EVENT: SEPT 23, 1998

Date: 98-09-24 00:05:39 EDT


This Solar event is a big one. We measured the strength in Volts rather than millivolts. Here is a shot of the earth currents caused by the storm. Note the time of arrival.

Congrats on your forecast.

Charlie Plyler


98-09-24 13:29:51 EDT

This is an updated 12 hour data capture of the earth currents caused by this storm.

Starting time..00:01UTC 09/24/1998

98-09-24 22:01:32 EDT

Our equipment saturated and flatlined tonight at 23:46:00 (7:46PM EDT) 09/24/1998. The duration of highest intensity was 7.43 min.

Our equipment is synced to the WWV time standard, plus or minus 5 milliseconds so I was surprised we received the burst around  14 minutes before the Longyearbyen magnetometer recorded the same.

Looks like it's going to be a long night!

Take a look at:


98-09-25 16:55:13 EDT

This is the recording of a 20 hour segment of the current magnetic storm. Starting time 23:00hrs UTC (7PM EDT) 09/24/1998....Ending time 19:00hrs UTC (3PM EDT) 09/25/1998.

During this time our detectors which measure current through the earth, went out of range. Normal signal voltage averages around 100 millivolts. These signals went off scale at, + and - 12 volts or 12,000 millivolts.