Subj: GUT
Date: 8/18/00 11:50:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (James Cleland)


Dear Kent;

It's an interesting evening here in the Pacific Northwest, and I'm enjoying a rare thunderstorm (??). After a brief "fallow" period, Orbit is going ballistic, and what a time it is!

Some of your items need to be in neon. I've known for a long time that there wasn't a scientist on the planet who could say with an absolute degree of certainty why it rains. Now, courtesy of Orbit, I learn that they've never been able to show that oil is a "fossil fuel". In fact, it would appear that, if your article is even half-accurate, we are being bamboozled by the oil companies, and their friends, the governments (I serenely await the black helicopters, as I'm sure Echelon is set up to recognize the phrase "bamboozled by oil companies"!) Speaking of Echelon, its origins were the illegal post-war practice of our dear friends at the NSA, who did the same thing with all international telegrams. If HAARP is indeed messing with brain chemistry (which I don't believe is the case), these are brains well worth messing with.

The interview with Tom Bearden comes as close to a Grand Unified Theory as anything I've seen, and, or course, everything seems to be boiling down to electro-magnetics. Thanks to the internet (which I originally thought to a waste of time, and The Devil's Tool), and you, tens of thousands of people are now realizing that they weren't that crazy after all, and (with a few interesting detours) are, like Holmes and Watson, "on the chase". As you know, more than almost anybody, sometimes it's like tilting at windmills. When it seems like that, you tell people to click, and we do.

Meanwhile, I've been working to gather information on my own "pet" interests, regarding TEOTWAWKI. These are (ad nauseum):

1.. The diversion of the North Atlantic current. Anyone who is interested in the pure science involved (thankfully written in terms a layman can understand), the scary scenario is located at . Unlike the oil stuff, I think that, if there is indeed any kind of grand conspiracy regarding weather modification, it is benign in origin, and an attempt to mitigate the very real possibility that we could be in another "Little Ice Age" in about 5 years or so (thanks to old Sol).
2.. Heretical Egyptology. The dozens of large Egyptian pyramids all show signs of being "devices", possibly optical in nature. What I gather from Mr. Bearden is that gravity could well be sort of an "offshoot" of electromagnetism. If this is the case, and if Hawkings is substantially correct regarding black holes, my (very) tentative conjecture is that the pyramids are most likely laser-like machines, designed to create mini-black holes. The conceptual difficulty involving the 5.000-year gap between our scientifically "enlightened" time, and the Egyptian Old Kingdom is satisfactorily resolved with the help of the holographic metaphors now emerging on Orbit. I continue to hope that there is a single subscriber to Orbit that has a rudimentary background in optics, and will do me the great favor of letting me know if this is tenable. If it is not, it will save me a lot of time. If it holds some water, it goes a long way in arriving at a GUT.
3.. Jungian psychology and the Precessional passage. We all crave proof. Faith and intuition are great, but we are all 12-year-olds at heart, and we want to tear the radio apart and see how it works. This is where science comes in, and Jung was the one who showed that the depths of the human psyche could be studied (albeit with difficulty) scientifically. Point a revolver at my head, and I am forced to say that what we are dealing with is Jung's principle of "sychronicity" (the meaningful coincidence between inward psychical states, and outward physical events). Any Orbit subscriber who has experienced such a coincidence knows what it is like, and the kind of "proof" that it provides. Anyone who has not had such an experience doesn't need to go through the tedious exercise of plowing through Jung's works, all they have to do is download NAPSTER, and search under "Al Stewart" for the song "Nostradamus". While listening to the song, one need only bear in mind that, when it was written in the mid-70's, the Cold War was still raging, there hadn't been a Pope Paul for several hundred years, and that he died at the Gandalfi Palace.three leagues from the southern gate of Rome. This simple exercise, taking about 30 minutes of one's time, will provide to any person of ordinary acumen all the proof anyone needs, that this Precessional passage is being accompanied, as they always are, by some heavy-duty phenomena indeed.
4.. Conspiracy. The oil thing, if it is correct, answers a lot of questions. We all remember how, when as a little child (or a bigger one for that matter) we tried to maintain a lie, the web started to get real tangled. Assuming that the oil people discovered sometime in the game that supplies were relatively boundless, it doesn't take a stretch of the imagination to see how far out-of-control things would get. Almost any conspiracy theory could be connected with this one giant fib. I would suggest that this startling concept is well-worth following up..
MY conspiracy conjecture involves the possibility that hermetic knowledge of some importance has been "passed down" by (dare I say it) a secret society of some kind. If such knowledge exists, it most probably came from the Egyptians. (Thanks to the holographic theories now appearing on Orbit, it is possible that they could even be a FUTURE, rather than earlier, civilization). Oh my!

