Subj: Yet another solar edit

Date: 1/3/00 8:50:12 PM Pacific Standard Time

Tonight we find another edit taking place on the 2:18 UTC image for 1/4/00.

Images for 1/3/00 ended at 21:42 UTC and then there is a gap on the Nasa SOHO Lasco C3 site until 2:18 UTC 1/4/00.

Our first image is marked "218EDIT". Note that the entire left side of the image has been overlaid. Sure enough if you compare it to the last image before it "2142" (21:42 UTC 1/3/00), you will note that the left side of the 21:42 image is overlaid on the 2:18 image.

So we have gap from 9:42pm to 2:18am, and the first image after that gap has been modified.

I must insist that there is no protocol that would mandate falsifying data by using old data to "fill in the blanks".