
> worshipped Mars. Moreover, "Tyre" itself was a name for Mars.
> Thus, the cherub of Ezekiel 28, the "Dragon" called Satan, is
> "the King of Mars."
> Now suddenly we see two independent traditions--the Greek
> myths and the Bible--confirming one another. Yet the
> confirmation is unsettling. Was the Garden of Eden on Mars?
> Or, to put it more correctly, was there another Eden on Mars?
> A second stepped pyramid used for inter-planet transport? Was
> the Garden of Eden on the earth only one end of a two-way
> inter-dimensional transportation gate- way or portal that allowed
> beings--angels--to move back- and-forth freely?
> And did Satan violate the rules of his official duty in some
> way at Eden?
> There is an ancient Jewish legend that says Eve was "seduced"
> by an angel named "Samael" who fathered Cain and an identical
> twin sister by her at the same time she had Abel and his sister
> by Adam: Two sets of twins by two fathers at the same time.
> The legends say this angel "Samael" had previously been the
> angel of the planet Mars. He was later called Satan, the one who
> accuses or sits in judgment, from the idea that having fallen
> into sin, he spends his time in an effort to point out the sins
> of others so that his own sins will seem less serious by
> comparison.
> Here we begin to see the dim outlines of what appears to have
> happened:
> The angel of Mars, Samael, came to earth by the Gate of Heaven
> atop Eden-Olivet, where he saw Eve and seduced her. Adam mated
> with her shortly thereafter, producing a dual pregnancy; she is
> "cursed" by having both sorrow and her "conception...greatly
> multiplied": She has two sets of twins at once, one pair of whom
> are very likely giants [Cain and his sister, who is called
> "L'L-H'W'H": "Lil-Woman"--a variation of "Lil-ette" or "Lilith"].
> If Cain and Lilith are giant offspring of an angel, it goes a
> long way toward explaining his behavior and the tales about
> Lilith seeing herself as "preceding" Eve and being of a "higher"
> or "angleic" status.
> Having left his former station on Mars, Samael lost his Golden
> Mantle, which may have been returned to Mars by the Gateway.
> Now trapped on the earth, he began to make plans to go to Mars
> and retrieve his Golden Mantle. The legend of the quest for the
> Fleece shows Hercules as the Angel of Mars attempting to return
> to the Garden on Mars, the other end of the Gateway, in order to
> regain the lost Golden Mantle.
> In order to do this, having been banished from Olivet in Eden,
> Samael must convince Cain and his descendents to build a new
> transport system. It was comparatively crude, erected with slave
> labor supplied by a race of giants bred for the purpose, but it
> worked.
> As the project reached Mars, they detected the signs of a
> coming Deluge--one of a series of solar upheavals that
> periodically swept the earth. The chief transport up to Mars was
> Atlantis ["Between the Two Lands"] which was accessed by passing
> between the Pillars of Hercules --that is, by passing through the
> Gateway of the Angel of Mars: Hercules/Melkart/Malek
> Ares/Samael/Satan.
> Global deception led people to believe that if they sacrificed
> their children on the megaliths, they could escape the coming
> Deluge. The Titans thought they too would be saved. Everybody
> expected to be among those who went to Atlantis and took the
> Gateway to Mars.
> But there was never enough psychic energy in their megalithic
> grid to save everybody, nor was there time enough to transport
> everyone, even those at Atlantis when the end came. The
> concentric circles of Atlantis indicate that it was an artificial
> island placed in an especially ideal spot in the ocean where the
> grid had the ability to beam the elite "gods" to Mars.
> Earthquakes shook Atlantis, Plato says, giving them warning of
> the impending doom. Yet they did not flee. Why not? Apparently
> Atlantis was their hope of going to Mars before the Flood struck.
> Those caught there at the end must have believed they would be
> able to get transported through the Gateway, but either they had
> been lied to like the Titans, or time ran out.
> Some of the people did escape. The myths confirm that the
> leaders--the "gods"--managed to get to Mars, but most did not.
> Once on Mars, the elite constructed as earth-like a "Paradise" as
> they could. Cities were built and these self-made "gods"
> struggled against the rigors of the weak Martian atmosphere.
> Having a much weaker gravity made construction on Mars easier,
> but they still longed to get back to earth when the Flood event
> was over.
> Bred of angelic stock, these descendents of Cain and Lilith
> made plans for the reconquest of the earth. In their minds they
> were gods. That is what the myths record them telling mankind,
> not surprisingly. What technologies they developed in the
> pre-Flood era can be imagined from ancient accounts of UFO-style
> craft and laser-like weapons. There's ample modern evidence that
> the remnants of the old grid are being restored by UFO's today.
> One of the puzzles of modern UFO activity has been the
> increasingly obvious inter-dimensional nature of the craft and
> their occupants, combined with a strange set of biological
> characteristics remarkably similar to our own for a supposedly
> "alien" race. How could such beings be so much like
> us--humanoids with fingers and toes, two eyes and two ears,
> elbows and knees? It reveals a close affinity (closer than
> monkeys!)--yet they appear to pass through walls and act more
> like a kind of spirit than like aliens.
> But if they are in fact descendents of angels and are using an
> interdimensional transport system, then the mysteries make sense.
> That raises a more sinister issue, however. If the aliens are
> in fact the remnant of Cain's line, and if they are attempting to
> restore the global grid, where are they getting the human
> sacrificial victims?
> Millions of people are supposed to have been taken on board
> UFO's for bizarre experiments in which their body fluids are
> extracted. Women are inpregnated and the products look like
> "hybrids" when young, but may grow up to be standard "greys" at
> maturity. They are using our women as surrogate mothers to breed
> a host of fake "aliens" to trick mankind into accepting them as
> "saviors" who are here to rescue us.
> Other abductees are never returned; the body parts feed fake
> aliens--human goo dumped as waste in fields. Cattle are
> mutilated. Thousands of children vanish.
> The Nephilim are recharging the grid. Why?