Taking a clue from the Egyptians' interest in monumental architecture, my conjecture is based, as much as possible, on verifiable architectural evidence. As of this date, I am struck by at least three modern architectural "anomalies". To save time (mine and yours), I will not go into detail. I will be happy to provide details to anyone who is interested. The three architectural "oddities" in question, for which there is no real satisfactory explanation are:

1.. The Smith Tower, in Seattle, Washington, built by the typewriter tycoon L.C. Smith, who wouldn't have known 1914 Seattle from Rangoon.
2.. "Maryhill" museum and Stonehenge replica, on the Columbia River. The Stonehenge replica "sights" the setting sun behind the cap of Mt. Hood, creating the best occlusion possible at the time of its construction (before NASA's Lear Jets, and SOHO). Even in the 1920's SOMEBODY was interested in the still-unknown coronosphere. History will tell you that this somebody was the famous "Sam Hill", but I have a hunch that all of us Orbit SOHO watchers know that it was really somebody else.
3.. Soldier Field, Chicago. Trust me, this one's a killer, and I'm not wearing a tin-foil hat. As Dylan said in "Quinn the Esquimo"."Just tell me where to put him and I'll tell you who to call". Meanwhile, if you don't believe me, get on to Amazon and buy a copy of Philip and Phyllis Morrison's "Powers of Ten" (an inexpensive book, $18.36, well-worth having even for the non-conspiracy theorist) and just look at the picture of the stadium taken in infra-red. You will see a very pretty pattern, suggestive of "waves". This, in itself is not unusual, except for the fact that the pattern is observable only in the non-visible spectrum. When I get around to buying a scanner, I'll put the "smoking gun" visible-light photograph on the site, but suffice to say that someone spent a whole bunch of money to create a really nice pattern THAT NOBODY CAN SEE. It is the single most anomalous modern structure in the world, and the progeny of whoever built it are the guys we are looking for. To make things interesting, I will give $100 to anybody who can provide a logical explanation of the structure to a referee (Kent, perhaps). If no other logical explanation to this modern "pyramid" is provided, I'll hold to my conjecture, which is this: I have one word for you."Plastics".oops, no, I mean "Plasma". Since the time of the Egyptians, I think that people have been paying attention to it, and probably working with it. I think it explains a lot about the weather, and those funny lights and sounds in the sky. I think it trips a lot of pipelines and circuit-breakers, and it sets a lot of fires. It probably even destroys civilizations. North and South America seem to have a special problem with it. I think that the Egyptians knew a lot about plasma (maybe, in a funny sort of time-warp way, from us). I think that those of our forbearers who seemed to be "at the right place at the right time" were in possession of writings which, even if only poorly-deciphered, allowed them to, at least dimly, understand what was going on, and to construct mechanisms to help them out, from time to time. The one existing structure that can be proven to be such (or disproven, if you will) is Soldier Field. At the risk of being repetitive, it may have been constructed for a number of reasons, but a stadium is not one of them. It is "skewed". It doesn't point North-South, as any sane architect would have aligned it. It points from the site of the Chicago Fire, to the site of the simultaneous Peshtigo Fire. It had no tenant when it was built, and had none for fifty years. If it were a football stadium, it is twice as long as it should be. If it were for track and field, it is not wide enough. It is most likely, dare I say it, a magnet.a very large magnet. My guess is that there must be dozens of Orbit subscribers who can cite me "chapter and verse" on whatever magnetic anomalies exist along the Illinois-Wisconsin line.My guess is that they are substantial. And my guess is that the structure is meant to mitigate them. If I am wrong, I am quite willing to be so proven. If I am right, it is a relatively easy matter to trace the "conspirators" (who may well include the Founding Fathers). To conclude my Grand Unification Conjecture rant, my guess (and it is only a layman's educated guess) is that, unless all of this interesting stuff is just great entertainment and mental exercise, our job is to somehow "link" (perhaps in a very literal sense) our modern civilization, with that of the ancient Egyptians. After all, they were a people much like us, and their belief was that, upon death, they would travel to "a land like Egypt", with beer, sex, and board games. If this is correct, then the "blueprints" for such a link already exist, not only on paper, but in the minds of anyone who feels the intuition...has been "invited". Even if I am wrong, I am sure of one thing.nobody from the Orbit Tribe is going to be voted off the island.except maybe by Echelon.or Exxon..or those with the strong, mutant, regressive Reptilian DNA (but that's a different story)...
Your Friend and Devotee;