Subj: Re: SOHO Urgent - Followup Part two

Date: 12/31/99 2:35:55 PM Pacific Standard Time


Part two..

Last night there was a gap on the Nasa SOHO site for Lasco C3 Images between 2318UTC and 218UTC. At approximately 05:00UTC the Navy Lasco C3 site posted the 02:18 UTC image. The image showed only the right 1/5 captured, the left 4/5ths were black.

I attempted to capture this frame, but somehow my save of the Navy frame did not take.

I then went to Nasa SOHO and found the 02:18UTC image. IT WAS NOT BLANKED LIKE NAVY< BUT SHOWED A FULL FIELD OF VIEW!

Nevertheless I could make out an edit of the image approximately 1/5 of the way in from the right edge, exactly where NAVY WENT BLANK.

I then compared the 02:18 UTC image to the previous image on NASA SOHO site which was 23:18 UTC 12/30/99. What I found was that someone had used the left 4/5ths of the 23:18UTC image to fill in the 02:18 image.

Attached are the following images:

2318 image as found on the Nasa site

218 image as found on the Nasa site

2318a image is modified to remove all blue and make the lack of edit stand out better

218a image is modified to remove blue to make EDIT stand out better.

Additionally, items circled in black are used as reference points to show that most of 218 is a copy of 2318.

Item circled in white is on the line of the actual edit and shows the difference in the two images.

Someone is editing these images. Purpose is unknown. The fact is that pieces of earlier images are being used to overlay later images. The time gaps in posting are probably do to the time needed to edit.

If there is nothing there for us to see and worry about, why not post these images in realtime , raw data.

The real question is: WHAT IS BEING HIDDEN.

If these were just data flaws, there would be no need to overlay previous images to make these look whole.